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I need a hobby
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Board Guild Meeting 4th Jan 2009 - Transcript

Post by Moon Adamant »

[11:25] Moon Adamant: ok everyone
[11:25] Moon Adamant: let's start
[11:25] Moon Adamant: please remind that the meeting is transcripted into our forums
[11:26] Moon Adamant: agenda is in the yellow box
[11:26] Moon Adamant: today we only have two points
[11:26] Moon Adamant: GMP and redeployment of CN
[11:26] Arria Perreault: I have another point for the agenda
[11:26] Moon Adamant: GMP
[11:26] Moon Adamant: oh?
[11:27] Arria Perreault: Calculation of fees based on prims
[11:27] Symo Kurka: Moon can you please discuss firstb CN?
[11:27] Moon Adamant: ok Arria
[11:27] Moon Adamant: and ok Symo
[11:27] Moon Adamant: hmmm
[11:27] Symo Kurka: i'm brb the next few minutes
[11:27] Moon Adamant: CN redeployment then
[11:27] Moon Adamant: it's quite simple
[11:27] Symo Kurka: thanks a lot
[11:27] Moon Adamant: the toga shop parcels have devolved upon the city
[11:28] Moon Adamant: and we have a white elephant built on them
[11:28] Moon Adamant: to the point that a possible buyer may not even guess where the parcels are
[11:28] Moon Adamant: so we need to re-deploy that area
[11:29] Moon Adamant: by doing so, we can take the opportunity to correct two weaknesses in the urban tissue there
[11:29] Moon Adamant: if you all look to the drawing behind Gwyn (to myright)
[11:29] Moon Adamant: you'll see the original plan
[11:29] Moon Adamant: and my proposal
[11:29] Moon Adamant: my proposal corrects the cul-de-sac and links it to the cardo again
[11:30] Moon Adamant: and also corrects an issue with the Minerva temple, giving it more area
[11:30] Moon Adamant: hi Sonja .)
[11:30] Moon Adamant: meeting recorded, agenda on the yellow box :)
[11:30] Moon Adamant: hi Bjerkel :)
[11:30] Sonja Strom: hi everybody
[11:31] Brian Livingston: That will certainly help with foot traffic and provide better opportunities for businesses to develop in that corner
[11:31] Sudane Erato: I think the plan looks great, Moon
[11:31] Rose Springvale: hmm
[11:31] Moon Adamant: exactly, that corner was indeed a problem
[11:31] Moon Adamant: what i would like to propose
[11:31] Moon Adamant: is that this be published in our forums for discussion for a week
[11:31] Moon Adamant: maybe new ideas come up
[11:32] Arria Perreault: I have one proposition
[11:32] Rose Springvale: moon, are the original buildings backed up anywhere?
[11:32] Moon Adamant: and that the voting of this take place at next meeting
[11:32] Moon Adamant: well, i have some
[11:32] Moon Adamant: but quite honestly, i am not happy with them anymore
[11:32] Rose Springvale: i have a couple of comments, but go ahead Arria
[11:32] Moon Adamant: the original builds were made when there were no sculpties for columns, etc
[11:33] Moon Adamant: i think we can do a better job now
[11:33] Moon Adamant: yes, Arria?
[11:33] Arria Perreault: I think that plot C14 is not very attractive (even with this street). I see here a chance to merge C15 and C14
[11:33] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:33] Rose Springvale: c 14 has always been popular though
[11:33] Moon Adamant: i want to know one thing in ref to that
[11:33] Moon Adamant: Sudane, is it easy to change that in the pay sys?
[11:34] Sudane Erato: any parcel changes involve changes to the dbase
[11:34] Moon Adamant: i mean, make one plot disappear and create a bigger one?
[11:34] Sudane Erato: so, they are all equally involved
[11:34] Moon Adamant: mind also that the new plots have different areas
[11:34] Sudane Erato: no... no worse than a change
[11:34] Rose Springvale notes that such change have been adamantly resisted over the life of CN
[11:34] Arria Perreault: It would be also the opportunity to build a typical romanurban villa corresponding to some models in Herculanum
[11:34] Rose Springvale: :)
[11:35] Sudane Erato: yes, i agree Rose
[11:35] Sudane Erato: but... now we are deciding on a change anyway
[11:35] Moon Adamant: in a way
[11:35] Arria Perreault: I am ready to buy this plot to help this process
[11:35] Sudane Erato: via some kind of due process
[11:35] Moon Adamant: the change we are planning
[11:35] Moon Adamant: allows people to hold large houses (by buying adjacent plots)
[11:35] Arria Perreault: yes, but with 2 owners, it would be hard to do ...
[11:36] Moon Adamant: but doesn't allow the creation of a huge structure
[11:36] Rose Springvale: okay
[11:36] Rose Springvale: but
[11:36] Moon Adamant: Arria, i can easily publish a version with those plots connected too
[11:36] Rose Springvale: we have that option with groups now, and to make this change seems very political to me
[11:36] Rose Springvale: and not the venue of guild
[11:36] Arria Perreault: only a villa with a triclclinium, a tablinium and a garden with peristyle
[11:36] Arria Perreault: I am ready to make a group and buy it
[11:37] Arria Perreault: no problem
[11:37] Rose Springvale: i'd like to speak to the issue of the the Emporium land
[11:37] Arria Perreault: I juts will not miss it
[11:37] Arria Perreault: for the third time
[11:37] Moon Adamant: Rose, ok - i'd like to understand better what you mean
[11:37] Sudane Erato: i think the real judgement should be, that regardless of the owner, do the changes make to parcel more or less generally usable
[11:37] Rose Springvale: that's what i mean Arria, that plot sells quickly.. its always been popular
[11:37] Rose Springvale: My point on the ER land
[11:38] Rose Springvale: for those who have not been here from the beginning. the land was originally the four parcels as seen in the map
[11:38] Arria Perreault: I would like to have a possibility to reservate it, based on a nice architectural project
[11:38] Rose Springvale: an ex business partner of mine bought them, and had build a structure that consisted of three floors and a roof garden
[11:38] Rose Springvale: it was build by Torin Golding, who owns and built Roma
[11:39] Rose Springvale: so argualbly it was "authentic" though many people, including people here. smiles, did not like it
[11:39] Moon Adamant: :)
[11:39] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :)
[11:39] Rose Springvale: we brough in outside designers, and gave them space
[11:39] Rose Springvale: some of the most popular in SL at the time
[11:39] Rose Springvale: we offered free space to anyone in CDS who wanted to sell thngs
[11:40] Rose Springvale: we had no takers.
[11:40] Rose Springvale: we had events.. live music, twice a week
[11:40] Gwyneth Llewelyn: /sig
[11:40] Solomon Mosely: how was outside traffic?
[11:40] Rose Springvale: great for our events
[11:40] Rose Springvale: sucked for sales
[11:40] Rose Springvale: we didn't allow tipping to the venue
[11:40] Solomon Mosely: but no venders....?
[11:40] Gwyneth Llewelyn *nods*
[11:40] Moon Adamant: :(
[11:40] Rose Springvale: asked people to buy from the vendors
[11:41] Rose Springvale: solomon, we had about 8 top vendors
[11:41] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Oh yes, a few were really VERY good!
[11:41] Rose Springvale: bought enough parcels to have decent prims
[11:41] Rose Springvale: but the original land was much as we have now in CN
[11:41] Rose Springvale: very low prim
[11:42] Rose Springvale: and hard to "see"
[11:42] Rose Springvale: I"m not sure that the new plan
[11:42] Rose Springvale: with access to the street
[11:42] Rose Springvale: will do more but add to waht we already have
[11:42] Arria Perreault: Sorry, but you have interrupt me: I was talking about C14-C15
[11:42] Moon Adamant: well
[11:42] Rose Springvale: and will foreclose being abld to do a big project again, with focus
[11:43] Rose Springvale: the toga shop ... was a good idea, poorly executed, imho
[11:43] Moon Adamant: my main concerns in this proposal were resolving the temple issue and the insula hmmm
[11:43] Moon Adamant: C13 issue
[11:44] Moon Adamant: mind you that if a buyer buys adjacent parcels
[11:44] Moon Adamant: he will get close to 1000 m2
[11:44] Rose Springvale: ER = Emporium Romani... effectively a department store.. will find photo for anyone interested
[11:44] Rose Springvale: how many prims Moon?
[11:44] Solomon Mosely: i am rose
[11:44] Moon Adamant: single-prim
[11:44] Moon Adamant: so hmmm about 230 prims
[11:44] Sudane Erato: more than 1000
[11:45] Arria Perreault: we can merge C10-11-12-13 and C14-15
[11:45] Moon Adamant: if you buy c10-c12, c11-c-13, etc
[11:45] Arria Perreault: and have attractive plots with no access problems
[11:45] Moon Adamant: yes, we can
[11:45] Rose Springvale: oops
[11:45] Moon Adamant: that's why this discussion is going to the forums :)
[11:45] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:46] Rose Springvale: sigh
[11:46] Rose Springvale: now we are merging land to avoid our own covenant restrictions. maybe better to revisit the limitations
[11:46] Moon Adamant: ehehehe Rose :)
[11:46] Brian Livingston: Err, It's bee nmy experience here that large plots seem to sell poorly, as compared to smaller plots. Location of the road aside, I would say that the plots should be kept seperate no matter what, not merged
[11:47] Brian Livingston: Merged plots also reduce the opportunities for more residents to participate in any given region.
[11:47] Moon Adamant: well, it is perfectly possible to create a larger plot, if access to the temple be maintained
[11:47] Sudane Erato: i agree Brian
[11:47] Rose Springvale: but access to the temple was always through the alley
[11:47] Arria Perreault: we can sell them as packages
[11:47] Moon Adamant: i would then create two plots, one facing the cardo and the other with all the parcels southerly
[11:48] Solomon Mosely: does the temple have to live there?
[11:48] Arria Perreault: when the plots will be for sale?
[11:48] Brian Livingston: They should be purchased on the free market, without government mandated bundling, in my opinion, as it is still the same issue, creating a barrier to perspective residents who don't want a 1000m plot
[11:48] Moon Adamant: whoa
[11:48] Moon Adamant: we have to agree on a proposal and budget it first of all :)
[11:49] Arria Perreault: this is a unique chance to make changes in one of our sims
[11:49] Arria Perreault: we will not have this chance a second time
[11:49] Rose Springvale: i'd rather not have the road between the parcels, personally
[11:49] Rose Springvale still looking for pics
[11:50] Moon Adamant: well, let's do it like this
[11:50] Rose Springvale: why not make the parcels all long and eliminat the aback ones
[11:50] Moon Adamant: this goes for the forums
[11:50] Rose Springvale: all face the main via
[11:50] Arria Perreault: and what do you intend to build on these parcels, Moon?
[11:50] Moon Adamant: oh, insulae
[11:50] Moon Adamant: as by the covenants
[11:50] Moon Adamant: but as i was saying
[11:50] Solomon Mosely: i like the alleys, its a nice urban touch, fun to explore on foot as a visitor
[11:50] Moon Adamant: i can draw the different proposals that have arisen here
[11:51] Moon Adamant: and publish them also
[11:51] Moon Adamant: for discussion
[11:51] Rose Springvale: yes, solomon, but this adds an alley that divides the parcels
[11:51] Arria Perreault: I am ready to build something nice, if the chnace is given to me ...
[11:51] Arria Perreault: when the plots will be for sale?
[11:51] Lilith Ivory: you could joun the parcels on the 2th floor ;-)
[11:51] Solomon Mosely: true...
[11:51] Lilith Ivory: join
[11:51] Rose Springvale: not really liliht
[11:51] Moon Adamant: and yes Solomon, the alleys were meant for exploring
[11:51] Rose Springvale: you'd be over public land then
[11:52] Moon Adamant: but we have to consider that maybe that isn't working
[11:52] Lilith Ivory: well the owner would have to ask for permission to do so
[11:52] Sudane Erato: well... its *possible* to bridge the alleys without primjs in public space
[11:52] Moon Adamant: anyway
[11:52] Rose Springvale: when we did ER, we added an alley to be considerate of our neighbors
[11:52] Rose Springvale: but we could do that because we had the space
[11:52] Brian Livingston: Have the main prim on the private land and you can feasibly bridger the alley without the prims affectign hte public pool
[11:53] Moon Adamant: yup
[11:53] Rose Springvale: is that legal?
[11:53] Moon Adamant: yes
[11:53] Sudane Erato: exactly Brian
[11:53] Arria Perreault: Rose, Brian, can you tell me when these plots will be for sale?
[11:53] Brian Livingston: Within Covenants, I couldn't say off hand, buttechnically feasible, sure
[11:53] Rose Springvale: so i can do that anyplace i own land on both sides of the road
[11:53] Rose Springvale: ?
[11:53] Moon Adamant: Arria
[11:53] Lilith Ivory: could look nice I think
[11:53] Moon Adamant: this will follow the usual process
[11:54] Moon Adamant: approval of a proposal here,
[11:54] Moon Adamant: budget
[11:54] Rose Springvale has no information on setting land for sale
[11:54] Sudane Erato: Rose, technically you can
[11:54] Rose Springvale: hmm
[11:54] Moon Adamant: presentation to the Exec, approval by him
[11:54] Moon Adamant: and then sales
[11:54] Moon Adamant: now, i think this can be done quickly
[11:54] Brian Livingston: I suppsoe if the bridge was made out of stone or wood, it would fall within the period-specific materials clause, and as long as it is adaquately supported, it is physically plausible
[11:54] Moon Adamant: and that's why i am offering to draw the proposals presented here, and publish them for dicussion - vote at next meeting
[11:55] Arria Perreault: it is really so or the executive can decide alone to make them for sale?
[11:55] Gwyneth Llewelyn just says, if the Chancellor approves it... :)
[11:55] Rose Springvale: i'd like to see another draft, fwiw
[11:55] Moon Adamant: you'll have it Rose
[11:55] Rose Springvale: but am just one voice :)
[11:55] Moon Adamant: no no no
[11:55] Moon Adamant: it's fair that we explore all solutions
[11:55] Moon Adamant: and indeed we have MORE solutions
[11:55] Moon Adamant: as we have seen here :)
[11:55] Rose Springvale: the map at present doesn't actually show the alleys in place btw
[11:56] Brian Livingston: Moon, anycahcne, while you've got the pencils out, we can explore the elongated plots with an alley as well?
[11:56] Moon Adamant: sure
[11:56] Rose Springvale: note there is an alley to the temple now
[11:57] Moon Adamant: yes
[11:57] Moon Adamant: that will have to keep
[11:57] Moon Adamant: but i am seeing two other ways of doing it
[11:57] Moon Adamant: and those i will publish briefly
[11:57] Moon Adamant: ok?
[11:57] Rose Springvale: great!
[11:58] Moon Adamant: make it three
[11:58] Moon Adamant: :)
[11:58] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:58] Moon Adamant: Symo, are you there?
[11:58] Symo Kurka: yes Madam
[11:58] Moon Adamant: let's discuss the GMP then
[11:58] Symo Kurka: Ok
[11:58] Moon Adamant: everyone
[11:58] Moon Adamant: Symo has been working on the GMP again, his work can be seen on classroom 3
[11:59] Moon Adamant: just pick the gargoyle outside
[11:59] Arria Perreault: sorry: why don't we make a wg about CN?
[11:59] Arria Perreault: I would like to participate to the drawing of the proposal
[11:59] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:59] Moon Adamant: everyone can present proposals too in the forum
[12:00] Arria Perreault: this i s the unique chance to make something good and attractive
[12:00] Moon Adamant: mail me if you want the photoshop base
[12:00] Arria Perreault: can we make a contest?
[12:00] Rose Springvale: ugh
[12:00] Rose Springvale: we have an election
[12:00] Rose Springvale: if we add a contest, it will make it longer
[12:00] Moon Adamant: hmmmm i'd like to have this sorted out quickly
[12:00] You decline MAD Club + Marco Aldany + Chic C, Beta Business Park (68, 131, from A group member named Erin Messmer.
[12:00] Arria Perreault: and?
[12:01] Moon Adamant: so i would prefer to vote it here next week
[12:01] Rose Springvale: shall we make that motion ?
[12:01] Bjerkel Eerie: and contests make more loosers tahtn winners
[12:01] Arria Perreault: I am a conetst loser and I am still alive
[12:01] Sonja Strom: hahaa
[12:01] Moon Adamant: guys, come on
[12:02] Bjerkel Eerie: a live looser
[12:02] Moon Adamant: Symo can't stay for long
[12:02] Rose Springvale: Moves that all options for consideration of the deployment of CN be presented on the froums for vote at the guild meeting on 1/11/09
[12:02] Sonja Strom: but you still work toward your idea --
[12:02] Arria Perreault: this can be very creative
[12:02] Moon Adamant: seconded
[12:02] Brian Livingston: Second
[12:02] Sonja Strom: and rightly so :-)
[12:02] Moon Adamant: all agreeing, say aye
[12:02] Brian Livingston: Aye
[12:02] Justice Soothsayer: aye
[12:02] Rose Springvale: everyone here can vote btw
[12:02] Symo Kurka: aye
[12:02] Sudane Erato: aye
[12:02] Solomon Mosely: aye
[12:02] Lilith Ivory: aye
[12:02] Sonja Strom: abstain
[12:02] Timo Gufler: aye
[12:02] Gwyneth Llewelyn says aye
[12:02] Moon Adamant: everyone has voted?
[12:02] Arria Perreault: abstain
[12:03] Solomon Mosely: if the vote is next week and this is obviously a hot issue, should there be a mid-week meeting or two?
[12:03] Arria Perreault: (with regret)
[12:03] Gwyneth Llewelyn: That's an idea, Solomon :)
[12:03] Rose Springvale: we have the forums for that solomon
[12:03] Moon Adamant: hmmm, it's extremely difficult to hold NG meetings at mid-week
[12:03] Solomon Mosely: to review options plans together
[12:03] Rose Springvale: too many time zones
[12:03] Moon Adamant: basically because i have meetings almost every evening :)
[12:03] Solomon Mosely: of course, i guess thats what forums are for
[12:03] Moon Adamant: ok
[12:03] Moon Adamant: Aye as well
[12:03] Moon Adamant: motion carries
[12:03] Arria Perreault: we have a unique chance to make something and we are mssing it
[12:04] Rose Springvale: motion carries with two abstentions
[12:04] Moon Adamant: if anyone is missing, please state your vote for record
[12:04] Rose Springvale: just propose an idea arria
[12:04] Moon Adamant: now
[12:04] Arria Perreault: soemtimes forums are the worst place and soemtimes the best place. it depends on what
[12:04] Moon Adamant: everyone, please
[12:04] Moon Adamant: GMP and Symo
[12:04] Moon Adamant: you have the table, Symo
[12:04] Arria Perreault: my idea was a contest
[12:05] Rose Springvale pokes symo
[12:05] Symo Kurka: ok guys
[12:06] Moon Adamant listens
[12:06] Symo Kurka: First of all
[12:06] Symo Kurka: I made a little effort to sum up all main data of our sims
[12:06] Symo Kurka: which you all can read
[12:06] Symo Kurka: in clssroom three
[12:06] Symo Kurka: ehm
[12:06] Symo Kurka: which you all SHOULD read
[12:06] Symo Kurka: i mean
[12:07] Symo Kurka: it's an effort to sum up a basic knowledge of outr territory
[12:07] Symo Kurka: a common base for proposals and analysis
[12:07] Symo Kurka: to avoid starting from zero evry tiime
[12:07] Symo Kurka: ok?
[12:07] Symo Kurka: now
[12:07] Moon Adamant nods
[12:07] Sudane Erato: yes!!
[12:07] Rose Springvale applaudes not starting from zeor!
[12:08] Symo Kurka: as a method
[12:08] Timo Gufler: great
[12:08] Rose Springvale: zero*
[12:08] Symo Kurka: i propose that we will distinguish workgroups from public debate
[12:08] Arria Perreault: yeah fro democracy
[12:09] Symo Kurka: we have a huge amount of scenarios to define
[12:09] Symo Kurka: and it maight take mionths if we do not work properly
[12:09] Moon Adamant: agree
[12:09] Symo Kurka: BUT
[12:09] Symo Kurka: all work defined
[12:10] Symo Kurka: will be publicly discussed
[12:10] Symo Kurka: "after" the work has been done
[12:10] Symo Kurka: or we will NEVER find an end
[12:10] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :)
[12:10] Symo Kurka pauses
[12:10] Gwyneth Llewelyn agrees a lot with "after the fact proposals" hehe
[12:10] Arria Perreault: why not "during"
[12:10] Moon Adamant: i agree also
[12:11] Moon Adamant: on an efficiency basis
[12:11] Arria Perreault: ?
[12:11] Arria Perreault: I don't
[12:11] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Oh yes.
[12:11] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Well
[12:11] Moon Adamant: efficiency Arria
[12:11] Moon Adamant: and do not forget
[12:11] Gwyneth Llewelyn: people will still vote, and see projects being discussed publicly
[12:11] Arria Perreault: I think that we have to present intermediate results
[12:11] Moon Adamant: everyone can join the Guild
[12:11] Moon Adamant: and everyone can join a WG
[12:11] Timo Gufler: I agree
[12:11] Symo Kurka: well
[12:11] Symo Kurka: Moon
[12:11] Sonja Strom: Are we in a hurry?
[12:12] Symo Kurka: i only pose omne condition
[12:12] Symo Kurka: to join workgroups
[12:12] Symo Kurka: which is
[12:12] Symo Kurka: having read the materias in classroom 3
[12:12] Symo Kurka: i will NOT
[12:12] Symo Kurka: be tolerant
[12:12] Moon Adamant: i think that's reasonable :)
[12:12] Symo Kurka: with ignorance
[12:12] Rose Springvale: it is crazy to waste the time and effort of people who have done the homework .. yes!
[12:12] Sudane Erato: yes
[12:13] Symo Kurka: This said
[12:13] Arria Perreault: do we have to pass an examination?
[12:13] Timo Gufler: :)
[12:13] Symo Kurka: there is a huge amount of work for evrybody
[12:13] Sonja Strom: lol
[12:13] Moon Adamant: no Arria
[12:13] Rose Springvale thinks that's a faculty thing :)
[12:13] Moon Adamant: but i really advise everyone to go to classroom 3 and look at the stuff there
[12:14] Moon Adamant: because it's really revealing
[12:14] Moon Adamant: you see
[12:14] Arria Perreault: put a sy script
[12:14] Moon Adamant: we have 4 sims
[12:14] Arria Perreault: spy*
[12:14] Moon Adamant: they're all different
[12:14] Symo Kurka: ok can i go on?
[12:14] Moon Adamant: Symo's excellent work (which was NOT a 'little bit of effort' as he says)
[12:15] Moon Adamant: allows us to compare the different sim models we have
[12:15] Symo Kurka: well i have to thank Sudane
[12:15] Moon Adamant: and take that into consideration when planning new sims
[12:15] Symo Kurka: for the data
[12:15] Arria Perreault: I have a question, Symo
[12:15] Rose Springvale applauds sudane too
[12:15] Symo Kurka listens
[12:15] Moon Adamant: and btw Sonja, we do not know what's the rush
[12:15] Moon Adamant: indeed, cheers to Sudane as well! :)
[12:15] Sudane Erato: ty :)
[12:16] Sudane Erato: Symo did the work... make no mistake
[12:16] Arria Perreault: I will go read the stuff in the classroom. I would like to know before if you have taken in account some former proposal like Nea Hora the Monastery project
[12:16] Symo Kurka: i could'nt have done it without your help Sud
[12:16] Arria Perreault: reuse already done work is also efficient
[12:16] Moon Adamant: indeed
[12:16] Symo Kurka: Arria
[12:16] Moon Adamant: but the new data Symo has collected is concrete data only
[12:17] Symo Kurka: there is NOTHING about new proposals in classroom 3
[12:17] Arria Perreault: too bad
[12:17] Sudane Erato: the data is only for existing sims... not proposed sims
[12:17] Moon Adamant: doesn't yet contemplate abstractions
[12:17] Symo Kurka: it's just basic data on what we have
[12:17] Arria Perreault: so we restart fro zero ...
[12:18] Moon Adamant: no
[12:18] Arria Perreault: from*
[12:18] Moon Adamant: not at all
[12:18] Moon Adamant: because for instance
[12:18] Arria Perreault: if we don't take this in account, yes
[12:18] Moon Adamant: when i was reading that data
[12:18] Arria Perreault: we have made two reliefs for nothing
[12:18] Rose Springvale: perhaps we should wait to argue until we have seen the data?
[12:18] Moon Adamant: it immediately sprung to my eyes the profit that AM makes for the CDs, say
[12:18] Arria Perreault: two concepts for nothing
[12:18] Arria Perreault: it's also hours of wok
[12:19] Arria Perreault: work*
[12:19] Moon Adamant: guys
[12:19] Moon Adamant: go and see the data
[12:19] Arria Perreault: Symo has answered that it was not taken in account
[12:19] Rose Springvale: at this point in the process
[12:19] Symo Kurka: now working and discussing on our future territorial development means
[12:19] Arria Perreault: for me it's clear
[12:19] Moon Adamant: because we cannot take data out of things that don't exist yet
[12:19] Symo Kurka: can i go on guys?
[12:20] Rose Springvale: would like to hear more, yes
[12:20] Timo Gufler: Symo, what is the schedule with GMP?
[12:20] Sudane Erato: kk... for Arria its clear... can we move on?
[12:20] Arria Perreault: id you have a calculated relief, it's a virtual existence
[12:20] Moon Adamant: Symo, please go on
[12:20] Symo Kurka: We have three main subjects as i said in forums
[12:21] Symo Kurka: the first is optimizing, and we are already into it with CN
[12:21] Symo Kurka: optimizing what we already do have
[12:21] Arria Perreault: it's not clear, because I inveest a lot of my tme to make work for CDS development with no effect and all this efforts are for nothing
[12:21] Symo Kurka: Arria
[12:21] Symo Kurka: do you want to participate to any wG?
[12:22] Symo Kurka: so will you pls let me finish?
[12:22] Arria Perreault: absolutely, yes, but I would like also that some the things I have already done have a chance to be re-used
[12:22] Symo Kurka: i was saying
[12:22] Symo Kurka: 1. optimizing what we already do have
[12:23] Symo Kurka: and i insist aldo on the theme of merging
[12:23] Symo Kurka: which has to be analized
[12:23] Symo Kurka: before saying yes or no on emotional bases
[12:23] Symo Kurka: SECOND
[12:23] Arria Perreault: ...
[12:23] Symo Kurka: short/medium term developments
[12:23] Symo Kurka: which means
[12:24] Symo Kurka: our priorities
[12:24] Symo Kurka: (to my point of view "filling the gaps")
[12:24] Moon Adamant: indeed
[12:24] Symo Kurka: THIRD
[12:24] Symo Kurka: revising if needed macro subjects
[12:25] Symo Kurka: orography, themes, etc
[12:25] Sonja Strom: mountains ;)
[12:25] Symo Kurka: yes exactly
[12:25] Sonja Strom: :-)
[12:25] Symo Kurka: but i think our priority is point 2, then point 1
[12:25] Symo Kurka: according to the priorities
[12:25] Moon Adamant: agree
[12:26] Symo Kurka: we will organize and schedule workgroups
[12:26] Symo Kurka: i'm finished for now
[12:26] Moon Adamant: thanks Symo
[12:26] Moon Adamant: let me just add
[12:26] Sudane Erato: yes... ty!
[12:26] Rose Springvale: thank you symo, well considered.. i love organized process!
[12:26] Moon Adamant: that although we have the opportunity to advise
[12:26] Brian Livingston: Thanks Symo foryour dedication on this
[12:26] Timo Gufler: thanks Symo :)
[12:27] Lilith Ivory applauds
[12:27] Moon Adamant: the ultimate decisions are not ours to take
[12:27] Rose Springvale: "ours" as a guild. :)
[12:27] Moon Adamant: but we will surely advise the Exec and teh RA about this list of priorities
[12:27] Moon Adamant: and let them know we're ready to work when an expansion moment is again ready to happen
[12:28] Sudane Erato: yes
[12:28] Moon Adamant: agreed?
[12:28] Rose Springvale: which, given the state of LA... smile
[12:28] Arria Perreault: how many WG?
[12:28] Rose Springvale: or am i the only one who notices how close to sold out we are :)
[12:28] Symo Kurka: Arria, i'd say three
[12:28] Sudane Erato: no, you are not :)
[12:29] Brian Livingston: We might be gettign a bit closer fairly soon :)
[12:29] Moon Adamant: :)
[12:29] Rose Springvale: oh, inside info bri?
[12:29] Moon Adamant: we must warn the Exec and RA of that too, then
[12:29] Rose Springvale has been reminding the exec with regularity on that issue :)
[12:30] Rose Springvale: but they seem all bogged down on repossesed land
[12:30] Rose Springvale: which i think will go faster than anyone expects
[12:30] Moon Adamant: great
[12:30] Moon Adamant: that's why we are here
[12:30] Moon Adamant: ok
[12:30] Rose Springvale: may i ask
[12:30] Moon Adamant: yes?
[12:30] Rose Springvale: when we finish our workgroups
[12:31] Rose Springvale: that the Guild ask for the adoption of the GMP at RA level?
[12:31] Rose Springvale: given it's ability to change and adapt
[12:31] Moon Adamant: surely
[12:31] Moon Adamant: it has already been adopted by the RA
[12:31] Rose Springvale: has it?
[12:31] Moon Adamant: yes
[12:31] Rose Springvale: my mistake then, sorry :)
[12:32] Moon Adamant: but as we do the macro changes that Symo has mentioned, it will need again to be presented at that level
[12:32] Moon Adamant: ok
[12:32] Moon Adamant: Arria
[12:32] Moon Adamant: your point now about fees and prims
[12:32] Moon Adamant: you have the table
[12:32] Arria Perreault: yes, thank you
[12:33] Arria Perreault: I have proposed to the RA to study a possibility to calculate fees based on prims
[12:34] Symo Kurka gave you NEW GMP.
[12:34] Arria Perreault: the RA has asked the Guild and the Exec to make these calculations
[12:34] Moon Adamant: yes indeed
[12:34] Arria Perreault: until now we got no results, except my own calculation
[12:35] Sudane Erato: the information is contained in Symo's data
[12:35] Arria Perreault: which shows that the idea is good and very practicable
[12:35] Moon Adamant: Sudane, can it be extracted in a simple form?
[12:35] Arria Perreault: these data should now be provided to the RA to be discussed
[12:35] Moon Adamant: just a simple doc that we send to the Exec and RA?
[12:36] Arria Perreault: the RA still wait
[12:36] Sudane Erato: and, for information... tier is already based on prims... in that the initial setting of tier as each new sim was added was calculated differently whether the land was "single-primmed" or "double-primmed"
[12:36] Arria Perreault: I ask you to send a document to the LRA, so we can discuss this point to the next RA
[12:38] Moon Adamant: we will try, Arria
[12:38] Symo Kurka gave you SIMGEN_02.
[12:38] Brian Livingston: We're sending information, not an opinion, correct?
[12:38] Moon Adamant: thanks Symo
[12:38] Moon Adamant: data, Brian, yes
[12:38] Moon Adamant: how much costs a prim on each sim
[12:38] Arria Perreault: if it is so easy then extracting a file, please do it quicly
[12:39] Symo Kurka: it's done upstairs Arria
[12:39] Arria Perreault: the goal was to show that we can finance homestead sims too (and public space)
[12:39] Symo Kurka: well
[12:39] Arria Perreault: IAs I am member of the RA, I cannot not send this myself
[12:40] Arria Perreault: I ask someone to do it
[12:40] Moon Adamant: we can do it Arria
[12:40] Sudane Erato: yes... it is upstairs, and also contained on this long ago published pages: ... 5SoA3QNDOg
[12:40] Sudane Erato: and... yes, we will do it again
[12:41] Arria Perreault: next RA is 14th january
[12:41] Rose Springvale: polls will be open then
[12:42] Arria Perreault: yes
[12:42] Arria Perreault: until we are in charge, we can act
[12:42] Arria Perreault: still 26 days
[12:43] Moon Adamant: ok
[12:43] Moon Adamant: we will prepare a dioc
[12:43] Moon Adamant: doc*
[12:43] Arria Perreault: Symo, I have a question concerning your document: what means exactly "re-designing themes"?
[12:43] Symo Kurka: Thank you Arria.
[12:43] Moon Adamant: which will present the average price per prim on each sim
[12:43] Symo Kurka: It means
[12:43] Arria Perreault: 3. c)
[12:44] Symo Kurka: that ppl can propose new themes
[12:44] Symo Kurka: and we can discuss
[12:44] Arria Perreault: and what about the current themes?
[12:44] Symo Kurka: if we go on with the old ones and in which order
[12:44] Symo Kurka: my point of view is that they should be confirmed
[12:45] Symo Kurka: (the opld ones)
[12:45] Brian Livingston: Sorry guys, I'm afraid I need to head out. Thanks for the discussion and have a great remainder of your weekends.
[12:45] Arria Perreault: confirmed?
[12:45] Symo Kurka: i would not throw away the concept of clusters
[12:45] Moon Adamant: the concept of clusters is staying
[12:45] Arria Perreault: and if a theme is not confirmed (with existing sims)?
[12:45] Moon Adamant: it allows us great versatility
[12:46] Symo Kurka: ?? what do you mean Arria?
[12:46] Symo Kurka: i don't understand
[12:46] Moon Adamant: do you mean nea Hora, Arria?
[12:46] Moon Adamant: Nea Hora will be on its own cluster
[12:46] Moon Adamant: since it's a change of theme
[12:46] Rose Springvale: i think she means like the roman clusters
[12:46] Arria Perreault: if the discussion shows (for example) that roman sims are not so easy to sell, what happens?
[12:46] Rose Springvale: if someone doesn't want them anymore
[12:47] Timo Gufler: please, could you define what cluster means?
[12:47] Rose Springvale: can't see that happening personally
[12:47] Arria Perreault: yes, exactly
[12:47] Symo Kurka: arria
[12:47] Moon Adamant: Timo, hmmm
[12:47] Symo Kurka: it's not opinions that make succesfull a theme
[12:47] Moon Adamant: a cluster is an organizational unit of our territory
[12:47] Rose Springvale: groups of sims with the same architectural/historical theme timo
[12:47] Moon Adamant: please check it out in detail in classroom 3
[12:47] Timo Gufler: so roman sims are a cluster, right?
[12:47] Moon Adamant: basically, it is a theme unit
[12:48] Rose Springvale: yes
[12:48] Timo Gufler: ok
[12:48] Arria Perreault: Symo, this GMP project is to discuss the future development
[12:48] Symo Kurka: yes exactly, having in minda that LL poliices might change...
[12:48] Arria Perreault: existing sims must stay so
[12:48] Symo Kurka: having in mind actual economic crisis
[12:49] Symo Kurka: which are two NEW issues
[12:49] Moon Adamant: indeed, and which must be considered as well
[12:49] Moon Adamant: but guys
[12:49] Arria Perreault: I don't think that we can discuss the roman theme
[12:49] Moon Adamant: the roman theme is there and is previewed for
[12:49] Moon Adamant: the rest of the cluster
[12:50] Arria Perreault: several RA decisions have set (decision to build roman sims)
[12:50] Moon Adamant: yes
[12:50] Moon Adamant: and rightly so
[12:50] Moon Adamant: and we have more room to grow if they ever decide to build roman again
[12:50] Moon Adamant: it's already foreseen
[12:51] Moon Adamant: that's the objective of the GMP
[12:51] Moon Adamant: ok
[12:51] Moon Adamant: i must go now
[12:51] Symo Kurka: ok me too Moon
[12:51] Moon Adamant: thank you all for being here
[12:51] Arria Perreault: I have a problem with the fact that we start from zero
[12:51] Sudane Erato: i as well
[12:51] Symo Kurka: Aaaah Arria
[12:51] Arria Perreault: I mean, Nea Hora was inscribed in the former GMP
[12:51] Rose Springvale: thanks for a good meeting Moon, and your presentation Symo
[12:51] Symo Kurka: we are NOT starting from zero
[12:51] Moon Adamant: and it is on this one, Arria
[12:51] Arria Perreault: several poeple were interested
[12:51] Rose Springvale: nea hora was never voted on though
[12:51] Moon Adamant: it's a NEW cluster
[12:52] Moon Adamant: everytime you change themes, you start a new cluster
[12:52] Arria Perreault: it was kept as project by the Guild
[12:52] Rose Springvale: but not voted
[12:52] Moon Adamant: yes
[12:52] Arria Perreault: remember
[12:52] Moon Adamant: thus we say
[12:52] Arria Perreault: I don't want that this proposal disappesr so easely
[12:52] Moon Adamant: and you have heard me several times recalling the RA and Exec of the fact that we still have Nea Hora as a proposed theme
[12:52] Arria Perreault: same for the Monastery proposal
[12:53] Arria Perreault: frzen but accepted by the RA
[12:53] Moon Adamant: the Monastery proposal, as you know, depends on other factors
[12:53] Moon Adamant: namely, if homested sims are profitable
[12:53] Moon Adamant: unlike Nea Hora, which is a full sim
[12:54] Arria Perreault: that doesn't mean that it should totally disappear
[12:54] Moon Adamant: to analyze further the Monastery proposal, we will deliver the said document to RA
[12:54] Arria Perreault: I ask Symo to add a point to his project: existing projects
[12:54] Moon Adamant: agreed, but it means it should be anlaysed further
[12:54] Arria Perreault: and to collect the datas about these projects
[12:54] Arria Perreault: and add these datas in classroom 3
[12:54] Symo Kurka: you mean single sim projects Arria?
[12:54] Rose Springvale: proposed projects?
[12:54] Arria Perreault: so everyone is aware of them
[12:55] Rose Springvale: they have a lot of vetting to do before they are part of the plan
[12:55] Symo Kurka: ok no objections
[12:55] Arria Perreault: yes and maybe also this project abot mountains
[12:55] Arria Perreault: I find it also intersting
[12:55] Moon Adamant: ok everyone
[12:55] Moon Adamant: motion to adjourn
[12:55] Bjerkel Eerie: Real Mountians???
[12:56] Symo Kurka: Moon i need a huger classroom ...:)))
[12:56] Moon Adamant: lol
[12:56] Rose Springvale: i've got some projects for you too symo ;)
[12:56] Rose Springvale: maybe we can all brainstorm
[12:56] Symo Kurka: aaaah
[12:56] Moon Adamant: invade classroom 2
[12:56] Rose Springvale: and drive symo mad :)
[12:56] Symo Kurka: lol
[12:56] Moon Adamant: motion to adjourn?
[12:56] Symo Kurka: :)))
[12:56] Rose Springvale: lots and lots .... so move
[12:56] Moon Adamant: *hopefully*
[12:56] Symo Kurka: ok
[12:56] Symo Kurka: Moon adjourn us
[12:56] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :)
[12:57] Rose Springvale: second it symo
[12:57] Symo Kurka: second
[12:57] Moon Adamant: ok, if all agree we are adjourned
[12:57] Symo Kurka: aye
[12:57] Timo Gufler: aye
[12:57] Rose Springvale: aye
[12:57] Sonja Strom: aye
[12:57] Moon Adamant: and i am counting silence as Aye
[12:57] Gwyneth Llewelyn: oh aye — I'm getting hungry hehe
[12:57] Lilith Ivory: aye
[12:57] Arria Perreault: aye
[12:57] Solomon Mosely: silence
[12:57] Moon Adamant: _)
[12:57] Gwyneth Llewelyn: lol SOlomon :)
[12:57] Sonja Strom: hehee
[12:57] Moon Adamant: _)
[12:57] Moon Adamant: lol
[12:58] Moon Adamant: ok, we are adjourned
[12:58] Moon Adamant: thanks everyone
[12:58] Timo Gufler: :)
[12:58] Moon Adamant: and a Happy new year to all :)

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