Candidate and Faction List - January 2009 Elections

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I need a hobby
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Candidate and Faction List - January 2009 Elections

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Based on the in world group listing of members, the CSDF, DPU, and SP have met the 10% requirement to stand in the upcoming RA election. The list of declared candidates is as follows.

Citizen's Social Democratic Faction

Arria Perrault
Gwyneth Llewelyn
Justice Soothsayer

Democratic Pragmatist Union

Pip Torok
Rubaiyat Shatner
Sonja Strom
Timo Gufler

Simplicity Party

Soro Dagostino
Symo Kurka

Edit: Since Ranma has sold her plot and is no longer a citizen, she has been removed from the candidate list.

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