How do I find a voting booth? And other questions..

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How do I find a voting booth? And other questions..

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How do I find a voting booth?

The voting booths are in the plaza in Neufreistadt, in the forum in Colonia Nova, at a couple of the crossroads in Alpine Meadows, in the public park and near the payment boxes in LA.

What do the voting machines do?

When you click a voting machine it checks your SL name against the citizen's list and if you are registered return a password you can use to vote. You actually vote at a web site. The voting machine will give you the URL when you click it.

I lost my password. What do I do?

Click the voting machine again. When you do this it will cancel your earlier password and issue you a new one.

How do I get a receipt for my vote?

After you vote the web site will display a web page showing your selections. You can only vote once. Once you have voted, you can log in later to see your vote summary page. Note that you have to use your password to do this -- no one else will see your selections.

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