Chancellor report for 3 January 2009

For the Chancellor to make important announcements regarding executive actions.

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Chancellor report for 3 January 2009

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We had a quiet month in December, albeit with successful holiday and music events -- these largely are attended by nonresidents, and we continue to get a few prospects for new residents from each one. Great classical-themed holiday concerts -- we were pleased to see high turnout. We benefit from wonderful and professional work by Rose -- as always -- on the events and concerts. Linden Lab's Winterfaire listed us as a featured attraction on SL system-wide search, which brought traffic to the events, and to our supplemental CDS info display added temporarily to the CN docs. (See picture) CDS also hosted the Second Life Bar Association winter dance at Schloss Neufreistadt, in addition to our own holiday party there, and a Saturnalia dance hosted at Arria Perrault's domus in LA.

As we continue to benefit from new residents, we should think about more deliberate welcome announcements and events. Consensus seems to be that at least monthly round-up announcements of new citizens to the would be welcome.

Great decorated owl contest for the holidays, too :) Entries are on display on the CN to LA path until mid-January. Our own Keila and Richie won first place.

For those of you who were utterly away from SL last month, we also held a moving and packed memorial service for our departed friend Kendra Bancroft in NFS's Altstadt. The main path there, of course, has long been "KendraStrasse". Moon Adamant was kind enough to help make a few adjustments, with the result that the park there has been renamed. and is a permanent memorial as well. Official CDS flags will fly at halfmast until month-end, in commemoration of Kendra's friendship and contributions to our community.

On land issues, our expansion planning stopped for a bit, in reaction to the economy, which got worse, just after Linden Lab's erratic price change announcements. All of this added up to great uncertainty I think slowing down was the right thing to do. While I regret our being slow, many other estates that grew faster are now suffering for it -- bad shape, losing sims, repricing and radically changing. Now, we are looking to the Guild's GMP updating project, newly launched, for more data and guidance.

As a separate thread from generic expansion options, our chats with and about the Al-Andalus estates ran into some interesting reactions here locally, with more political skepticism that I expected. If we get our own house in order, that may be the next topic to take up again. Though I still see our own land and admin issues as being the first proper priority of this government and RA.

As of my early-December report to the RA, two parcels show for sale in CN. Seven show in LA, which is down to a more manageable number. Enough are clustered at LA's "naked" southern border -- which was slow to sell -- that I feel confident it will improve further, once we solve the scenic flaw of the sim break next to Alpine Meadows ... whether by parkland, or otherwise. I expect that to be an early financial issue for the 10th RA, once seated in February.

There are 10 commercial lots in NFS. Three are or shortly likely will be empty. There are 18 commercial lots in CN. Between 8 and 10 are or shortly likely will be empty.
Our current laws ( ) require than I set aside (small smile) 15% of abandoned-to-the-Confederation commercial land, at a minimum, for a competitive bid for commercial development at a 50% rent rate. As you can see from that law, there are some other requirements. We are proceeding with that, now that the holidays are over and attention spans are waking up again.

We will shortly announce an open bid process for most of the open commercial land OTHER than the six Colonia Nova plots which are the former Emporio Romani and toga shop sites. Those latter plots will wait for slight boundary readjustment, after reviewing recommendations from the Guild, which we expect to have shortly. There also are four new replatted resident plots in NFS on the old Altstadt land. There were multiple interested parties, so we plan to offer them for sale with advance notice .. to give folks something other than a sheer serendipitous land rush chance.

The RA was kind enough at its last meeting to agree to some land law reform rules, so we are modernizing our methods for doing so, and will report more about this during January.

Finally, may I just publicly note the upcoming elections for the CDS legislature, the Representative Assembly (RA). Our SC runs the elections, so official notices are likely to occur here: Best of luck to all those interested in running for office.

Warm regards Jamie

== My Second Life home is CDS. Retired after three terms
== as chancellor of the oldest self-governing sims in SL.
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