SP meeting 21 Jan: please note tentative decisions

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SP meeting 21 Jan: please note tentative decisions

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SP met on Wednesday morning in NFS headquarters -- Symo, Rose, Brian, Cindy, Publius, myself & Lilith -- and made the following decisions, subject to feedback from those absent.

1. Cindy Ecksol will fill the third RA seat.
-- Thank you to Brian and Aliasi for also being willing to serve in case we needed them.
-- We've asked Cindy to find & nominate some good replacements to augment SC before she leaves, as we share a concern that, with Cindy gone, the current membership is small and perhaps too busy or unavailable to respond to current CDS needs.
-- Also, there are some rumblings that other factions will switch their more/less popular candidates for RA, and seat different people by 1 Feb. Not sure. We'll see.

2. Symo as incoming LRA will propose and negotiate a first meeting time for the new RA.

3. Jamie does plan to re-apply for another term as Chancellor.

4. Symo has written an issues document for party comment, currently in partial draft form. We will post it when finished; but we also would love to get comments *immediately* from any faction member, on the draft ... or just post here and tell us what your most important issues are :) Please let me know if you wish to be "invited" to access the draft on Google Docs. (It's Symo's draft; I posted it, inserted my comments, and already gave access to the SP people for who I have e-mail addresses.)

Regards JP

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