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I need a hobby
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Board Guild Meeting 1st Feb 2009 - Transcript

Post by Moon Adamant »

[11:17] Moon Adamant: i propose that we start
[11:17] Cindy Ecksol gives a little cheer
[11:17] Delia Lake: I sent Rose out to sell some of our
[11:17] Cindy Ecksol: lol!
[11:17] Jon Seattle hugs Moon
[11:17] Moon Adamant: everyone, please remember this meeting is transcripted
[11:17] Lilith Ivory: oh did you find a vict... uhm new resident?
[11:18] Moon Adamant: and the agenda is in the yellow box
[11:18] Jon Seattle: Hi Jamie. Cindy, everyone. Looks busy tonight!
[11:18] Delia Lake: :)), we'll see
[11:18] Lilith Ivory: Hi Rose :))
[11:18] Rose Springvale: hi .. sorry for being late
[11:18] Jamie Palisades: Hullo again Rose :)
[11:18] Cindy Ecksol: whoo hoo! what an arrival!
[11:18] Moon Adamant: hi Rose, just in time :)
[11:18] Rose Springvale: rezzing...
[11:18] Symo Kurka: Hello Ms Springvale
[11:18] Brian Livingston: Umm
[11:19] Symo Kurka: LOL
[11:19] Brian Livingston: Hello Rose :)
[11:19] Lilith Ivory smiles
[11:19] Moon Adamant: you're sitting on Brian :)
[11:19] Cindy Ecksol: don't sit on brian!
[11:19] Rose Springvale: argh
[11:19] Cindy Ecksol: over here next to me....
[11:19] Delia Lake: rabbit fur cushion
[11:19] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:19] Rose Springvale: this okay? still not rezed
[11:19] Rose Springvale: ll
[11:19] Moon Adamant: you're fine :)
[11:19] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:19] Moon Adamant: point one
[11:19] Moon Adamant: 1. Election of Faculty Chair
[11:20] Moon Adamant: before we proceed to the Election of the Faculty Chiar
[11:20] Jon Seattle: Something LL should fix some day :) a special signal when occuping the same spot
[11:20] Moon Adamant: i must ask if there are any volunteers
[11:20] Rose Springvale: smile
[11:20] Moon Adamant: i recall that members present are Jon, Sudane, Symo, Brian
[11:21] Moon Adamant: and myself
[11:21] Jon Seattle: I am willing but also terribly busy and worry that I may not be able to as good a job as I should.
[11:21] Moon Adamant: Jon, thanks - just willing is good
[11:21] Jamie Palisades: what's the expectation from the Guild et al of the Faculty this term?
[11:22] Moon Adamant: well, the Board has decided that the Faculty must reorganize itself
[11:22] Jamie Palisades: are we pressing Jon into something difficult?
[11:22] Moon Adamant: so to become more efficient
[11:22] Moon Adamant: the Board has started a thread in the forums about the issue
[11:22] Moon Adamant: and has also proposed that inworld meetings take place
[11:23] Moon Adamant: so that's the main task, though i should say that the educative task is no less important
[11:23] Jamie Palisades nods - thx for the clarification
[11:23] Moon Adamant: any other volunteers?
[11:23] Sonja Strom: I'm not sure what the Faculty is.
[11:23] Jon Seattle: The in-world meetings are a great idea I think. One thing I do think we need to do is to allow people to remain on the faculty only if they are activley working on NG projects. I see it more as a serice role.
[11:23] Sonja Strom: Mentors?
[11:23] Lilith Ivory: volunteers - for what kind of work?
[11:24] Jon Seattle: *service
[11:24] Lilith Ivory: ah ok :)
[11:24] Moon Adamant: Sonja, for clarification on that, please go to the Guild Forum and read the Sticker that contains our charter
[11:24] Sonja Strom: ok
[11:24] Rose Springvale: smile
[11:24] Moon Adamant: it's all there
[11:24] Rose Springvale: remembers when guild helped us get a model for AM :)
[11:24] Rose Springvale: faculty rather
[11:24] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:25] Moon Adamant: i move that we proceed to the vote
[11:25] Moon Adamant: seconds?
[11:25] Timo Gufler: what shallwe vote for?
[11:25] Rose Springvale: only facutly right?
[11:25] Sudane Erato: i second
[11:25] Moon Adamant: yes, only Sudane, Jon, Brian and Symo will vote now
[11:26] Timo Gufler: ok
[11:26] Jon Seattle abstains as he is running.
[11:26] Moon Adamant: ok, Faculty members, please vote: All agreeing to hold Jon Seattle as facuulty Chair, say Aye
[11:26] Sudane Erato: aye!
[11:26] Symo Kurka: aye
[11:26] Moon Adamant: Brian?
[11:26] Jon Seattle smiles
[11:27] Symo Kurka: Too many carrots...
[11:27] Moon Adamant: i am by our charter destitute of vote
[11:27] Rose Springvale: lol
[11:27] Brian Livingston: aye
[11:27] Moon Adamant: ok, motion carries
[11:27] Rose Springvale: destitute of vote, stealing that
[11:27] Moon Adamant: Congrats Jon :)
[11:27] Jon Seattle: Thanks!
[11:27] Cindy Ecksol: congrats jon
[11:27] Moon Adamant: as a side issue
[11:28] Rose Springvale: congrats indeed... more great team members!
[11:28] Delia Lake: congrats, Jon
[11:28] Lilith Ivory: congrats :)
[11:28] Jon Seattle: Thanks much everyone :)
[11:28] Moon Adamant: we have discussed last meeting to hold the inworld meetings, and your name has been proposed to organize them - are you willing?
[11:28] Timo Gufler: congratulations!
[11:28] Jamie Palisades: :)
[11:28] Jon Seattle: Yes
[11:28] Sonja Strom: Hi Gwyneth
[11:28] Jamie Palisades: Hi social democrat
[11:29] Moon Adamant: thank you :)
[11:29] Jamie Palisades: you;re still a cloud with a title
[11:29] Sonja Strom: hehee
[11:29] Moon Adamant: hi Gwyn :)
[11:29] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hi :D
[11:29] Gwyneth Llewelyn tries to avoid sitting on someone
[11:29] Moon Adamant: ok, point 2
[11:29] Jamie Palisades: single chair next to rose is open, G
[11:29] Rose Springvale has never seen so many people at a guild meting :)
[11:30] Delia Lake: empty chair next to Rose, Gwyn
[11:30] Jamie Palisades: and you;re on sonja :)
[11:30] Cindy Ecksol: gwyn, you look good on sonja's lap
[11:30] Cindy Ecksol: but it's probably uncomfortable for her
[11:30] Moon Adamant: :)
[11:30] Gwyneth Llewelyn: now if Rose only rezzed, that would be wonderful!
[11:30] Gwyneth Llewelyn: lol
[11:30] Cindy Ecksol: there's a seat on the sofa next to me
[11:30] Sonja Strom: :-)
[11:30] Jamie Palisades: now tell Sonja what you want for christmas...
[11:30] Gwyneth Llewelyn: mmmh
[11:30] Rose Springvale: smile
[11:30] Rose Springvale: i'm being a wall cloud over here next to cindy
[11:30] Moon Adamant: lol
[11:30] Jon Seattle: Oh, I think having all the people here is great :)
[11:30] Lilith Ivory: hehehe
[11:30] Delia Lake: hehe
[11:30] Rose Springvale: me too jon!
[11:30] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:31] Moon Adamant: point 2
[11:31] Moon Adamant: 2. Election of Board Heads of Department
[11:31] Moon Adamant: Now this has become the full Board Meeting
[11:31] Moon Adamant: and everyone can vote
[11:31] Moon Adamant: ok?
[11:31] Rose Springvale: smile, magic!
[11:32] Moon Adamant: so, last week we tabled the election of the Board Heads of Department to this week
[11:32] Moon Adamant: as you know, the Heads of Dep are appointed by the Secretary,, but need confirmation by a majority of the Board assembled
[11:32] Moon Adamant: therefore, i nominate
[11:32] Moon Adamant: again
[11:32] Moon Adamant: Sudane Erato for Fianacial Head of Dep
[11:33] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :)
[11:33] Moon Adamant: and Rose Springvale for Admin Head of Dep
[11:33] Rose Springvale: moon, for the new people will yu describe what we d?
[11:33] Moon Adamant: ah, ok
[11:33] Rose Springvale: do
[11:33] Moon Adamant: the Board (that's us all here assembled)
[11:34] Moon Adamant: has specific needs of work that must be carried by a person in continuance
[11:34] Moon Adamant: namely, the Finances of teh Guild
[11:34] Moon Adamant: paying tier, etc
[11:34] Moon Adamant: and the Admin issues, such as preparing IP licenses, registering summaries of votes, etc
[11:35] Moon Adamant: these tasks are by our charter appointed to two individuals that the Secretary nominates
[11:35] Rose Springvale: nagging people to sign them
[11:35] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:35] Moon Adamant: and that the Board approves with simple majority
[11:35] Lilith Ivory: :)
[11:35] Moon Adamant: any questions?
[11:36] Moon Adamant: oh, i must say that Sudane and Rose are incumbent in these roles
[11:36] Moon Adamant: and that they have done a very good work, or i wouldn't be calling them again :)))
[11:37] Gwyneth Llewelyn: bravo :)
[11:37] Symo Kurka: Just one proposal for the future
[11:37] Rose Springvale loves haveing license to nag...
[11:37] Moon Adamant: yes, Symo?
[11:37] Lilith Ivory: hehe
[11:38] Symo Kurka: That they can nominate deputy roles wiythin newbies
[11:38] Symo Kurka: lol
[11:38] Moon Adamant: ah, by our charter
[11:38] Symo Kurka: just to share a bit of work
[11:38] Moon Adamant: the Heads of Dep are free to organize their deps as they see best
[11:38] Rose Springvale: smile
[11:38] Rose Springvale takes names
[11:39] Moon Adamant: so if any victim appears... :)
[11:39] Delia Lake hears a churning noise....and hopes she's not crashing again........
[11:39] Symo Kurka: Ok i then encourage Moon and Rose to chose some victims
[11:39] Gwyneth Llewelyn looks away
[11:39] Moon Adamant: well, first of all
[11:39] Symo Kurka: newbies i said
[11:39] Moon Adamant: this Board must confirm Rose and Sudane in their roles
[11:40] Moon Adamant: and i move now that we take the vote
[11:40] Jon Seattle: second
[11:40] Brian Livingston: seconded
[11:40] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:40] Symo Kurka: second
[11:40] Moon Adamant: Attention, please:
[11:40] Moon Adamant: all agreeing that Sudane shall hold the role of Head of Financial Dep, say Aye
[11:40] Timo Gufler: aye
[11:40] Cindy Ecksol: aye
[11:41] Jon Seattle: aye
[11:41] Sonja Strom: aye
[11:41] Sudane Erato: abstain :)
[11:41] Symo Kurka: absolutely aye
[11:41] Lilith Ivory: aye
[11:41] Gwyneth Llewelyn: aye
[11:41] Moon Adamant: more votes?
[11:41] Delia Lake: aye!
[11:41] Rose Springvale: aye
[11:41] Brian Livingston: aye
[11:42] Moon Adamant: Jamie, your vote?
[11:42] Jamie Palisades: ah, I abstain but support them :)
[11:42] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:42] Jamie Palisades: not my affair to vote reaaly
[11:42] Moon Adamant: and i vote Aye
[11:42] Symo Kurka: Herr Kanzler..
[11:42] Moon Adamant: motion carries
[11:42] Jamie Palisades: I'm a customer here
[11:43] Moon Adamant: now, attention again, please
[11:43] Jamie Palisades: :)
[11:43] Jamie Palisades raises his hand, for only for a comment once the agenda item is done.
[11:43] Sudane Erato: aye!!!
[11:43] Lilith Ivory: aye
[11:43] Moon Adamant: all agreeing that Rose shall hold the role of Admin Head of Dep, please say Aye
[11:43] Cindy Ecksol: aye
[11:43] Moon Adamant: ok, jamie, after the vote
[11:43] Jon Seattle: aye!
[11:43] Sonja Strom: aye
[11:43] Timo Gufler: aye
[11:43] Symo Kurka: alas aye
[11:43] Sudane Erato: alas?
[11:43] Symo Kurka: lol
[11:43] Jamie Palisades: again, abstain without any negative implication :)
[11:43] Gwyneth Llewelyn: aye aye aye!
[11:43] Brian Livingston: aye]
[11:44] Gwyneth Llewelyn: lol Jamie
[11:44] Delia Lake: aye!
[11:44] Symo Kurka thinks Rose is overloaded
[11:44] Rose Springvale: abstain
[11:44] Rose Springvale: ha!
[11:44] Rose Springvale: rose remembers how to delegate :)
[11:44] Moon Adamant: more votes?
[11:44] Sudane Erato: Rose thrives on overload :)
[11:44] Rose Springvale: shhh
[11:44] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:45] Moon Adamant: well, i will vote... can't locate who hasn't voted
[11:45] Jamie Palisades rolls his eyes
[11:45] Moon Adamant: and motion carries :)
[11:45] Moon Adamant: and i vote Aye
[11:45] Moon Adamant: Congrats, Sudane and Rose :)))
[11:45] Lilith Ivory: applause :)
[11:45] Jamie Palisades smiles - and raises his hand
[11:45] Gwyneth Llewelyn: bravo!
[11:45] Jon Seattle: Yay!
[11:45] Timo Gufler: congrats!
[11:45] Rose Springvale: oh thank:)
[11:46] Jon Seattle: Congrats Sudane and Rose.
[11:46] Moon Adamant: Rose, i will ask you therefore to publish a summary of the votes taken, including the Faculty vote, please
[11:47] Rose Springvale: okay
[11:47] Moon Adamant: point 3
[11:47] Moon Adamant: 3. Inworld Faculty Discussion - organization
[11:47] Moon Adamant: we have already discussed this
[11:47] Jamie Palisades raises eyebrow, to go with hand
[11:47] Moon Adamant: aaahhhh sorry
[11:47] Moon Adamant: yes, Jami
[11:47] Moon Adamant: Jamie*
[11:47] Moon Adamant listens
[11:47] Jamie Palisades: ah - you save me finding Gwynnie's hand-raiser animatrion :) thx
[11:48] Brian Livingston: If you'll all excuse me, no that hte voting is done, I am afraid I must get going due to an unavoidable obligation. Congrats again Jon, Rose, and Sudane and thanks for your service :)
[11:48] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :)
[11:48] Moon Adamant: Bye Brian, and thanks :)
[11:48] Rose Springvale: thanks bri
[11:48] Sonja Strom: bye Brian!
[11:48] Jon Seattle: Thanks and nice to see you Brian :)
[11:48] Jamie Palisades: Hear, hear. Cheers Bri. It *IS* very kind of Sudane and Rose, as well as Jon and Moon, to continue to serve. Having just been re-appointed myself to a volunteer post, I very much appreciate their donations of volunteer time ..
[11:48] Lilith Ivory: bye Brian
[11:48] Jamie Palisades: ... It's useful to remember that their roles here are nongovernmental: the GUild is a valued private organisation, that can be of great assistance to CDS> However, due to the design Moon and JOn brought when founding this group ... informed by some earlier, poorly-defined models ... the GUild clearly is neither the official CDS government planner, nor our prime or sole contractor. Moon, particularly, has done much to help clarify that relationship, with her good work on the Guild charter. Speaking for CDS and its government, ...
[11:48] Moon Adamant: thanks Jamie
[11:48] Jamie Palisades: not to mention grateful residents ...
[11:48] Jamie Palisades: we're grafteful for the Guild's presence and many contributions ... and we looks forward to continuing to enjoy the benefits of your considerable help and expertise when CDS's needs and the Guilds interests and availability coincide. Thanks.
[11:49] Moon Adamant: thank you Jamie :)
[11:49] Jamie Palisades: :)
[11:49] Gwyneth Llewelyn: ty!
[11:49] Jon Seattle: Thanks Jamie :)
[11:49] Moon Adamant: We at the Guild are also ready to explore new ways to help the organization and growth of our community
[11:49] Moon Adamant: and looking forward to work in synergy with the CDS gov towards that :)
[11:50] Timo Gufler: synergy?
[11:50] Moon Adamant: uh, doesn't exist in english?
[11:50] Rose Springvale: yes, its right
[11:50] Moon Adamant: common effort
[11:50] Jon Seattle: It is correct.
[11:50] Delia Lake: it does, Moon
[11:51] Rose Springvale: timo, working together with energy
[11:51] Timo Gufler: yes... thanks
[11:51] Moon Adamant: thanks, i sometimes invent english words :)
[11:51] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:51] Moon Adamant: point 3
[11:51] Moon Adamant: 3. Inworld Faculty Discussion - organization
[11:51] Delia Lake: everybody sometimes invents english words. that's why english has more words than most languages
[11:52] Moon Adamant: as i was saying, we have discussed this point already, when Jon accepted to hold the inworld meetings
[11:52] Timo Gufler: hehe
[11:52] Jon Seattle knows that Moon tends to note english's borwings from latin and finds some words we should have even if we do not :)
[11:52] Moon Adamant: i must remind though that there is also a forum thread to support the discussion
[11:52] Jon Seattle: (yet)
[11:52] Moon Adamant: :)
[11:53] Moon Adamant: in my opinion, and this being Faculty matters, Jon must organize the meetings and discussion as he sees best
[11:53] Moon Adamant: nevertheless, i point out that this discussion is not closed to Faculty members
[11:54] Moon Adamant: and that the Faculty will gladly accept new inputs
[11:54] Rose Springvale: Moon?
[11:54] Moon Adamant: yes?
[11:54] Rose Springvale: will there be an anouncement re how to nominate people to faculty?
[11:55] Jon Seattle: I was thinking we should have two meetings on faculty.. the second one to decide on recommendations. Also it may be a good to create a homework list: other sites and organizations that get involved in public design education elsehwere in SL.
[11:56] Moon Adamant: ah Rose, you are referring to the problem we spotted last meeting of volunteers that do work but aren't in Faculty?
[11:56] Symo Kurka: Sure, I agree: if we want to develop educational activities we need to join to Cds an educational organization which already works in SL
[11:56] Delia Lake: good idea,
[11:56] Rose Springvale: yes, many people need to be invited in
[11:56] Rose Springvale: maybe they will decline
[11:56] Rose Springvale: but lots of people who qualify
[11:56] Moon Adamant: Symo and Jon,: there are lots of them, i am sure that some will be glad to join a community or help
[11:57] Jon Seattle: The main thing I think is to make the organization attractive to those who want to mentor other designers and programmers. Remember that the faculty is not even limited to CDS members.
[11:57] Jon Seattle: Indeed.
[11:57] Moon Adamant: i will ask Jon formally to take into consideration that issue, Rose
[11:57] Jon Seattle: Okay :)
[11:57] Rose Springvale: smile
[11:58] Rose Springvale: well, i can't with barefeet ;)
[11:58] Moon Adamant: :)
[11:58] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:58] Moon Adamant: 4. Colonia Nova City SE Corner Re-deployment
[11:58] Gwyneth Llewelyn: (too cold for that, Rose!)
[11:58] Moon Adamant: last week, after the Board decision
[11:59] Moon Adamant: it was created a forum thread for those willing to join this WG
[11:59] Moon Adamant: thank you all that have already volunteered
[11:59] Moon Adamant: and i hope more will volunteer
[11:59] Moon Adamant: we will make a pause though
[12:00] Moon Adamant: unti the re-appointed Executive can approve our budget
[12:00] Moon Adamant: and carry on then
[12:00] Gwyneth Llewelyn: budget, bugdet... :)
[12:00] Moon Adamant: it's published Gwyn :)
[12:00] Jamie Palisades: Moon?
[12:00] Moon Adamant: yes?
[12:01] Jamie Palisades: I showed you that I annot access that spreachsheet :)
[12:01] Symo Kurka: Guys.. good work.. i leave for a while..
[12:01] Moon Adamant: ah
[12:01] Moon Adamant: Symo, bye and thanks :)
[12:01] Moon Adamant: just a sec then Jamie
[12:01] Moon Adamant: let me try other way
[12:01] Jamie Palisades: Cheers Symo. :)
[12:01] Jon Seattle: Bye symo :)
[12:02] Object: Hello, Avatar!
[12:02] Jamie Palisades: may i genericalyl reuest that any budget that's adopte dby the guild as an official recommendation in an open meeting be published (whetehr on google docs or otherwise) in a manner that is world-read?
[12:02] Moon Adamant: ok, Jamie, i shared the spreadsheet with you
[12:02] Jamie Palisades: checking, thx
[12:03] Moon Adamant: well, i did try to do that by publishing it as a web page
[12:04] Moon Adamant: i wasn't aware that people would have trouble seeing it
[12:04] Jamie Palisades: ah, have it now on GDocs, thx, I see the L$8500 budget
[12:04] Jamie Palisades: and I must have missed the web page, sorry :)
[12:04] Jamie Palisades: links links links :)
[12:04] Moon Adamant: oh
[12:05] Moon Adamant: well, we will be looking forward to hear from you in regard to this
[12:05] Moon Adamant: and now, i suggest that we adjourn
[12:05] Moon Adamant: to give time for everyone to get ready for the ball later on :)
[12:06] Moon Adamant: at what time, Rose?
[12:06] Sudane Erato: kk
[12:06] Jamie Palisades: Warm thanks again to all for volunteering :)
[12:06] Rose Springvale: oh
[12:06] Moon Adamant: thanks again, likewise
[12:06] Sudane Erato: 2 PM right?
[12:06] Rose Springvale: it IS at 2 slt
[12:06] Rose Springvale: yes
[12:06] Moon Adamant: ok everyone, you know the hour now :)
[12:06] Jon Seattle: :)
[12:06] Rose Springvale: and
[12:06] Moon Adamant: motion to adjourn
[12:06] Jamie Palisades bows graciously
[12:06] Rose Springvale: the carriage in the platz takes couple up :)
[12:06] Sonja Strom: see you later everybody!
[12:07] Moon Adamant: bye, Sonja, thanks
[12:07] Sonja Strom: :)
[12:07] Jon Seattle: Thanks everyone :)
[12:07] Jamie Palisades: apologies to those of you who I may miss this afternoon
[12:07] Rose Springvale: yes thanks
[12:07] Moon Adamant: nobody seconds the motion to adjourn? :)
[12:07] Delia Lake: second
[12:07] Rose Springvale: lol
[12:07] Moon Adamant: thanks Delia :)
[12:08] Moon Adamant: if all agree, and i am taking silence as assent, we are adjourned
[12:08] Jon Seattle prememtivley votes aye
[12:08] Timo Gufler: aye
[12:08] Delia Lake: aye
[12:08] Rose Springvale: aye
[12:08] Rose Springvale: let me take transript...
[12:08] Solomon Mosely: should we vote first on who carries gwen home?
[12:08] Moon Adamant: lol
[12:08] Lilith Ivory: hehe
[12:09] Moon Adamant: it's Rose who is barefeeted :)
[12:09] Timo Gufler: :)
[12:09] Jamie Palisades: naah her magical flower kicks in when she's drunk. It's a GREAT script
[12:09] Rose Springvale: i draw the line there!
[12:09] Moon Adamant: lol
[12:09] Cindy Ecksol: very productive
[12:09] Moon Adamant: ok, afk for a sec while i transcript
[12:09] Moon Adamant: thanks everyone :)

Eudaimonia now!
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