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NFS East?

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I have suggested that the next full sim we consider should be to the East of Neufreistadt.
There's been a lot of chat about this, but little written, so with this posting I am trying to get the public conversation officially started.

My general question to the Guild about this is here:

3. I believe that the next full sim we should add is an Alpine sim to the east of NFS, and continuing the NFS theme of hilltop fachwerk (which we can sell!) running down to valley. (a) Do you agree? (b) If not, where should be the next place for a full sim for residential expansion? (c) If you do agree that NFS East is a good place, then, (c) what should the topography look like? Specifically, I have eight detailed concerns. They are listed here, in the land planning forum where they belong. ... 927#p12927

Public views on this probably will be sought again soon, as a part of any Guild consideration. Of course, people can speak up here, too.
FYI, here are the more detailed questions I have about NFS-East if we do decide to go ahead:

(i) Should we keep running to the East, or terminate by a slope, the mountain range? In other words, what do we anticipate to the east of NFS-East?
(ii) Should we go higher than the Schloss?
(iii) To follow up on the concerns of Sonja, Salzie and others: Should we add either scenic flat backdrops, or a terminal mountain peak, to create a high Alpine look?
(iv) To follow up on the concerns of Bjerkel last year: What should be the resolution of any water features? Can we make this look natural? Can we use it in any way to demonstrate useful ecology issues?
(v) Can we reserve some space next to the Schloss for a two-sim expanded ballroom for official events? Are there other Schloss considerations?
(vi) If we want another nest of fachwerken, as I suspect we do, should CDS commission a new inexpensive prefab?
(vii) If we want another nest of fachwerken, what should their lot size be, and would this be best handled by a x2.0 or x1.5-prim sim?
(viii) Should we continue the city walls over part of NFS East?
(ix) Should there be a land passage near the School, or only at the gate near Kendrapark?

Regards JP

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