Reducing the Rathaus

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Justice Soothsayer
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Reducing the Rathaus

Post by Justice Soothsayer »

I note that the New Guild has asked that they be asked to reduce the use of prims by the Rathaus ( but seemed unsure about who should do the asking. If the Chancellor doesn't, then I'll introduce a motion at the RA to do the asking.

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Jamie Palisades
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Re: Reducing the Rathaus (yes: assess first)

Post by Jamie Palisades »

i completely agree with Justice, as our common prim space needs in Neufriestadt sim are significant. The Guild has expressed some interest in this:

[11:28] Moon Adamant: one thing that we can do
* * *
[11:28] Moon Adamant: is press the Executive to replace the Rathaus
[11:29] Moon Adamant: the Rathaus expends 800% of its prim allocation
[11:29] Rose Springvale: you mean order us to replace it?
[11:29] Rose Springvale: :)
[11:29] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:29] Moon Adamant: yes
[11:29] Sudane Erato: no
[11:29] Rose Springvale: no?
[11:29] Sudane Erato: request the exceutive to order US tpo replace it
[11:29] Rose Springvale: smile
[11:29] Moon Adamant: lol, yes
[11:29] Rose Springvale: shall we make a motion for that?
[11:29] Moon Adamant: not yet
[11:29] Sonja Strom: How many prims does the Rathaus use?
* * *
[11:30] Moon Adamant: let me look for the correct number
[11:30] Sudane Erato: well... guys... we really need an analysis

Thanks again to the Guild for suggesting a good solution here. Just so that we are clear about roles: The Guild NGO can volunteer for jobs (which we appreciate). The government gives or withholds permission. In this case, this is a genuine need and very kind of the Guild to offer.

So I ask for an *assessment* of prim cleanup possibilities in the Rathaus building to identify specific groups of Rathaus prims that might be reduced, replaced or rationalized. There's no authorization yet to make substantial Rathaus changes or deletions. That second step should will wait until the RA, the SC and the public (who are the space's customers) have a chance to see a recommendation. Maybe our experts will tell us to replace the building, or some components, but let's see. Should we keep the darn deeds? Are they movable? Are there a few 40 prim chandeliers that need to be replaced with scuplties?

Please take the prior work completed by the Guild's own government space work group into account. But I don't think it has much to say about which prims can be replaced or reduced.

Frankly, the RA and I probably all will say 'yes' to whatever is suggested that's reasonable. But the Rathaus is a special case: it is full of old, hallowed irreplaceable (and primmy) things like Kendra's decorations and the ancient obsolete land deeds. Probably various parties will have opinions. So, assessment first, if the Guild is willing to assist in his manner; but hold the delete button, please.

Regards JP

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