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I need a hobby
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Board Guild Meeting 1st March 2009 - Transcript

Post by Moon Adamant »

[11:24] Moon Adamant: ok guys....
[11:24] Moon Adamant: i think it's a bit pointless we being here today
[11:24] Moon Adamant: since we have quorum but not quorum for vote
[11:24] Timo Gufler: maybe yes
[11:25] Moon Adamant: and more than that, there isn't anyone here from the workgroups
[11:25] thirsti Sweetwater: well, i am
[11:25] thirsti Sweetwater: (it' sme)
[11:25] thirsti Sweetwater: (solomon)
[11:25] Moon Adamant: LOL
[11:25] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:25] Moon Adamant: you could have said :)
[11:25] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:26] thirsti Sweetwater: solomon, had a wild night in dublin last night....
[11:26] thirsti Sweetwater: sorry....
[11:26] Timo Gufler: are you alt of Solomon?
[11:26] Moon Adamant: ahahahaha
[11:26] thirsti Sweetwater: i was the original solomon
[11:26] Timo Gufler: same guy behind SOlomon and you, right?
[11:26] thirsti Sweetwater: right
[11:26] Timo Gufler: good to know, hehe
[11:26] Moon Adamant: ok :)
[11:26] Sudane Erato: hehe... trying to confuse us :)
[11:27] Sudane Erato: like Sleazy did
[11:27] Moon Adamant: so i am just going to give you the info point
[11:27] Moon Adamant: first
[11:27] thirsti Sweetwater: great, please
[11:27] Moon Adamant: and then ask thirsti for a report on work
[11:27] thirsti Sweetwater: sure
[11:27] thirsti Sweetwater: i wish lil was here too
[11:27] Moon Adamant: ok, Faculty meeting has been convened and attended by only three people
[11:28] thirsti Sweetwater: but i know she very busy with moving in rl
[11:28] Moon Adamant: in any case, the discussion was interesting and it's posted
[11:28] thirsti Sweetwater: i read the transcript
[11:28] Moon Adamant: it will be open a Gdocs soon to continue the discussion
[11:28] thirsti Sweetwater: it sounds good, i would loveto make use of a mentor
[11:28] Moon Adamant: namely, to try and adress the questions Jon sketched more in detail
[11:29] Moon Adamant: so, if you want to join this discussion, please ask Jon to add you to the Gdocs
[11:29] Moon Adamant: and we will meet later on around mid-March, i think
[11:29] thirsti Sweetwater: k, great
[11:29] Moon Adamant: when we want to be able to forge some conclusions
[11:29] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:30] Moon Adamant: thirsti, please report then on point 2: CN City SE Corner Re-deployment
[11:31] thirsti Sweetwater: well, lil, as i said has had some rl obligations that has been taking some time away from it
[11:31] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:31] thirsti Sweetwater: we have decided to split the work and both design some models and then trade notes for a final design
[11:31] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:31] thirsti Sweetwater: we have aggreed so far on a basic structure for the corner plot
[11:32] Sudane Erato: great :)
[11:32] Moon Adamant: indeed
[11:32] thirsti Sweetwater: and we are working out more deatails for that and mmore overall design for the next one
[11:32] Moon Adamant: don't forget to keep in touch with Sudane here about the temple
[11:32] Sudane Erato: yes, he has
[11:32] thirsti Sweetwater: yes, we've spoken a bit about it
[11:33] thirsti Sweetwater: we have been using some skyboxes as a 3d sketchbook and its been going well id say
[11:33] Moon Adamant: great
[11:33] thirsti Sweetwater: we were waiting to see what came in from the texture contest
[11:33] thirsti Sweetwater: for ideas from that
[11:33] Moon Adamant: yes, i have been waiting for the results too
[11:33] Moon Adamant: but have no info yet on that
[11:34] thirsti Sweetwater: so i think lil will be doing more of the texture work and i will focus on construction more
[11:34] thirsti Sweetwater: symo presented some at ra
[11:34] Moon Adamant: ok, that's a good strategy
[11:34] Moon Adamant: ah, did he?
[11:34] thirsti Sweetwater: i coulnd tell what the final decision was tho
[11:34] thirsti Sweetwater: i need to ask him again for some clarification
[11:35] thirsti Sweetwater: and im still not sure how restricted we are with the use of the winners textures
[11:35] Moon Adamant: i think you'll have all perms on the textures
[11:36] Moon Adamant: but the decision may be complex, because they can approve a lot, say, or pick texture X from this and texture Z from that
[11:36] Moon Adamant: maybe that's why they're taking so long
[11:36] thirsti Sweetwater: sure, i dont know how what i saw so far will work on what we have designed at this point
[11:36] thirsti Sweetwater: ok i see
[11:36] thirsti Sweetwater: and can we modify, like adding ivy or borders to save prims
[11:36] thirsti Sweetwater: ?
[11:36] Moon Adamant: in nay case, don't let that detain you from the planning wpork
[11:36] Moon Adamant: hmmmmm
[11:37] Moon Adamant: let me read the notecard again
[11:37] thirsti Sweetwater: and if it just doesnt work onthe structure, do we have to use them?
[11:37] thirsti Sweetwater: like the nerw corner model is more for marble than plaster
[11:38] Moon Adamant: i think from the notecard that you can add, possibly subject to Executive approval, stuff on the textures
[11:38] Moon Adamant: and hmmm
[11:38] Moon Adamant: the requests for textures of the contest doesn't provide all your needs
[11:39] Moon Adamant: so of course you'll have to add textures of your own, say, rooftiles
[11:39] thirsti Sweetwater: thats what we were thinking too
[11:39] thirsti Sweetwater: right
[11:39] Moon Adamant: but at least in my case
[11:39] Moon Adamant: (i entered the contest)
[11:39] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:39] thirsti Sweetwater: just werent sure if we had to use what was given and then add as needed
[11:39] Moon Adamant: if some of my textures make it, i'll be happy to hand you the pshops for easier work
[11:40] thirsti Sweetwater: he didnt say what was from who tho...
[11:40] thirsti Sweetwater: ok, great, ty
[11:40] Moon Adamant: sorry, are you getting a flash effect here or it's just me?
[11:40] Sudane Erato: i get it too
[11:40] thirsti Sweetwater: not me
[11:41] Moon Adamant: very weird, not the first time that it happens
[11:41] Sudane Erato: i think its the alpha of the windows and the alpha of the cluds
[11:41] Sudane Erato: *clouds
[11:41] thirsti Sweetwater: thats another thing....
[11:41] Moon Adamant: yes?
[11:41] thirsti Sweetwater: we are trying to avoid using alphas on the builds
[11:41] thirsti Sweetwater: real windows
[11:41] Moon Adamant: yes, good idea
[11:42] thirsti Sweetwater: what kind of ballpark should we shot for for prims left to the owner to use?
[11:42] Sudane Erato: hehe
[11:42] Moon Adamant: though mind about the primmage
[11:42] Moon Adamant: hmmm
[11:42] thirsti Sweetwater: yea....
[11:42] thirsti Sweetwater: right
[11:42] Moon Adamant: i generally point out at 2/3
[11:42] Moon Adamant: and you Sudane?
[11:42] Sudane Erato: well... i've never watched
[11:43] Sudane Erato: but... using 1/3 i think would be a max
[11:43] Sudane Erato: unless you're doing this school :)
[11:43] Moon Adamant: lol
[11:43] thirsti Sweetwater: sure, we were around that number too
[11:43] Moon Adamant: but this is a different building
[11:43] Moon Adamant: i think the 2/3 is sensible
[11:44] Moon Adamant: i mean, the owner or buyer knows he'll have to spend some prims on the house
[11:44] thirsti Sweetwater: and will there be any restrictions to keep the facade as is by the next owner
[11:44] Moon Adamant: now that's atricky question
[11:44] Moon Adamant: i think the Executive jumped in
[11:45] Moon Adamant: and declared what would be the permissions on the build
[11:45] Moon Adamant: let me look at the forums, just a sec
[11:45] thirsti Sweetwater: /sure, didnt know what the final verdict was on it
[11:46] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:46] Moon Adamant: * Report this post
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Re: CN City SE Corner Redeployment - Proposals

Postby Jamie Palisades on Sun Feb 08, 2009 4:45 pm
I approve the Guild's budget for the CN SE corner remodeling, subject to these conditions:
1. Builds must be yes-mod, but can be no-copy/no-transfer at the artisan's discretion.
2. Usual archive rules apply.
3. Add L$3000 for acquisition (if possible) of two uniform, freely distributable textures for cardo builds, as discussed in the Guild threads about the "look" of the CN Forum area.
[11:46] Moon Adamant: this is in
[11:46] Moon Adamant: ... 4&start=15
[11:46] thirsti Sweetwater: right, and the owners are just subject to the same exterior covenant rules
[11:47] Moon Adamant: nevertheless, in the same forum there is also a side discussion about calling a special covenant to protect the cardo and forum facades
[11:47] Moon Adamant: yes, they are quite strict
[11:47] thirsti Sweetwater: right, lil was talking about that
[11:47] thirsti Sweetwater: i think thats a good idea
[11:47] Moon Adamant: i have to discuss that with the Executive
[11:48] thirsti Sweetwater: if it was important enought to have this contest and redo them we should protect them
[11:48] Moon Adamant: if they see the need for it
[11:48] Moon Adamant: yes, seems logical
[11:48] Moon Adamant: but it will need to be voted at the RA
[11:49] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:49] thirsti Sweetwater: so i guess thats it. i would love a little advice from any of our faculty on building technique for saving prims and precision too, if anyone has time...
[11:49] Moon Adamant: eheheh i can give you a hand, i suppose
[11:50] thirsti Sweetwater: well, i now the residents of cds would appreciate it.. :)
[11:50] Moon Adamant: or some other mentors that in the meanwhile appear
[11:50] Moon Adamant: but for the while, you're still in planning phase
[11:50] thirsti Sweetwater: what ever works.
[11:50] Moon Adamant: so, don't let that concern you for the moment - you're exploring possible solutions
[11:51] thirsti Sweetwater: yes, but i think we are ready to start a final for the corner building
[11:51] Moon Adamant: when you are rready to start building, give me or Jon or Sudane a call
[11:51] thirsti Sweetwater: i will ty
[11:51] Moon Adamant: Jon for instance build with extreme precision
[11:52] Moon Adamant: ok guys
[11:52] thirsti Sweetwater: perfect, id like that
[11:52] Moon Adamant: shall we adjourn so we GMTers can go and have dinner?
[11:52] Sudane Erato: hehe... ok :)
[11:52] thirsti Sweetwater: sounds good
[11:52] Sudane Erato: yes.... Jon is precise :)
[11:53] Moon Adamant: ok, adjourned then
[11:53] Moon Adamant: afk while i transcript

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