Role of the GMP: Report to RA

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Role of the GMP: Report to RA

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During the RA meeting on 8 Feb (, Gwyn and I volunteered to take a look at the Code and Constitution with an eye towards determining exactly what it said about the GMP and what changes might or might not be indicated.

What we found turned out to be quite a bit more complex than what we expected. I reported on our preliminary discussions to RA on March 1 ( and suggested that we start a couple of threads in this forum in order to gauge the sense of the community on several key questions.

This is the first of three threads I'm going to start to foster that discussion. It contains the report that I gave to RA. I will start two additional threads ( and ), each of which will (hopefully) focus on one of the questions Gwyn and I found ourselves wanting to grapple with.

Two meetings ago, Gwyn and I volunteered to look into what was already in the Code regarding GMP with an eye towards opening a discussion of whether/what additional legislation might be needed to properly maintain and utilize the GMP.

To date, we've had two long discussions that were focused not on coming up with legislation per se (since that would really need public discussion) but on trying to identify what exactly needs to be discussed and how to start a debate that will lead the community in productive directions.

To make a long story short, we found relevant statements the Code in 8-2 and 8-4:

8-2 assumes GMP exists and is current and directs RA to consider it when approving new sims

8-4 assumes GMP exists, then directs Chancellor to take GMP into account when assessing proposals for private development.

Both 8-2 and 8-4 emphasize that the role of the Guild is advisory and non-governmental

Both 8-2 and 8-4 order RA and/or Chancellor to work with New Guild to accomplish government missions (seems required, not optional, although they are not "bound" by GMP)

This raises what we think is the central issue: No one in RA or Executive has responsibility for developing/maintaining GMP.

So if New Guild does not volunteer to create and maintain it on a regular basis, then GMP soon becomes outdated and useless. If Guild chooses not to work on GMP, neither RA nor Executive has any way to ensure completion of that work. Yet Code requires both RA and Executive to consult GMP regarding addition of new sims. And there are no other clear options in the Code regarding how the GMP might be completed other than by "directing" the New Guild to do so..and they are really an independent NGO that the government has no right to "direct" to do anything at all.

That's the essence. Of course there's much more behind it, and we think it would be best if we opened the discussion of this central issue up to the community at this point. So our recommendations:

1. Open public discussion on the role of GMP in forums (cross-posted for discussion here: )
a. Who in government should have prime responsibility for maintaining GMP?
b. How should the maintenance process work? (who proposes, who approves, how often, etc.)
c. What role do we want the GMP to play in acquisition/development of new sims? Binding? Non-binding? "Advisory?"
d. How should the role of GMP be implemented? New code required? Balance of power?

2. Open public discussion on role of the New Guild. (Cross-posted for discussion here: )

If New Guild is truly an NGO, how do we avoid putting it in a position where it seems to be required to respond to mandatory requests from RA or Chancellor for completion of particular tasks? Or should some functions that now tacitly reside in New Guild really be government functions? Is so, which functions? And where in government should they reside?

Our intent is to open and foster a couple of threads ( and ) on the forum that will allow everyone who is interested to get involved. We're looking forward to hearing what comes up, and in particular we'll be interested to see if the discussion generates a basis for a bill to be proposed and if so what that bill will look like.

* Edited to add cross-references to discussion threads for each question

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