Resident Choice awards?

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Resident Choice awards?

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It's been suggested that we pick a topic and encourage CDS voting en masse to see if we can highlight some of the things we are good at... I have scanned the list and think number 14 is our best match...."My favorite place for Intellectual Conversation" though i'm open for other ideas! Each avatar can only vote once and there are 35 different questions on the ballot... it will take some time if you answer them all because you must include a slurl with your votes for verification. Voting must be completed by April 7, so no time to lose!

For coordination purposes, we should pick one place .... since Colonia Nova needs the marketing most right now, i'll suggest the Colonia Nova Forum, and here is the slurl for it!

if you want to take it even further.... how about:

22. My favorite place to bring Business Colleagues marktplatz
23. My favorite place to Chill With My Friends ... Biergarten (biergarten)
3. My favorite place to Dance my prim toes off ... %20Schloss
15. My favorite culturally consequential Museum/Art Gallery ... Nfs%20MoCA (museum of contemporary art)

I'll put this on a notecard and send to the group in world, please pass it on to your friends! We have some great places in CDS!

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