Events in CDS this week, April 20 - 26

Announcements of activities and events in CDS.

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Rose Springvale
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Events in CDS this week, April 20 - 26

Post by Rose Springvale »

Lots of good things happening in CDS this week... i hope you get a chance to sample some!

Tuesday April 21, noon: Poetry with Pip... Pip Torok shares favorite poems in United Artists Alpine Meadow "Old Bowl" amphitheater.
Wednesday Aprill 22, 9 am. Celebrate Earth Day with special music with Cindy Ecksol, Inspiration Park, Colonia Nova.
Thursday April 23, 1 pm, General Master Plan Work Group, School, NFS
Sunday April 26
9 am, New Guild meeting NFS school
10 am to 9 pm, Grand Opening of To Limani (the harbor) the new greek marketplace in Locus Amoenus. This group has planned an entire day of great live entertainment for us, including Naftali Torok and Alexicon Kurka. Their excitement and enthusiasm are contagious!

Remember, if there is something you want to see happen in CDS, let us know, your civil servants are happy to help you put on the event, or bring it to the sim wide level!

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Gwyneth Llewelyn
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Re: Events in CDS this week, April 20 - 26

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Woo hoo! What a business week in the CDS!

Sadly, it's been an insanely busy week for me iRL too :( so I'm missing all the fun *sigh*. Well, I hope I'll be able to log in later for a bit...

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