Approval method for Monastery proposal

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Approval method for Monastery proposal

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The RA has decided to hold a special meeting -- --
which will take up (among other things) the Monastery proposal from Virtus, tabled last week.

For convenience, let me re-cap my view that the correct resolution would be simply to accept Virtus' proposal and purchase the sim as specified in that proposal, posted here: That proposal provides a terrain map, lot definition, major amenities, theme and tier rates.

Upon approval:

-- CDS purchases the homestead sim.
-- Sim terraforming is completed by Virtus, subject to CDS executive branch supervision, much in the same way that the Guild has done for past sims.
-- Virtus will swap the current Monastery parcel on Alpine Meadow, for the new similar parcel on the new sim, and will pay monthly tier to CDS on the new parcel. CDS repurposes and then re-sells the Alpine Meadow land.
-- CDS sells the other residential parcels, as usual, but Virtus guarantees their monthly tier to CDS for 4 months if tenants are not found.

Regards JP

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