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I need a hobby
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Board Guild Meeting 7th June 2009 - Transcript

Post by Moon Adamant »

[11:24] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:24] Moon Adamant: we have quorum, let's start
[11:24] zaphod Enoch: okay
[11:24] Moon Adamant: everyone, please remember this meeting is transcripted from now on
[11:25] Moon Adamant: and please touch the blue box for the agenda
[11:25] Moon Adamant: I'd like to suggest an extraordinary point
[11:25] Moon Adamant: to start right away
[11:26] Moon Adamant: and that is justly so, very informally, the bierhaus
[11:26] Moon Adamant: Zaphod, care to tell us how your work is going?
[11:26] Moon Adamant: btw guys, i have seen it, and it is REALLY nice :))
[11:27] zaphod Enoch: well i will not be online from tomorrow till saturday, i will work on it the week after so i think it will be done by saturday sunday 19th 20th
[11:28] Moon Adamant: that's great - though you know you have no deadline
[11:28] zaphod Enoch: i might nedd help by the sit poses and anmations
[11:28] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I'm happy to help with sit poses :)
[11:28] zaphod Enoch: want to tear down the number of prims whch at the moment i place in poseballs
[11:28] Moon Adamant: hmmmm that may a bit more complicated, atm we are a bit short of programmers here
[11:28] Moon Adamant: ah, ok Gwyn, thanks
[11:29] Sonja Strom: Yay
[11:29] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Good point, zaphod, yes
[11:29] zaphod Enoch: maybe gwyneth may help the
[11:29] zaphod Enoch: there
[11:29] Moon Adamant: well, gwyn is an expert in anims :)
[11:29] Gwyneth Llewelyn: As for anims... the only I have... are not very nice (since they are some I did ages ago...)
[11:29] Gwyneth Llewelyn: ha
[11:29] Sonja Strom: lol
[11:29] Gwyneth Llewelyn: well... with a *little* bit of time, I'd be glad to do more anims :D
[11:29] zaphod Enoch: like to have those poses in a script either on the table or the bankks
[11:30] zaphod Enoch: banks
[11:30] Sonja Strom: We could shop at your competitors... lol
[11:30] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I don't even consider myself an animation designer :))) hehe
[11:30] zaphod Enoch: gwyneth i do not think it willl be a big problem for you as being an expert
[11:30] Gwyneth Llewelyn: an exper, omg
[11:31] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Oh no no lol
[11:31] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I'm not an expert at all :)
[11:31] Moon Adamant: ehehe half of Sl has Gwyn's dance bracelet ;)
[11:31] Gwyneth Llewelyn: But sure, I can do pose scripts :D
[11:31] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I wish!!!
[11:31] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:31] Moon Adamant: everyone, i would really like you to have a look
[11:31] Moon Adamant: when you can
[11:31] Moon Adamant: at the very good work that Zaphod is doing at the bierhaus
[11:32] Sonja Strom: Maybe we could move the meeting to there :-)
[11:32] Moon Adamant: it's a pity that Rose isn't here
[11:32] Moon Adamant: or i would definitely ask for an inauguration party when it's doen :)
[11:32] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Oooh
[11:32] Gwyneth Llewelyn: well, we can do that... for July?
[11:33] Moon Adamant: maybe
[11:33] Moon Adamant: Rose is teh person to talk to re: that
[11:33] zaphod Enoch: so i would suggest that we will get in closer contact on monday or sunday 13th 14th gwyneth to discuss further
[11:33] Moon Adamant: Sonja, can you please talk to Rose regarding that?
[11:33] Moon Adamant: It's just that i am terribly busy till the 20th, at least
[11:33] Sonja Strom: Yes, I will.
[11:33] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I *believe* I have something on the 13th or 14th — but... send me an IM, zaphod! If I'm available, I'll get in-world. :)
[11:33] Moon Adamant: thanks, i am afraid i could forget
[11:34] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:34] Moon Adamant: let's resume the agenda?
[11:34] zaphod Enoch: well up to the date you are availale i think we could live with the posealls as is
[11:34] zaphod Enoch: i think
[11:35] Moon Adamant: point 1
[11:35] zaphod Enoch: okay go ahead with the agenda
[11:35] Moon Adamant: (Zaphod, you're free to attend the rest of teh meeting or go and work, btw :)
[11:35] Gwyneth Llewelyn promises she'll take a look at the Biergarten and hushes now
[11:35] Moon Adamant: 1. CN City SE corner re-deployment: Workgroup report
[11:35] Moon Adamant: well, the last report i got on this
[11:35] Moon Adamant: several weeks ago...
[11:35] Moon Adamant: is that Solomon was almost finishing
[11:36] zaphod Enoch: if i can stay i would like to
[11:36] Moon Adamant: him having to retexturize parts of the build
[11:36] Gwyneth Llewelyn: (the meetings are absolitely free to attend and participate, zaphod :) )
[11:36] Moon Adamant: of course you can stay! .9
[11:36] zaphod Enoch: thxs
[11:36] Moon Adamant: so, i'll try to see if i can catch Sol inworld and ask him how that is going
[11:36] Gwyneth Llewelyn: The Guild is an ad-hocracy — we meet with the people that wish to come, and whomever is here, they can vote too :D
[11:36] Sonja Strom: :D
[11:37] zaphod Enoch: okay
[11:37] Timo Gufler: btw, is citizenship of CDS a requirement for voting?
[11:37] zaphod Enoch: keep on
[11:37] Moon Adamant: 2. Info centre: business directory: Workgroup report
[11:37] Moon Adamant: and yes Timo
[11:37] Timo Gufler: ok
[11:37] Moon Adamant: the only requirement
[11:37] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :)
[11:37] Moon Adamant: ok guys
[11:37] Moon Adamant: i have seen your calls for meeting on this wg
[11:38] Moon Adamant: is there anyone here from it that can report?
[11:38] Sonja Strom: wait
[11:38] Sonja Strom: or we can come back to it later --
[11:38] Sonja Strom: about CN.
[11:38] Moon Adamant: hmmm ok
[11:38] Moon Adamant: later then
[11:38] Sonja Strom: ok
[11:38] Gwyneth Llewelyn notices Moon's reluctance ;) hehe
[11:39] Gwyneth Llewelyn: (I was joking!!)
[11:39] Sonja Strom: I have been to two of these Infocentre Workgroup meetings.
[11:39] Sonja Strom: lol
[11:39] Gwyneth Llewelyn *covers her mouth*
[11:39] Moon Adamant: okay :9
[11:39] Moon Adamant: i am listening
[11:39] Sonja Strom: Basically there was a decision to differentiate between the Tourist Centres -
[11:40] Sonja Strom: 1 in each community -
[11:40] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:40] Sonja Strom: and the Information Centres -
[11:40] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Mmmh... will that include now the AA sims?
[11:40] Sonja Strom: 1 on each sim.
[11:40] Moon Adamant: that is too soon to be discussed Gwyn
[11:40] Sonja Strom: AA would be having 1 Tourist Centre, yes,
[11:40] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ok. Sorry
[11:40] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:40] Sonja Strom: like we have now in Neufreistadt,
[11:40] zaphod Enoch: may i ask a question
[11:41] Sonja Strom: except obviously in an appropriate cultural style for that community.
[11:41] Moon Adamant: after Sonja, please
[11:41] zaphod Enoch: i am not used to the abbrevitons cn and aa
[11:41] Sonja Strom: Go ahead, zaph
[11:41] Moon Adamant: oh
[11:41] Moon Adamant: CN: Colonia Nova
[11:41] Moon Adamant: AA: Al Andaluz
[11:41] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ah so sorry!
[11:41] zaphod Enoch: thxs
[11:41] Gwyneth Llewelyn *slaps her forehead*
[11:41] Moon Adamant: NFS: Neufreistadt
[11:41] Gwyneth Llewelyn: we and our acronyms!!
[11:41] Moon Adamant: AM: Alpine Meadow
[11:41] Gwyneth Llewelyn: LA: Locus Amoenus
[11:42] zaphod Enoch: okay okay
[11:42] Moon Adamant: LA: Locus Amoenus
[11:42] zaphod Enoch: go ahead
[11:42] Moon Adamant: :)
[11:42] Sonja Strom: :)
[11:42] Moon Adamant: Sonja, please carry on :)
[11:42] Sonja Strom: The Information Centres on each *sim*
[11:42] Sonja Strom: would only have 2 kinds of information --
[11:42] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:43] Sonja Strom: 1) current events, and 2) location in regard to the CDS and the nearest Tourist Centre
[11:43] Sonja Strom: this would keep it simple
[11:43] Sonja Strom: It would only be a standardized sign
[11:43] Moon Adamant: ok, so the rest of the info is passed into the Tourism centre
[11:43] Moon Adamant: sounds sensible
[11:44] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Current events, that would be the Google Calendar?
[11:44] Sonja Strom: The design of it is under consideration,
[11:44] Sonja Strom: and Brian is working on creating it at this time.
[11:44] Moon Adamant: great :)
[11:44] Sonja Strom: I'm not certain how the information would be given.
[11:44] Sonja Strom: That's about all I know.
[11:44] Moon Adamant: ok, thanks :)
[11:45] Moon Adamant: that's a lot of news already lol
[11:45] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Let me give you a script, Sonja — it allows pulling any kind of RSS feed into HTML-on-a-prim — it might be useful!
[11:45] Moon Adamant: more upcoming shortly, i am sure :)
[11:45] Moon Adamant: oh Gwyn, send it also to Brian, then
[11:45] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ok, I will!
[11:45] Sonja Strom: great, thanks Gwyn!
[11:46] zaphod Enoch: may i say something
[11:46] Moon Adamant: of course
[11:46] zaphod Enoch: according events information
[11:47] zaphod Enoch: we just started a so called informtion vendor wall, running by a serer which gives it to the clients within muenchensl
[11:47] zaphod Enoch: maybe that is somethng you are interested in
[11:47] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ok!
[11:47] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Yes!
[11:48] zaphod Enoch: server
[11:48] Gwyneth Llewelyn: (I just speak for myself of course :) )
[11:48] Moon Adamant: Zaphod, that is very interesting
[11:48] Moon Adamant: i suggest that Sonja takes you to one of theis WG eetings
[11:48] zaphod Enoch: i will and have the possibility to get you contact to the inventor
[11:48] Moon Adamant: so that you can meet Brian and talk to him on that
[11:49] zaphod Enoch: okay
[11:49] Sonja Strom: The way MünchenSL has its website is nice :-)
[11:49] zaphod Enoch: i will gve that compliment to lislo mensing
[11:49] Gwyneth Llewelyn *coughs* Does that mean ours isn't?
[11:50] Gwyneth Llewelyn *coughs*
[11:50] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :)
[11:50] Sonja Strom: *coughs*
[11:50] Sonja Strom: um, no...
[11:50] Moon Adamant: ok....
[11:50] Gwyneth Llewelyn *chuckles*
[11:50] Sonja Strom: ours is nice too :-)
[11:50] zaphod Enoch: laugh
[11:50] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Good, Sonja! Very patriotic of you :))
[11:50] Moon Adamant: point 3
[11:50] Moon Adamant: 3. GMP workgroup report
[11:50] Gwyneth Llewelyn *hums the CDS anthem*
[11:50] Moon Adamant: ok, this one is easy
[11:50] Moon Adamant: NO report
[11:50] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :(
[11:50] Moon Adamant: i am to blame here
[11:51] Sonja Strom: hum hum
[11:51] zaphod Enoch: what is gmp
[11:51] Moon Adamant: because i have been busy in extreme
[11:51] Moon Adamant: General Master Plan
[11:51] Moon Adamant: and so i haven't been able to look at the terrain of it
[11:51] zaphod Enoch: oh very important i think
[11:51] Moon Adamant: which is mostly what is lacking
[11:51] zaphod Enoch: smile
[11:52] Sonja Strom: Today the RA voted to purchase a new sim for the Monastery.
[11:52] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :)
[11:52] Moon Adamant: yes, i know
[11:52] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Yes, Sonja. That should be put on an agenda point for today.
[11:52] zaphod Enoch: ra ß
[11:52] zaphod Enoch: ?
[11:52] Moon Adamant: the monastery terrain mind you
[11:52] Gwyneth Llewelyn: RA = reprresentative assembly
[11:52] Moon Adamant: RA: Representative ssembly= parliament
[11:52] zaphod Enoch: okay
[11:52] Timo Gufler: great
[11:52] Sudane Erato: did they determine a name?
[11:52] Sonja Strom: What I have been calling the Landrat :-)
[11:53] zaphod Enoch: okay sonja
[11:53] zaphod Enoch: got it
[11:53] Moon Adamant: the name i believe will be Second Monastery
[11:53] Sonja Strom: I think they will try to name it "Second Monastery"
[11:53] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ok, it's a good translation :)
[11:53] Sonja Strom: lol
[11:53] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ok
[11:53] Gwyneth Llewelyn: lol
[11:53] Sudane Erato: :(
[11:53] Gwyneth Llewelyn: You dislike it, Sudane?
[11:53] Moon Adamant: about the terrain of Monastery
[11:53] Sudane Erato: horrible name
[11:53] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Mmh
[11:53] Gwyneth Llewelyn *shrugs*
[11:53] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Why not simply "The Monastery"?
[11:54] Sudane Erato: yes...
[11:54] Moon Adamant: maybe there's already just a plain Monastery
[11:54] Moon Adamant: actually, there isn't
[11:54] Sudane Erato: right,m there isn't
[11:54] Sonja Strom: I think it was a reference to its virtual-ness
[11:54] Timo Gufler: who decides the name?
[11:54] zaphod Enoch: or call it cds monastery
[11:54] Sonja Strom: Actually I like that better too -
[11:55] Moon Adamant: the name is proposed by the hmmm
[11:55] zaphod Enoch: its more special
[11:55] Moon Adamant: in this case, proponent of the sim project
[11:55] Sudane Erato: oh!... has LL trademarked "Second" ??!!
[11:55] Sudane Erato: (jerks)
[11:55] Sonja Strom: Probably!!
[11:55] Gwyneth Llewelyn: They tried to :)
[11:55] Moon Adamant: generally by the giuild, but not on this case
[11:55] Sudane Erato: they did!!??
[11:55] Moon Adamant: and voted by the RA
[11:55] Sonja Strom Laughs
[11:55] Gwyneth Llewelyn: ã‹¡
[11:55] zaphod Enoch: they have trademarked second live and sl
[11:55] Timo Gufler: so, shall Arria decide the name?
[11:55] Sudane Erato: probably tried to trademark "Life" as well
[11:56] Moon Adamant: i think Timo
[11:56] Sonja Strom: She wants it to be "Second Monastery."
[11:56] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :)
[11:56] zaphod Enoch: second life
[11:56] Moon Adamant: that the name is part of a +package that has been approved at RA
[11:56] zaphod Enoch: not to be used
[11:56] Timo Gufler: hmm
[11:56] Sonja Strom: I once told her I thought just "Monastery" would be better,
[11:56] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Hmm I see.
[11:56] Timo Gufler: I think so too
[11:56] zaphod Enoch: muenchensl is also looking for a new name
[11:56] Sonja Strom: but she said she wanted the "Second" to be there...
[11:56] Moon Adamant: i must say i prefer Monastery simply as well
[11:57] Moon Adamant: but... not for me to decide
[11:57] Moon Adamant: ok, as to what refers to terrain
[11:57] Sonja Strom: For one thing, I did not immediately think of the virtual aspect...
[11:57] Sonja Strom: for me the question was there, "Where is the First Monastery?"
[11:57] Sonja Strom: Hi Leni!
[11:57] Moon Adamant: the terrain map was made into a sculpty and joine dto the sculpt maps of the CDS by the GMP WG
[11:58] Moon Adamant: hi Leni :)
[11:58] Sonja Strom: Welcome
[11:58] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Oh good point, Sonja....
[11:58] Leni Bigbear: hello Sonja and others!
[11:58] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Hi Leni :)
[11:58] Sudane Erato: hi Leni :)
[11:59] Moon Adamant: it was noticed that the terrain is a very good match to AM borders
[11:59] Moon Adamant: i woudl propose
[11:59] Timo Gufler: I have another meeting now and have to leave, sorry
[11:59] Gwyneth Llewelyn: That's ok, Timo!
[11:59] Sudane Erato: bye Timo :)
[11:59] Sonja Strom: ok Timo, see you!
[11:59] Moon Adamant: seeing that the Guild only has to ascertain fitness of terrain and existence of communications to neighbour sims in this project
[11:59] Timo Gufler: see you all!
[12:00] Moon Adamant: that the GMP WG does that
[12:00] Moon Adamant: since it will have to review all of that in their work
[12:00] Moon Adamant: ok...
[12:01] Moon Adamant: 4. CN river plots reparcelling
[12:01] Moon Adamant: drat, Timo has gone lol
[12:01] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :(
[12:01] Leni Bigbear: I will represent Timo here :)
[12:01] Moon Adamant: we'll leave this for next week then
[12:01] Sonja Strom: Actually,
[12:01] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :-D
[12:01] Moon Adamant: lol Leni
[12:01] Gwyneth Llewelyn tries to bribe Leni with a pot of honey...
[12:01] Sonja Strom: that is pretty close to what I was going to bring up before.
[12:02] Sudane Erato: hehe
[12:02] Sonja Strom: lol
[12:02] Leni Bigbear: yammy!
[12:02] Moon Adamant: ok, let's hear you then
[12:02] Sudane Erato: a Big Bear!... not a Pooh!
[12:02] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :-D
[12:02] Leni Bigbear: :)
[12:02] Sonja Strom: In the last week a couple of citizens have been saying we are in urgent need of a community sandbox.
[12:03] Sonja Strom: We have the one in CN for the Guild,
[12:03] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hmm
[12:03] Sonja Strom: and I am wondering if maybe we should purchase some of the land that is for sale next to it to make it bigger.
[12:03] Sudane Erato: sandboxes mean prims... prims cost money... if we have the prims anyway... we could do sandboxes
[12:04] Sonja Strom: Since land is for sale now already, right next to it.
[12:04] Moon Adamant: i don't know Sonja
[12:04] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I knew Sudane would say something like that :)
[12:04] Moon Adamant: we will need Sudane's input on that
[12:04] Sudane Erato: :)
[12:04] Sonja Strom: lol
[12:04] Sudane Erato: its my job
[12:04] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe
[12:04] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ok, Sonja, now seriously...
[12:04] Sonja Strom: Personally I have found that sandbox to be really good.
[12:05] Gwyneth Llewelyn: What would be the purpose of the Community Sandbox?
[12:05] Sonja Strom: I built the building for my new shop there, and it was great for that.
[12:05] Moon Adamant: well
[12:05] Moon Adamant: what i would really like
[12:05] Moon Adamant: would be to have a Guild sim
[12:05] Sonja Strom: I don't know why they feel we should have a lot better one - -
[12:05] Moon Adamant: in which we could have a sandbox
[12:05] Sonja Strom: but they have been saying that.
[12:06] Moon Adamant: but for the moment, that is not envisageable
[12:06] Moon Adamant: i don't know Sonja
[12:06] Sonja Strom: If we gave the land that is for sale there to that sandbox,
[12:06] Sonja Strom: it would be around 1/8 of CN or something like that?
[12:06] Moon Adamant: i really have to ask Sudane input about our finances and if we can support the tier
[12:07] Sudane Erato: well... we can, now....
[12:07] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :D
[12:07] Moon Adamant: but sustentably?
[12:07] Sonja Strom: (CN = Colonia Nova)
[12:07] Sudane Erato: if the RA decides that spending community money on a snadbox is worth it
[12:07] Sudane Erato: but... i'll warn you
[12:07] Sudane Erato: AA is basically breakeven
[12:08] Sudane Erato: and when we add that
[12:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Yes.
[12:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn *nods*
[12:08] Sudane Erato: that will narrow our margin of excess revenues
[12:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn: My question was slightly different... what is the purpose... for the Guild, I understand: there are indeed a lot of Guild projects that often require collaborative work
[12:08] Sonja Strom: I see
[12:08] zaphod Enoch: how long you will have the prims there ?
[12:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn: For the citizens in general...?
[12:08] Sonja Strom: Would the Guild like to make a recommendation to the Representative Assembly about it?
[12:08] Moon Adamant: ok
[12:08] Sonja Strom: So many questions! laugh
[12:08] Sudane Erato: hehe
[12:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Well, we ought to substanciate the *need* a bit better!
[12:08] Moon Adamant: hmmm, i would let Sudane prepare the data for it
[12:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn: lol Sonja :D
[12:08] Moon Adamant: yes
[12:09] Sonja Strom: The main reason I am bringing this up is because that land is for sale there - -
[12:09] Gwyneth Llewelyn: And so, unused...
[12:09] Sudane Erato: well... could could certainly have the sandbox conditional on no sale of the land
[12:09] Sonja Strom: if it gets purchased, then that option will not be there for us anymore... at least for a while.
[12:09] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Yes.
[12:10] Sudane Erato: and if the land sells, it is gone from the sandbox
[12:10] Gwyneth Llewelyn *nods*
[12:10] Sonja Strom: We could, great idea!
[12:10] Gwyneth Llewelyn: So it makes sense for "temporary" use.
[12:10] Sudane Erato: thats just a matter of having the parcel ownership set right
[12:10] Moon Adamant: ok
[12:10] Moon Adamant: should be set to CDS then, so that all citizens can build
[12:10] Sudane Erato: no
[12:10] Moon Adamant: i can ask for permission at next RA
[12:11] Sonja Strom: There are a lot of people in the CDS group who are not citizens.
[12:11] Sudane Erato: then then sale revenues go to the CDS
[12:11] Moon Adamant: hmmmm
[12:11] Moon Adamant: there's always Guild Resources
[12:11] Moon Adamant: easier perhaps to control that group
[12:11] Sonja Strom: That's the group that owns it now.
[12:11] Sonja Strom: I think citizens should still need to be in that group...
[12:12] Sudane Erato: i'd have to figure this out... so it CAN be sold... but the prims still used until it IS sold
[12:12] Sonja Strom: yes, to have some control over who uses it.
[12:12] Moon Adamant: yes, but they would have to ask us to join the group
[12:12] Moon Adamant: ok
[12:12] Sonja Strom: Exactly.
[12:12] Moon Adamant: i suggest this
[12:12] Moon Adamant: let's have Sudane worrying about that proposal :)
[12:12] Sudane Erato: lol :)
[12:12] Sudane Erato: ok
[12:12] Sonja Strom: There could be more officers in that group, to allow invitations to be easier...
[12:13] Moon Adamant: ok, that can be done
[12:13] Sonja Strom: thank you.
[12:13] Moon Adamant: faculty members and heads of dep
[12:13] Moon Adamant: ok
[12:13] Moon Adamant: Sudane, sorry to bother you with this
[12:13] Moon Adamant: but you're really the best person to take care of the subject
[12:13] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :)
[12:13] Sudane Erato: np
[12:13] Sudane Erato: which subject?
[12:14] Sonja Strom: Maybe RA members and Chancellors too?
[12:14] Moon Adamant: and we can bring it to next RA
[12:14] Sudane Erato: the sandbox?
[12:14] Sudane Erato: its np
[12:14] Moon Adamant: sandbox, yes
[12:14] Sudane Erato: no... i think i have it figured out
[12:14] Moon Adamant: ok
[12:14] Sudane Erato: but I'll post a solution on the forum
[12:14] Moon Adamant: thanks :)
[12:14] Sonja Strom: Super - thank you Sudane!
[12:15] Moon Adamant: motion to adjourn?
[12:15] Sonja Strom: and Moon.
[12:15] Gwyneth Llewelyn: seconded!
[12:15] Moon Adamant: all agreeing?
[12:15] Sonja Strom: aye
[12:15] Gwyneth Llewelyn: aye :9
[12:15] Sudane Erato: kk
[12:15] Moon Adamant: aye
[12:15] Leni Bigbear: aye
[12:15] Moon Adamant: the ayes carry it
[12:15] Sudane Erato: hehe
[12:15] Moon Adamant: thanks everyone :)

Eudaimonia now!
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