The First Question comes to CDS (7 pm Tuesdays)

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Rose Springvale
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The First Question comes to CDS (7 pm Tuesdays)

Post by Rose Springvale »

Pooky Amsterdam & Hydra Shaftoe Host weekly a Science Quiz show in Second life, and have reached the point that they need "overflow" sites. The show is a fast paced fact based hour quiz show "to the stars" featuring many of Second Lifes best and brightest, and the number of people who watch is growing. Thanks to the efforts of Cindy Ecksol (a former champion!) Pooky has asked if we would be interested in hosting an overflow site, much as we do for metanomics. The show is boradcast live on slcn, so using a chatbridge and stream feed will bring the show to viewers even if they can't get to the host site.

Tonight,(Tuesday, June 16) we will participate as an offsite host and see how it goes. If you have time to go to the Colonia Nova Amphitheater to watch, play, etc., we'd appreciate your feedback. If it works out, we will collaborate with Pooky and Hydra to make this a weekly event. We expect the show to generate significant traffic to our sims, and expose CDS to another group of active and interesting people.

The First Question (formerly The Second Question)
The Quiz Show To The Stars!
"If you have an answer, we have a Question"
Best Science Quiz Show in the meta, terra or universe
Broadcast live on
All are welcome!

Cindy Ecksol
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Re: The First Question comes to CDS (7 pm Tuesdays)

Post by Cindy Ecksol »

For those who have never experienced this show live, it's wacky science-based fun with a panel of SL "celebrities" competing to answer questions about things you probably never learned in any science class but might know if you're a science lover. The studio audience experience is very different from what you see if you watch on SLCN -- the audience is fully a part of the filming, shouting out answers in chat, trying to guess the "secret word," voting for their favorite panelist, and generally laughing it up along with the panelists. It will be interesting to see whether participating over the "chatbridge" from the Amp is as good as being actually in the studio.

After you see the show, if anyone is interested in being a panelist, let me know -- Pooky's always looking for interesting SL characters and we certainly have some here. I won't say who I think is a perfect candidate, but I'm sure that someone else will let those people know :-)


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