July 2009 Party Statement

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July 2009 Party Statement

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See http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2489 for more about our faction generally.

Simplicity Party's views about CDS Goals:

1. Spread the option and understanding of self governance in SL
2. Empower individuals to participate in sim ownership and development with minimal financial risk.
3. Educate citizens and others in SL skills to continue to provide high quality, beautiful spaces
4. Provide communication tools to facillitate conversation about issues in rl and virtual worlds, including politics and government, art and culture, and personal relationships.
5. Maintain prudent financial reserves, but make an effort to invest back in the project for which fees were collected

Action plans for CDS:

1. Continue to expand CDS territory pursuant to the creative desires of Citizens.
-- 1a. Complete the continental connections with the Al Andalus sims. ( supports goals 1,2,3,4)
-- 1b. Add Neufreistadt 2 (probably to the East of NFS) early in the next term.
2. Bring more citizens into participatory government and spread responsibilities among citizens: (supports goal 1,2,3,4,5)
-- 2a. Continue to devolve programming to local sims and cultural groups
-- 2b. Expand civil service positions
3. Celebrate CDS 5B with Oktoberfest and Self-governance symposium. (supports 1,3,4,5)
4. Hold community discussions in world to determine what attracts people to CDS so that individual interests can be better addressed. (supports 1,4)
5. Support private enterprise in creating and supporting: (supports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
-- 5a. local business and arts organizations by holding appropriate events to attract consumers of both goods, services and information to the sims recognising that CDS is a quality of life destination, not a mall.
-- -- 5a(1). commercial activities such as treasure hunts and games (metanomics, 1rst question)
-- -- 5a(2). live music, djs, and other entertainment that reinforces brand (Tiroler Eck Show Band and world music in NFS, classical music in roman sims, spanish/arab in AA sims.) Provide opportunities for CDS musicians and artists
-- -- 5a(3). literary arts and culture. Work with the public and and private groups to develop events programming (LIbrary, Old Bowl, Monastery, Theater of the Clouds, etc)
-- -- 5a(4). Fun. Everything in CDS doesn't have to be serious.
-- 5b. explore development of inworld communication systems, such as weekly newspaper and radio station, and promote utilization of web portal and calendar
-- 5c. Permit private rentals of land, and adjust citizenship laws to deal fairly with that

== My Second Life home is CDS. Retired after three terms
== as chancellor of the oldest self-governing sims in SL.

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