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RA Minutes 16 Aug 2009

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Meeting on 2009-08-16
Those present: RA members -Cindy Ecksol, Micael Khandr, Pip Torok, Naftali Torok, Soro Dagastino, Joaquin Gustav
Chancellor - Jamie Palisades
Seven day votes: Carolyn Saarinen, Sonja Strom, Arria Perreault
Cindy Ecksol is in the chair.
Cindy Ecksol looks around and counts to see if we have a quorum yet....
Jamie Palisades: hmm - woudl that be lese majeste? I didn;t grow up in a country with a monarch :D
Jamie Palisades: Well, excluding the Bush administration
Cindy Ecksol: I think we need one more....
Lilith Ivory: hehe Jamie
Micael Khandr: I was thinking the same thing, Jamie . . .
Cindy Ecksol: sonja and Carolyn have requested 7 day votes, so they will not be here.
Cindy Ecksol: and speaking of seating...are you all going to leave poor micael all by himself on my right?
Micael Khandr: Do hey form a quorum?
Micael Khandr: Not being here now?
Cindy Ecksol: no, micael, we need seven present
Jamie Palisades: what's quorum these days? 7 of 13? or 6 of 11? i SEEM TO RECALL NOT ALL SEATS ARE FILLED
Jamie Palisades: (caps lock sorry)
Cindy Ecksol: I believe all seats ARE filled...am I wrong about that?
Jamie Palisades: 7 of 12, counting Nafi?
Cindy Ecksol: yes...
Jamie Palisades: well aa has 6, no? with 5 filled i think, but I am not the authority
Cindy Ecksol: ah, which reminds me: forgot to put swearing naftali in on the agenda....
Cindy Ecksol: why don't we all look at the agenda now -- notecard in the urn nest to the table
Cindy Ecksol: *next to
Cindy Ecksol: and if you have not yet touched the recorder on the table to consent to recording, please do so now
Lilith Ivory has indicated consent to be recorded.
Micael Khandr has indicated consent to be recorded.
Jamie Palisades has indicated consent to be recorded.
CLEOPATRA Xigalia has indicated consent to be recorded.
Micael Khandr: Point of information, Cindy: how often are the RA meetings?
Cindy Ecksol: Micael, the normal schedule is every two weeks.
Cindy Ecksol: you'll notice on the agenda that I am suggesting a meeting next week. that's because I will not be available the following week.
Jamie Palisades mutters - and meeting frequently might be tough in the sumer, or with 13 members, so that'll be one issue for y'all.
Cindy Ecksol: but if the group would rather stick to the bi-weekly schedule, I will arrange for someone to sit in for me.
Jamie Palisades grins
Micael Khandr: OK--will we then have a three-week break 'til next meeting after that?
Cindy Ecksol: no, we'll just make the next meeting on Sept 6, two weeks after.
Micael Khandr: OK--my wife was just wondering . . . :)
Cindy Ecksol: three weeks is too long a break.
Cindy Ecksol: :-)
Pip Torok: can I suggest that the Chancellor reports in the Forum instead of to the RA if it isnt 1-weekly?
Cindy Ecksol: ah, yes -- RL :-)
Soro Dagostino: I suggest that we also use the group chat to let folk know of the meetings.
Cindy Ecksol: I just sent out notices, but we can do chat too...hold on an di will :-)
Jamie Palisades hears Pip, will get clarity when we get to that agenda item
Pip Torok: ok
Soro Dagostino: I am saying a day or so before.
Cindy Ecksol: oh, I see :-)
Jamie Palisades: ((Assuming that everyone reads the Forums has never bee a winning strategy for us))
Cindy Ecksol: Soro, would you be willing to take on that little task?
Soro Dagostino: Helelel
Cindy Ecksol: I believe you have group posting privileges
Soro Dagostino: After pulling teeth.
Cindy Ecksol: ah, here's kedwyn!
Cindy Ecksol: I forget -- is she an RA member?
Cindy Ecksol: And where did Gwyn go?
Micael Khandr: Gwyn said she had to switch locations and would be back.
Cindy Ecksol: *sigh*
Soro Dagostino: Gwyn went to change computers.
Soro Dagostino: I thought.
Cindy Ecksol: all right, hopefully she will be back very shortly and we can officially start
Cindy Ecksol: but unofficially -- anyone have any agenda comments?
Micael Khandr: Point of information, Cindy: who changes the CDS web site to reflect the merger?
Cindy Ecksol: Jamie, can you answer that?
Cindy Ecksol: I've lost track...
Jamie Palisades: Micael, that's my problem, and awaits the appointment of a webmasterm for which you will see a position notice out
Micael Khandr: OK--thsnks, Jamie.
Jamie Palisades: the existing legacy system is a little clunky to change quickly, though I am doing some things with the balky tools, in the short term. Thanks for the reminder, though
Cindy Ecksol: all right, I'm going to go ahead and start with items that are "information only" and will not require any kind of vote.
Naftali Torok: ok i am back sorry guys
Cindy Ecksol: please note that we are not a quorum, so we will not be able to approve anything binding
Naftali Torok: had rl tel here
Cindy Ecksol: also please note the question queue behind me. if you'd like to ask a question or make a comment, please click the big blue question mark to queue up and I'll recognize speakers in order of queuing.
Cindy Ecksol: if you have not clicked th erecorder on the table to indicate recording consent, please do so now.
Cindy Ecksol: Future RA schedule: is next week at 0900 ok with you?
Naftali Torok has indicated consent to be recorded.
Micael Khandr: I'll ask my wife . . :)
Pip Torok: fine with me
Cindy Ecksol: will will have to confirm with the others, but if I can get a quorum, we'll do it then.
Soro Dagostino: ok
Cindy Ecksol: actually it just occurred to me: from now on I'm going to Doodle our RA meetings so that we'll have positive feedback on who expects to attend
Cindy Ecksol hits her forehead and says "Duh!"
Cindy Ecksol: easier than just waiting around...
Pip Torok: quite!
Naftali Torok: doodle?
Joaquin Gustav: its ok for me too
Cindy Ecksol: Doodle is a tool for scheduling meetings -- you will get an e-mail link from me Naf
Naftali Torok: i see
Cindy Ecksol: ok, I don't think we need a quorum to swear Naftali in.
Soro Dagostino: I would think not.
Cindy Ecksol: naftali, do you have a copy of the affirmation?
Kedwyn Parmelee has indicated consent to be recorded.
Cindy Ecksol: naf?
Cindy Ecksol: you there?
Cindy Ecksol: if you would post your affirmation ito chat we can all cheer for you :-)
Pip Torok: she may have crashed ... ill check
Cindy Ecksol: no, she just accepted the card...
Solomon Mosely has indicated consent to be recorded.
Naftali Torok: sorry readingyour card
Naftali Torok: yes i am here
Pip Torok: she's here ...
Cindy Ecksol: ok, if you can post affirmation into chat we'll be good :-)
Naftali Torok: i missed it
Naftali Torok: sorry reading all the notes what do yu want from me
Naftali Torok: yes
Micael Khandr: Yes, what DO you want from us, Cindy? :)
Naftali Torok: lol
Cindy Ecksol: ok, naf, let's try this: I'll post -- you just say "I do"
Cindy Ecksol: I, Naftali Torok, having been elected as a Member of the Representative Assembly of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, do solemnly affirm that I will faithfully discharge my duties as such to the best of my ability, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, and that I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of Confederation of Democratic Simulators.
Naftali Torok: giggles
Naftali Torok: see i am a bad member....
Naftali Torok: but i am honest
Naftali Torok: ok there we go
Cindy Ecksol looks expectantly at Naf
Naftali Torok: I, Naftali Torok, having been elected as a Member of the Representative Assembly of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, do solemnly affirm that I will faithfully discharge my duties as such to the best of my ability, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, and that I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of Confederation of Democratic Simulators.
Pip Torok: lol
Micael Khandr: I now pronounce you RAL and RA member.
Cindy Ecksol: thank you!
Cindy Ecksol: and congratulations
Joaquin Gustav: bravo!
Pip Torok: congratulations!!
Soro Dagostino: WOOOOOT!!!!
Kedwyn Parmelee: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
Jamie Palisades claps
Naftali Torok: oeps that feels real
Cindy Ecksol: next item: Jamie, would you like to give your report?
Micael Khandr: It is downhill from here, Naf . . . :)
Soro Dagostino: hehehe
Naftali Torok: looks huilty at cindy who puts time into this winks(was in the kitchen drinking a quick soup)
Soro Dagostino: REally steeply
Jamie Palisades: Sure. Let me ask Pip for a clarification first
Jamie Palisades: Pip, you were sayign somethign about the format for these reports?
Jamie Palisades: how can we best do this?
Pip Torok: yes ... if the timimg of the RA means you would have a problem delivering reports in a timely fashion ... then publish them throught the Forums
Naftali Torok: gets a bit dissy looking at the question mar turning like mad
Jamie Palisades: got it. Will do.
Jamie Palisades: Ok, for this meeting then:
Pip Torok: fine
Jamie Palisades: Thank you, and again, congratulations to all elected, and a thank you to the majority
of you for your confidence in me, allowing me to serve CDS again. First general
reports, then on to govenment projects, and land.
Jamie Palisades: I have two general items, brief notes on the procedural status of the RA, and Al
Jamie Palisades: On the RA (as Cindy and I discussed) we need, and do not have, an LRA-appointed RA Archivist, to continue the work that Publius and Brian did to keep our web lists of current statutes in order...
Jamie Palisades: Passing laws has little practical merit if people can't find them :) ... I have made some candidate suggestions to Cindy.
Jamie Palisades: Also, let me report, for those of you who did not attend, that the CDS SC met and
confirmed Naftali Torok's appointment to the RA,, * a n d * and the practicality of treating the AA-elected reps, this term, as a "faction" under our rules.
Jamie Palisades: I suggested that, so obviuosly agree.
Jamie Palisades: but
Jamie Palisades: let me point out, we only did that in order to retrofit our approved merger, rather awkwardly, into the existing faction-centered political structure of our laws.
Jamie Palisades: I mention this because all agreed, last term, that we need
to work on the laws, to make any future similar mergers more smooth.
Jamie Palisades: "We" means you, of course :D
Naftali Torok: nods
Jamie Palisades: We had some chats last term about constitutional amendments on the table, with varying approaches. I mention it just to remind us all that this is unfinished work.
Jamie Palisades: Other general item: Al Andalus operational merger issues. Let me just say that the
preliminary terraforming is done; that we are with Rose's help converting AA rent boxes successfullly, in a way that should not affect the residents at all; and (as most know) we have a very nice inaugural ball there last week, so we're off to a fine start.
Naftali Torok: yes
Jamie Palisades: ...
Jamie Palisades: On to my second item -- new government activities. This is a lead-in to budget talks
we will have after 1 September, as I expect to proposed some changes that will affect
the budget.
Jamie Palisades: Much of what do works, and is likely to continue as is :) You will have seen the posting for this term's civil service positions: speaks for itself. http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2528
Jamie Palisades: but there are some possible additions also
Jamie Palisades: traditionally we had one big events pool of funds
Jamie Palisades: and one big events czar
Jamie Palisades: czarina, in fact :)
Jamie Palisades: But I suggested something last term that I and we did not implement, and I plan to go
forward with it -- a continuing decentralization of our events programming.
Jamie Palisades: details were posted here, last term: http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2372.
Jamie Palisades: basically, region by region and culture-oriented citizen panels, who can spend some of
our budget, subject to admin oversight (so we are not hiring our cousins).
Jamie Palisades: So please expect some budget details for that, as well, in our early september meeting.
Jamie Palisades: The other new-ish matter for government operations is how we deal with "embassies".
I'd like to bring some proposed actions to your next meeting, on that one, when Sonja
will be back with us, as it's an area of special interest for her.
Jamie Palisades: ...
Jamie Palisades: my last item is land.
Jamie Palisades: In summary, AA is in good shape fiscally; I am about to open up and offer (under the commercial special-rent land program) some more of the unused CN space; and we'll have some more terraforming of the new sims.
Jamie Palisades: Guild: I need to meet again with the Guild to understand their plans for their role, as they were mostly dormat last term. We may expect some GMP updating from them, it's hoped. I find it a very helpful tool, as the volunteer NGO guideline it is, though as a very-small-group project, I am hesitant to give it the force of law.
Jamie Palisades: Finally, as to sims :) if the current 11 sim configuration proves economically stable and well rented, I hope to come to you nexty, as dissused some last term, with a proposal to extend the NFS city structure to the East - basically, at the back wall of the Schloss.
Jamie Palisades: that's it :) thanks for your time.
Cindy Ecksol: thanks jamie!
Cindy Ecksol: questions?
Jamie Palisades: and bear in mind there is VERY little i do here that you can't undo if you wish :)
Cindy Ecksol: (please queue)
Cindy Ecksol: no questions?
Naftali Torok: great thanks jamie
Naftali Torok: (still reading)
Cindy Ecksol: all right then, moving on....
Cindy Ecksol: Joaquin pointed out to me in IM that he also needs to be sworn in today :-)
Naftali Torok: tru
Cindy Ecksol: so if you will all indulge us, I'll ask him to post his affirmation
Cindy Ecksol: Joaquin?
Joaquin Gustav: yes
Joaquin Gustav: I, Joaquin Gustav, having been elected as a Member of the Representative Assembly of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, do solemnly affirm that I will faithfully discharge my duties as such to the best of my ability, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, and that I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of Confederation of Democratic Simulators.
Micael Khandr: Bravo!
Cindy Ecksol: thank you and congratulations!
Naftali Torok: congrats collegue
Kedwyn Parmelee: .-'`'-. APPLAUSE APPLAUSE .-'`'-.
Joaquin Gustav: ty
Pip Torok: bravo joaquin!!
Cindy Ecksol: all right, old business
Cindy Ecksol: Carolyn had planned to report on the in-world status board, but she IM'd me this mornign that she would not be able to make it to the meeting
Cindy Ecksol: so we will just defer that until next meeting
Cindy Ecksol: any other old business that I should have put here?
Naftali Torok: whats the in-world status board?
Cindy Ecksol: Naf, take a look at minutes from last meeting. it was a suggestion that Carolyn had for helping citizens know which RA members were inworld at any given time
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Question Queue V 1.1: Next in queue: Soro Dagostino
Cindy Ecksol: Soro?
Naftali Torok: i see good plan
Soro Dagostino: There were a couple of items from SC -
Pip Torok: Its a system whereby anyone can tell whther an RA member is onworld at any time
Soro Dagostino: Claude was not here to present them.
Cindy Ecksol: ah, yes...and he did not request time on the agenda....
Soro Dagostino: thanks.
Naftali Torok: yehe just logged off....:)
Cindy Ecksol: and I do not see him here either unfortunately :-(
Cindy Ecksol: I will follow up with him and see if he wants to present next week
Cindy Ecksol: ok, concerns of RA members...
Question Queue V 1.1: Next in queue: Micael Khandr
Cindy Ecksol: micael?
Micael Khandr: Do we have any kind of a census?
Cindy Ecksol: ah, great question!
Cindy Ecksol: Jamie, can you tell us where we're at with this? I know we had one a few terms back....
Jamie Palisades: posted citizen list, by statute
Cindy Ecksol: some really great work....
Micael Khandr: TY--ext we'll talk about death panels . . . :)
Cindy Ecksol rolls her eyes
Naftali Torok: grins
Micael Khandr: Jamie--is it possible to gather info from each land-ownwer and citizen?
Micael Khandr: More than name?
Kedwyn Parmelee makes sure she is not afk
Cindy Ecksol: Micael I believe that when we did the census for the development of the GMP we had a questionairre
Cindy Ecksol: of course participation is voluntary....and so is the collecting of the data :-)
Cindy Ecksol: would you be interested in taking this on as a project?
Micael Khandr: Cindy, I was thinking along the lines of a publication (or web site) that has names, photos, locations, and interets of citizens/lan-owners to help in community-building.
Micael Khandr: Yes.
Cindy Ecksol: ah, very interesting idea! I love it!
Micael Khandr: I would need the help of that webmaster Jamie is going to hire . . .
Pip Torok: a sort of extension to the profile of each citizen?
Naftali Torok: nice
Micael Khandr: Yes, in one place, Pip.
Jamie Palisades: Micael - we do hav some data pricacy practices, so there'd be limits - but let me take this off line with you, as I have some similar projects in incubation
Cindy Ecksol: and if you are willing to collect the data and help the webmaster organie it, that would be great.
Micael Khandr: Perfect--thanks, Jamie.
Cindy Ecksol: ok, great!
Micael Khandr: Now, about the death panels . . . :)
Cindy Ecksol: Micael, I will wait for you to ask specifically to have this as an agenda item when you are ready to report
Pip Torok: !!! ...
Micael Khandr: OK, Cindy.
Cindy Ecksol: and about the death panels....well, let's just say that those were never contemplated in the propsed plan :-)
Cindy Ecksol: sorry, Pip, inside joke for US citizens....
Micael Khandr: Rats . . .I'll break it to Sarah Palin later . . .:)
Cindy Ecksol: any other concerns of RA members?
Pip Torok wonders what these "death panels" are ..
Kedwyn Parmelee: well i am sure u must have them with your evil socialized medicine Pip :P
Pip Torok realises what Sarah Palin has been saying about the UK NHS ...
Pip Torok: well that evil scheme has saved me since i was 7!
Kedwyn Parmelee: don't u know if stephen hawking lived in UK he would....wait he does LOL
Cindy Ecksol: lol!
Cindy Ecksol: ok, concerns of citizens?
Jamie Palisades smiles. I might stay for a few minutes after adjornment to follow up on Micael's citizen profiles issue
Micael Khandr: TY
Cindy Ecksol: wow, quiet crowd today!
Cindy Ecksol: Jamie, can you think of any announcements that Rose would want made?
Micael Khandr: Can't vote . . :)
Jamie Palisades: Cindy, we get the weekly events both into the notecards ...
Jamie Palisades: ... send aorund and also into the CDS google calendar
Jamie Palisades: .. which is linked on the CDS website
Cindy Ecksol: yes, of course :-)
Jamie Palisades: .. preparations for Oktoberfest underway :) that's about it for now
Cindy Ecksol: ok, thank you
Cindy Ecksol: ah, I do have one issue myself
Cindy Ecksol: we need to have an RA archivist who will handle at least the updating of the portal when we pass legislation, and perhaps posting of minutes as well
Cindy Ecksol: I've talked to a couple of people and will speak to a few more.
Cindy Ecksol: the archivist is appointed by RA, so when I find someone who is willing I will let RA know and we will approve
Cindy Ecksol: if you know someone who is willing please IM me....
Micael Khandr: If we have a quorum . . . :)
Cindy Ecksol: lol!
Cindy Ecksol: hopefully it will be easier after the end of the summer
Cindy Ecksol: that's all I have.
Cindy Ecksol: anything else? or can we have a motion to adjourn?
Soro Dagostino: Move Adjounment
Micael Khandr: Second
Pip Torok: seconded
Cindy Ecksol: all in favor?
Micael Khandr: Aye
Pip Torok: aye
Soro Dagostino: YAY!
Joaquin Gustav: aye
Soro Dagostino: :)
Cindy Ecksol: excellent :-)
Cindy Ecksol: doesn't always go by my time schedule, but I'm encouraged that we're relatively efficient
Jamie Palisades: rigth then
Cindy Ecksol: at least compared to some meetings of the past!
Micael Khandr: Nice work, Cindy--ahead of schedule!'
The meeting closed at 10:03 Linden time.

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