Questions about a proposed Executive - citizen input needed!

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Questions about a proposed Executive - citizen input needed!

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The following is from my comments at the 8/12 RA meeting:

[quote:dfsoes65]This deceptively simple piece of legislation [the Burgermeister bill] raises a lot of questions as our pre-meeting forum discussions have begun to identify...

1) Do we need an executive? If so:

2) Should the executive be a separate branch of government or subject to one of the existing branches, and if so, which one?

3) If the executive is a separate branch of government, does it replace the AC (Guild)?

4) If the executive replaces the AC, what happens to the AC’s veto?

5) How and by whom should the executive be selected?

6) Would the executive have sim-level responsibilities or nationwide (multi-sim) responsibilities?

7) Under what circumstances could the executive be removed, and by whom?

8 ) What should be the duration of the executive’s term?

9) Should the answers to these questions be made in the form of legislation or a constitutional amendment?[/quote:dfsoes65]

Already I can add a #10 - should the executive be a one-person executive, or a collective body? (the answer to this may depend on your answer to the other questions).

There appears to be a strong consensus to answer question #1 in the affirmative, and Gwyn has convinced me that at least part of the answer to #9 requires some form of constitutional amendment, but I'd love to hear comments from everyone about the other questions.

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