Report on Oktoberfest, Weekend 2

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Report on Oktoberfest, Weekend 2

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Another great week for Oktoberfest!
1. We had good feedback on the Folk festival on Tuesday, thanks Cindy!

2. The second Soccer Game, between the Al Andalus Sims and CN was enjoyed by the people who played. We actually had 3 non citizens on the teams, but Al Andalus, in their snappy green, white and blue uniforms, (compliments of Lilith Ivory!) won a decisive Victory of 9-1!

3. Wunderbar sims hosted the CDS for a really fun party in their Oktoberfest tent on Friday. Then on Saturday, we enjoyed their company at the platz with the Polka sounds of Rudo Gynoid, who made them feel even more welcome by announcing the show in GERMAN! Rudo kindly stayed on late into his night when our scheduled performer failed to show up. (his message of his illness was apparently eaten by SL) We closed the party with old rock and roll, and the crowd was delighted.

4. Maximillion Kleene returned to our stage Saturday night and even did a special version of Roll out the Barrel, especially for us. As always, Max put on a great show and pushed our sim limits with the crowd. They lingered long after the event ended... i had to come back hours later to tear down the dance floor and stage in preparation for....

5. The Tiroler Eck Show Band... who performed for two solid hours Sunday afternoon. After a full week of lots of polka music, I expected to be challenged to listen ... but TESB turned a chore into a fun afternoon. Gwyneth filmed the very beginning (Rose was still sober and not wearing her Feathered hat yet) and you can see the film here: ... thllewelyn.

THIS WEEK: More folk festival on Wednesday, Noma Falta on Friday, the first CDS pub crawl/treasure hunt on Saturday, the Soccer "finals" and on Sunday... yes...The parade will form at noon slt, right before our Formal closing ball! Winners of the parade contest will be announced and the Oktoberfest Soccer Tournament Cup awarded!

One last word... this is a big event for our sims. We put significant time in planning and holding these events, time which all the volunteers could be spending on their own rl jobs, family or interests. We also spend a good percentage of our events budget for this festival. Please remember that this is the CDS Oktoberfest" and come out to support your community. People want to know what CDS is, and frankly, we need your help to explain it. Running events takes lots of energy and focus, and when we have 10 ims open on our screen, everyone gets short answers.

Community is what makes us special... it is the message we share every time we are asked. It is more credible when a good showing of our citizens makes it to at least some of the events! When you are there, say hello to someone you don't know, and welcome them. After all the events I've coordinated, in real life as well as sl... the ONE feedback message i get repeatedly is the easiest one to do. It isn't "that was the best band, or the best parade, or the most beautiful sims." It's... "you made me feel welcome." EVERYONE can do that.

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