Seaside To Limani space in Locus Amoenus

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I need a hobby
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Seaside To Limani space in Locus Amoenus

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The organizers of the "To Limani" project in the Southeast quadrant of Locus Amoenus sim have vacated. This was an interesting experiment in a small sponsored commercial space under common management, but ultimately did not meet its owners' needs.
This will open up some very nice coastal property in LA. We originally expected that LA mostly would be a residential-themed sim, but the quadrant was reserved early as a commercial experiment, and also served as an exception to the general CDS tendency not to use sublet commercial spaces.
The structures remain available to us, but I'm inclined to allow most of the space to revert back to its original seaside low density plan. The "Theatre of the Clouds" space might be useful to retain -- or, depending on our success in revitalizing the Colonia Nova commercial district along the Corda, an equivalent space could be reserved in CN instead.
Opinions from the community on the best way to encourage use of these spaces are requested & welcome.
We plan to place the open Locus Amoenus space, other than the theatre lot, for sale under the default open sale system (not as special commercial land) within a few days.
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