SEED* Candidates for the 12 RA election.

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SEED* Candidates for the 12 RA election.

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The following people have submitted their names as candidate for the 12th RA, as members of SEED*:
(Sl alphabetical order)

Carolyn Saarinen
Joaquin Gustav
Keila Forager
Lilith Ivory
Soro Dagostino
Sterling Troughton
StuiChicanne Darkstone

The group is now "open join," and anyone who is a citizen of CDS is welcome.

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Carolyn Saarinen
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SEED* Platform for the 12th RA election.

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SEED* is a group of CDS Citizens which has put forward candidates for election to the Representative Assembly.

We take our principles from the foundation of the al-Andalus Project, welcoming all CDS Citizens "regardless of ... species of avatar, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or any other traditionally separatist classification, either real or apparent." This statement forms part of the Covenant of the Al Andalus sims.

Even after the amalgamation of the al-Andalus Project into the CDS, we number less than 150 Citizens. It is our belief that the most valuable experience that we can bring to the expanded CDS is: how to be a village.

Our emphasis is on openness and participation rather than top-heavy and unwieldy institutions. We have already taken our first steps towards improving accessibility to decision-making and resources, but there is plenty of scope for more. We find the current faction system to be divisive and conflict oriented. We prefer a system of government that values the input of all its citizens, regardless of faction membership.

For this reason, our platform for this election takes as it's core issue, the elimination of factions as the basis for election of representatives of CDS. If you'd like to be part of this effort, please join the group SEED* and help us.

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