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I know, I know. Sometimes, having too many tools is a bad idea. But what about recovering old tools and make them work again? :)

Two years ago, the New Guild needed a tool to do project management. At that time, Basecamp was popular for tracking down tasks and projects. Since that's licensed software, we tried a free and open source alternative ProjectPier, and an installation has been made at This has been quite heavily used! It lists 14 open projects, most having a workgroup assigned by the New Guild, and probably hundred or so tasks that had been logged by Guild members.

About a year ago or so, this software stopped working (I know... my fault). I haven't ever checked it again... until I found out that a new version is out, which looks much nicer (same functionality), and with a simple patch, can even track time (a major drawback of the previous version). Well, I've done the upgrade and fixed it so that it runs again.

If you still have an account there but have forgotten your password, you can easily retrieve it.

If you need a new account registered, let any of the admins know... myself, Moon, Arria, Alexicon, Sudane, and Rose should be able to add new projects, new accounts, etc.

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