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I need a hobby
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[quote="Ashcroft Burnham":1yozruxk]
Nobody pretends that any solution will be foolproof, but there are degrees of fallibility, and it is only reasonable that one should do everything that one can to find the least fallible system.[/quote:1yozruxk]

We already have one. It's called, "don't produce microplots far out of proportion to regular ones".

Considering I was the one who proposed the microplot concept in the first place, I feel I can speak as to why. There are many people who wished to contribute and/or join then-Neualtenburg. By tying citizenship to land, but making available a limited number of plots, this allowed a compromise; it also allowed, (for example), a married couple to both become citizens without having to buy two houses.

The concept was made under the assumption that those parcelling the land would commit the minor feat of brainpower necessary to keep microplots from outnumbering normal ones and thus allowing someone to unjustly grab power. Perhaps I was mistaken?

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