Statement of Promotion WG progress to the SPC - Sept 24 2006

For planning and discussing issues related to Colonia Nova, Neufreistadt's second sim under the Confederation of the Democratic Simulators.

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Statement of Promotion WG progress to the SPC - Sept 24 2006

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[i:o0p8lu3i]The following note card was submitted to Moon Adamant and Jon Seattle on behalf of the Promotion Work Group and posted here for the widest possible distribution and level of public commetns and suggestions. This notecard is quoted, in its entirity, below:

[quote:o0p8lu3i]Members of the Sim Planning Committee:

One of the major tasks that the Promotion WG has been assigned is the promotion of Colonia Nova, both internally and externally. As we all have seen first-hand, Second Life has grown tremendously since Neufreistadt emerged and as such, our techniques are going to have to change with it. As such, the workgroup came up with a few promotions to help attract interest from both new residents as well as current residents.

The first promotion that we propose is a paid referral program. In short, for every new resident who purchases over 128m2 of land in CN, and was referred by an existing resident of the CDS, the referring resident will receive $250L towards the next land fee. If the new resident holds their land and remains current on tier payments for 3 months, their referring resident will receive an additional $250L.

The downside to this promotion is that it will cost the CDS a decent amount of money to keep it funded. However, on the other hand it will provide existing residents financial incentive to spread the word to their friends and acquaintances and will help to keep residents here for the long run.

The next promotion is more along the lines of opening week events. One way to build excitement and bring people into the new sim is to have events that will make them want to come to CN. Too often, you hear people lament the lack of activity and interesting events in Second Life. By providing entertaining, quality events, we will help to fill that void and hopefully in turn, fill some of our plots. The following are a few proposed events:

- Gladiator Fights in the Amphitheater
- Chariot Races

- A rotating MOCA exhibit, changing every x amount of days/weeks.
- Performances of select scenes from plays such as Julius Caesar.

- Lectures and discussions about Roman Art, History, Government.
- Lectures and discussions about the creation of CN, perhaps as part of a guided tour.

The third facet of our proposed promotional campaign is to sponsor a series of contests to help promote the sim. The first such event could be a film contest, which would offer a prize ($L, CN land, or something else) to whomever makes the most compelling ad for the new sim. We could probably supplement with smaller prizes for the most creative and the funniest submission as well. Another possible contest is for the best of a given content category, be it togas or chariots. The winner will be given a cash prize, but in return the city will gain IP rights to distribute/use the winning entry as a promotional item.

The last major facet of our promotional campaign is traditional advertising. Second Life has a number of in world publications, as well as heavily-visited websites and forums. By targeting select sites and placing compelling advertisements, we can quickly get the word out to thousands of residents.

In short, this is still a work in progress, but hopefully it outlines a few of the ideas that the workgroup is working on at the present. Some future tasks that the workgroup is currently embarking upon is creating a marketing tag line/theme (think "I Love New York"), as well as beginning to draft early promotional ads to build up word of mouth advertising and brand recognition. If you have any questions or suggestions or would be interested in joining the promotion workgroup, please feel free to either hit me up in world, on the forums, or via e-mail at [email protected].

Respectfully yours,

Brian Livingston[/quote:o0p8lu3i]


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