Chancellor's Meeting Friday March 16th 2pm SLT

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Trebor Warcliffe
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Chancellor's Meeting Friday March 16th 2pm SLT

Post by Trebor Warcliffe »

I’d like to tentatively schedule a meeting for this Friday, March 16th at 2pm SLT to be held at the amphitheatre in Colonia Nova. Even though this isn’t an official government meeting like the RA sessions, I’d like to encourage as many citizens as possible to attend. I haven’t made an official agenda yet but here are some topics I want to cover. If time permits this week I will expand on these topics in this posting before the meeting.

• The difference between a Representative Democracy and a Direct Democracy

• Reformatting of the “Insula Proposal” and the formation of an official Request For Proposal

• The CDS will be co-hosting 2 events with New Toulouse for the Relay for Life charity. These events will take place in the CDS. I am seeking input on what the events should be.

• We need to discuss the possible establishment of a permanent venue in the CDS with regularly scheduled events. The venue will be for the benefit of CDS citizens, a way to increase traffic in the CDS, and benefit the active merchants in the CDS

• I’m looking for a few good men and women to reach out and recruit various groups in Second Life who are active in such areas as education, discussions, social issues, current events, debates, any type of intellectual activities

• The CDS will be setting up the 7 Seas Fishing Game on the docks just outside the Praetorian. I’m looking for someone who would be interested in managing this operation. The initial investment is inexpensive and we can hold weekly fishing tournaments, advertised on the SL Events Calendar and the 7 Seas Fishing Group

• I’m hoping to accomplish the 400 character description of the CDS for the Second Life Destination Guide at this meeting

• The CDS is now in possession of The Magazine Factory Lite publishing system that is used with Intellibooks. We want to publish a guidebook, handbook, information guide, whatever you want to call it to give out to anyone interested in the CDS such as new citizens, visitors, to be given out at CDS events, etc. etc. We need to discuss the content of this publication.

• Also the most recent publication I can find concerning the Constitution of the CDS is from 2007 that Jamie Palisades published. Granted this won’t be accomplished at this meeting but can we get someone to clean up our Constitution and Code of Laws that way new publications can be published. My personal opinion is for a publication that we don’t include amendments and codes of laws that are no longer relevant. This information should remain on the web portal, I just don’t see the point of clogging up pages with irrelevant content.

• I am looking for someone to travel the 5 sims and gather information on all public buildings. Creator Names, Owner Names and names of the buildings. With the establishment of CDSArchive we need to transfer ownership of as many CDS assets as possible

• I’m going to be eliminating the Colonia Nova group as it is a redundancy of the Land Verwaltung group.

• We need to discuss roles and responsibilities in Land Verwaltung. Currently this group is used by everyone from government personnel to entertainers who need to rez in the CDS. Clarification is needed to make the group more efficient and not so cumbersome. Currently there are group members who haven’t been in Second Life in a couple of years

If I come up with anything else I’d like to cover at the meeting or through this forum posting I will add additional information here.

Thank you,
Trebor Warcliffe

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Rosie Gray
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Re: Chancellor's Meeting Friday March 16th 2pm SLT

Post by Rosie Gray »

Hi Trebor. There was a version of the constitution from August 3, 2008 that I found and made an updated book for it. It's in the NFS info centre, and I've given you a copy in world.

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