Custom Mailbox System for CDS

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Custom Mailbox System for CDS

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In February the CDS purchased a custom mailbox system to be used by the government officials in the CDS. We also have the capability of issuing mailboxes to CDS citizens to be used only within the CDS. The SLURL below is where the CDS Mailboxes are set up. Currently we have one for the Chancellor, the PIO, the Scientific Council, and the RA (CDS Mailbox).

In order for me to configure the mailboxes I need the email addresses of all Representative Assembly and Scientific Council members. I understand I may have some of your email addresses already but in case someone wants the mailbox to send notices to a different email address than I need to know that address. Either provide your email address here or email me at [email protected]

Thank you,

Trebor Warcliffe ... 109/161/44


A 'mailbox' system that allows avatars to deposit note cards intended for the owner of the mailbox. Mailboxes that respond on nine unique channels are provided, and all are copy able, allowing mailboxes to be placed in multiple locations.

When a note card is received, the mailbox responds that a note card has been received, and an e-mail stating the name of the person depositing the note card and the title of the note card is sent to the designated e-mail address (es). This e-mail is time stamped and dated for record-keeping purposes and includes the location and name of the mailbox.

In addition, any mailbox can be set to a group. When set to a group, any member of that group can use channel commands to read note cards that are held in the mailbox. Only the owner can edit the mailbox or remove note cards it contains.


This system is sold to the Confederation of Democratic Simulators for the sole use of members of government and designated citizens of the CDS. Where objects, scripts and textures are provided with full permissions, there is no implied or permitted resale or free distribution of those objects, scripts or textures. Full permissions are given to enable ease of use and ensure that the content archivist of the CDS can always retain a copy of all objects, scripts and textures. No object, script, or texture included in this purchase can be given away, sold, or exported from Second Life for use on other virtual world grids.

All objects, scripts and textures are copy able and transferable, allowing the CDS to create and use as many mailboxes as it requires. Ongoing technical support will be provided to CDS by Dale Innis.

This package contains

-one untextured 1-prim mailbox
-six textured mailboxes with nameplates for requested areas of government, containing all necessary scripts and config cards for use
-six textures with nameplates
-nine Mail Collection scripts, set to unique channels
-one E-mail sender script
-one DISS mailbox configuration card
-one DISS free notecard-to-email script that can be provided to CDS citizens in a gift pack or free gift store


To operate, each mailbox must contain:
-DISS mailbox config card
-E-mail sender script v.3 DISS
-Mail collection script

No modifications of the scripts are required. All actions of the scripts are directed by the config card.


-Rez the mailbox and place it in Edit.
-Check that it contains the 2 required scripts and the config card
-Open the config note card
-Insert the e-mail address or addresses that you want notification sent to
-Set the allow group function to on or off
-Make changes to the float text if required
-Save the config note card
-Close the Edit window
-Test the mailbox is working by dropping in a note card and checking that an e-mail is received
-If you do not receive an e-mail notification, check that you have the correct e-mail address in the config card, and reset or restart the scripts in the mailbox.


Touch the mailbox to activate it
Hold down the Control key on your keyboard
Select the note card you want in Inventory (be sure to only select one note card)
Drag the note card from your inventory and drop it onto the mailbox
You will receive a 'Note card received' message


The mailbox responds to commands on the channel the script is set and the channel is shown in the name of the mailbox.

Using channel 999 as an example, type:
/999 help for a list of commands
/999 list to list all note cards in the mailbox
/999 read N to have a note card 'read' to you in local chat

(N being the number of the note card you wish to see, as in /999 read 2, to read note card 2 on the list)


-Multiple e-mail notifications take longer to send than single ones. If you are planning to use multiple e-mail notifications, it is recommended that you test how long the multiple send takes, to ensure any delay is acceptable to you.

-Timestamps are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). This is the standard time that LL scripting and servers run on, and is therefore the most accurate to use in these scripts.

-The mailbox can only 'read' note cards in local chat when they contain only text. If the note card contains a landmark, object, snapshot or texture, none of the text will be 'read'. This is a limitation of SL, not an error in the mailbox scripts. If you are using the mailbox for land management issues, your instructions regarding note cards should specify including a SLurl if you want group members to be able to read and respond to note cards.

-LL's method of dropping items into a prim requires holding down the Control key then dragging and dropping. Since the Control key is also how one selects multiple items in inventory, it is possible that someone may drop in multiple note cards/items in error. Your instructions for dropping items into the mailbox should remind people to be sure they have selected only the note card that they wish to drop into the mailbox.

-General questions about the mailboxes can be sent to Callipygian Christensen; technical support questions regarding the mailbox scripts can be sent to Dale Innis.

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