CORRECT dates for the election of the 17th RA

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CORRECT dates for the election of the 17th RA

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The Dean of the SC posted incorrect dates of importance for this election and has asked me to post the correct information.
Here is the text of the original post regarding these dates, which were approved by the SC at its meeting on Feb. 5th 2012.

The SC was asked to specify the dates relevant to the upcoming election of the 17th RA.

In this post, 'qualification deadline' means the date an avatar must be a full citizen in good standing. A full citizen in good standing is one who has no arrears in tier on the date of the census, whether this tier is on land the citizen owns, or tier paid to qualify as a citizen through any other method permitted by law.

Official Dates for the election of 17th Representative Assembly - 1 June to 30 November 2012

Dean of SC notifies citizens of key dates : March 31 (Forum posting and inworld group notice)
Qualification deadline to run for office : 12 noon SLT April 3 (census generated on this date by Sudane)
Qualification deadline for right to vote: 12 noon SLT April 13 (census generated on this date by Sudane)
Number of RA seats announced: April 14 (Forum posting and inworld group notice)
Deadline for declaration to run: 12 noon SLT May 2
Dean posts official list of candidates: May 4 (Forum posting and inworld group notice)
Campaign officially starts: May 5
Polls open : 12 noon SLT May 12
Polls close: 12 noon SLT May 19

Dean of SC announces names of the new RA when received (Forum posting and inworld group notice)

Inaugural RA Meeting (LRA selection) 26 May 2012

In addition, at the request of the RA, the Dean of the SC will post declarations of candidacy using in-world group notices as they are received. The Dean, or designated members of the SC, will also post periodic reminders by inworld group notices, encouraging citizens to participate in government by standing for election and include the number of candidates currently declared and the number of RA seats available.

The only change to this information stems from the changes to the Citizenship laws recently passed by the RA; the changes do not affect the dates, but do make changes to the criteria of citizenship. These laws can be found at this Forum post: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3609&p=19563#p19563

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