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I need a hobby
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CDS Welcome and Promo Book

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It has taken me a lot longer to get to this than I had expected (that RL thing sometimes gets out of hand!) so apologies to Trebor for the delay, and to those I asked to be involved.

The need for something to give to new or prospective citizens of CDS, that provides accurate information and an opportunity to promote the community, was discussed some time ago. With the purchase of the Intelli magazine system, we are able to create a book that includes basic information, and allows us to include landmarks or notecards or URLs for people to explore further if they wish. I volunteered to gather the information and create the book, but the actual content will hopefully come from many of the citizens of CDS. The intent of the book is accurate concise information to attract people to CDS or get them started with some basic knowledge and history - the 7,000 page biography of the CDS will have to be someone else's baby :)

So submissions for the CDS book should be brief - a single page for sim descriptions, a double page for history, government and so on. All submissions may be edited for clarity and conciseness.

I envision the book to be text overlayed on images of the relevant location or activity being described so as an example, a page about NFS would have an image of NFS overlayed with a brief description of the sim and when a reader clicks on the page, they will receive a landmark to NFS.

Pages discussed to date, and people who have volunteered to write the text:

NFS - Rosie
CN -
Future development in CDS-

CDS history- Shep
Buying land and paying tier - Sudane
Citizenship in CDS-
Government in CDS-
Events and places of interest in CDS (Oktoberfest, kirsche etc)-

Lilith has volunteered to take pictures for the backgrounds as needed, or you can submit a picture along with the text. Editor's choice will decide which image is used if there are multiple ones available, since text overlays some images better than others.

I don't have the transcript of the meeting where this was discussed so I am sure I have probably missed someone, or incorrectly recalled what they offered to do. If so, IM me and i'll be happy to add to or correct this list.

If you would like to create the text for one of these pages please IM me or send me a notecard in world If I have omitted someone or incorrectly identified what they are doing it will be easier to ensure that people aren't duplicating submissions and easier to respond and keep track that way.

I would like to have this completed by May 12, so would need all submissions in to me by May 4th.


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