List of Candidates and Eligible Voters Submitted

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I need a hobby
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List of Candidates and Eligible Voters Submitted

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The official list of candidates and voters has been sent to Jon Seattle so that he can prepare the polls.

No challenges of the official Citizen List were received. Of the ten citizens who were given an extended time period to comply with land ownership laws, four have met the land ownership requirements and have been added to the list of eligible voters. The information sent to Jon is as follows:

The candidates for the elections of the 17th RA are:
Beathan Vale
Shep Titian
Dee Shepherd
Pip Torok
Moonrise Azalea, and
Anna Toussaint.

There are 6 candidates for 5 seats.

The sole candidate for Chancellor of the coming term is:
Trebor Warcliffe
therefore he will win by acclamation.

the official list of citizens eligible to vote is as follows:

Alexicon Kurka
Aliasi Stonebender
Amitia Resident
Anna Saarinen
Anna Toussaint
Arria Perreault
Asterix Beresford
Avenge Titanium
Avoca Novi
Bagheera Kristan
Beathan Vale
Bromo Ivory
Callipygian Christensen
Ceasar Xigalia
Cindy Ecksol
Claude Desmoulins
Daniel Sosa
Dee Shepherd
Delia Lake
Elblin Resident
emilia Avindar
Fern Leissa
Gelf Yalin
Gonta Maltz
Gwyneth Llewelyn
HonestHeart Resident
Jamie Palisades
Jerad1976 Resident
Jeroma Wycliffe
Jon Seattle
Junius Inaka
Kazuhiko Shirakawa
Kim Rongyu
KlausWulfenbach Outlander
Konrad Jansma
LadyJ Celestalis
Lef Leven
Lilith Ivory
MaryanneRobberts Resident
MaryElizabethbc1 Resident
Mikelo Serevi
Mizou Vavoom
Moon Adamant
Moonrise Azalee
Mothercard Warden
Nolligan Nino
Oriscus Zauberflote
Patroklus Murakami
Pip Torok
Rain Ninetails
Rose Springvale
Rosie Gray
Roxxxy Foxdale
Rubaiyat Shatner
SDolphin Resident
Shadowgirlsk Resident
Shep Titian
Sonja Strom
Soro Dagostino
Sudane Erato
Tanoujin Milestone
Timo Gufler
Tor Karlsvalt
Trebor Warcliffe
Ulysse Alexandre
Vespasian Cortes
Yogeswari Padar

67 eligible voters


People often say that, in a democracy, decisions are made by a majority of the people. Of course, that is not true. Decisions are made by a majority of those who make themselves heard and who vote -- a very different thing.

Walter H. Judd
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