Regarding Public Buildings: The Museum of Contemporary Art

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Regarding Public Buildings: The Museum of Contemporary Art

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MoCA for short.

The MoCA is operated by an independent board of trustees functioning under a charter given by the City. It is by our legal procedures "owned" by the Guild (I believe); but technically, it is "owned " by the creator, Keltrien Baker.

Briefly... the City issued a contract for the creation of the MoCA to Kendra for a certain sum. After working on it for some time, she says that inspiration left her, and she handed the project over to Keltrien, who actually did build it. The project was paid for, and now is supposed to be "owned" by the Guild.

The technical situation is similiar to that of the Rathaus. The building is composed of numerous unlinked prims each owned by Keltrien. In order to successfully transfer ownership to someone or some group in the city, the prims must be linked and the perms modified. Then, the building must be either sold to a citizen (or an alt) or deeded to a group. Deeding to a group has disadvantages.

We should discuss whether or not these final steps were implicit or explicit in the contract, and, if not, whether we wish to invest the funds to engage Keltrien to complete these necessary steps.


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