4-38 : Public Information Officer

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4-38 : Public Information Officer

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1. This act creates the office of City Public Information Officer (PIO) as follows:

Public Information Officer

Administers a wide range of public relations activities on a simwide basis in a centralized public information function. Work involves conceptualizing, developing, and implementing major media and advertising campaigns, marketing programs, and various special projects. Work is performed under general supervision of the Guildmaster.


* Researches, develops, writes, and coordinates a media campaign for the City;
* Coordinates public relations activities for the City;
* Oversees development and implement of a City Tourist Information Office;
* Works with businesses and merchants to develop and implement a Chamber of Commerce;
* Develops and coordinates the illustration and printing of publications;
* Prepares, reviews, and edits news conferences, releases, newsletters, publications, and scripts;
* Counsels elected and appointed City officials concerning public relations aspects of policies, practices, procedures, programs, and actions;
* Researches, writes, photographs as requested;
* Serves as a liaison between City officials, or organizations, departments, and specific groups;
* Researches and interprets attitudes, opinions, and perceptions of selected internal and external groups and reports that information to elected and appointed City officials;
* Performs other duties as assigned.

2. The PIO is appointed by the Guildmeister and is to be paid $L1000/month.

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