Draft bill on the New Guild: technical comments

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Draft bill on the New Guild: technical comments

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Jon [url=http://forums.neufreistadt.info/viewtop ... 7:3i5whpe4]posted[/url:3i5whpe4] in the CSDF forum a Bill seeking to reconstitute the Guild. I do not have any disagreement with it in principle (indeed, it seems to me a good idea), but I have one or two technical comments about the way in which the Bill is drafted. I reproduce Jon's original draft below:

[quote:3i5whpe4]Amendment Removing the Artisanal Branch


With the establishment of the executive branch, the governmental role
of the Artisanal Branch (Guild) is no longer needed or appropriate.
This amendment transfers all Artisanal Branch powers to the other
branches, ensuring that the balance of powers remains sound.

For clarity this amendment also removes all references to the
Artisanal branch from the constitution.


This amendment will remain in force only if the executive is confirmed
as set out in amendment 11 section 10 establishing the office of the


Article I:
From section 6, remove:

The Artisanal branch may veto a revenue bill or resubmit a modified
revenue bill for vote.

From section 7, remove:

In regards to the Artisanal branch:
The RA sets taxation rate and the city budget.
The RA can seek impeachment of members of the Artisanal branch for
failing to support the city fiscally.
The leader of the RA sits as the leader of the Artisanal branch if the
Artisanal branch seeks to impeach a member of the Philosophic branch.
The RA can override an Artisanal veto with a 2/3 vote

The leader of the RA sits as the leader of the Philosophic branch if
the Philosophic branch seeks to impeach a member of the Artisanal

Article II is removed in its entirety.

Article III:
Section 8, remove:

The SC can seek impeachment of members of the Artisanal branch for
violating the constitution or acting illegally.

Article V:
From section 1, remove mention of the Artisanal branch.

From section 2, remove:
Members of the Representative Assembly and the Scientific Council may
be members of the Artisanal Collective but may not vote nor hold
elected positions in the Artisanal branch.

Article I, Section 6, add:

The Scientific Council may veto a revenue bill or resubmit a modified
revenue bill for vote.


Bill Establishing The New Guild


In order to grow the CDS requires skilled designers who can create
regions, buildings, and furnishings that will attract others to move
to our community. At the same time, CDS projects that involve the
development of new sim regions provide an opportunity for citizens to
gain design skills that will contribute to the CDS economy.

The structure of the CDS supports large projects that provide an
opportunity for the citizens to develop design skills. This is a
fundamental goal of the original Guild that can now be addressed in
the new organization.

This bill establishes a new Guild that is designed to serve as a
center for design skills and activities needed for CDS expansion.

New Guild

A new organization called the Guild will be chartered by the CDS. The
Guild will be a a community chartered voluntary organization and will
not be a branch of government. The Guild's role is advisory only. All
projects that involve the expenditure of public funds must be approved
by the CDS government.

The new Guild will have the following responsibilities:

1. To organize, plan, and execute the construction of new simulator
regions, extending CDS territory.

2. To provide continuing hands-on education in: building, design,
architecture, scripting and the development of external software used
to support in-world activities. To provide certification in these

This education must be free to all citizens who are willing to work on
CDS sponsored projects, and may be made available to non-citizens
willing to pay tuition.

3. To provide technical advice and services to the office of the
chancellor and the RA as needed to maintain and develop CDS regions.

4. To acquire and manage resources needed by citizens for building and
design such as sandbox areas and prim banks. To set rules for the use
of these resources.


The Guild will be governed by two committees:

1. The faculty committee will design the curriculum for continuing
education, decide on artistic and technical capabilities a student
must demonstrate to obtain certification and will set procedures and
standards for the design and construction of new simulator regions.

Membership on the faculty committee will depend only on artistic,
technical, and pedagogical skills. Membership will not be limited to
citizens of the CDS.

2. The administrative board will manage Guild resources, land, and
buildings, set policies and procedures both for the Guild and for the
school, and organize work groups to respond to requests of the CDS, or
others. The board represents the Guild in all dealings with the CDS.

The Guild will be self-governing except that the RA will have the
power to remove any member of the administrative board if required to
insure that the Guild fulfill this charter.[/quote:3i5whpe4]

Firstly, since people have been concerned in the past about the interaction between abolotion of the governmental powers of the Artisanal Collective and the sunset clause in the executive, the bill should be passed at the same time as the permanent ratification of the executive takes place, or, alternatively, should also delete the sunset clause from the executive section of the constitution, which would have a similar effect.

Secondly, since the executive section of the constitution was never given an article number (Fernando reproduced it as Article VII in his pre-Judiciary Act constitution, but hte Judiciary Act expressly inserted the judiciary section as Article VII), and since you are proposing to remove the entirety of Article II, it would perhaps make sense to amend the executive section of the constitution to state expressly that it shall be Article II.

Thirdly, you need to look for other Acts of the Representative Assembly and sections of the Constitution that refer to the Guild. I know that one or two parts of the new Article VII (the Judiciary) refer to the Guild, and parts of the Judiciary Act that were not constitutional amendments (such as the section on marshals of the peace) refer explicitly to the Guild in its present form. Those will need to be dealt with expressly.

Ashcroft Burnham

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Re: Draft bill on the New Guild: technical comments

Post by Diderot Mirabeau »

All these remarks are undoubtedly meant as a service to the CSDF. However, as a forum user (and not as a moderator, mind you) I find it a bit pre-mature to draw this proposal out into the legislative discussion forum before it has been even discussed internally by the faction. I understand the well-meant intention but my fear is that if it becomes customary for people, who are not faction members to be dragging draft proposals out into the general legislative discussion forum before the faction is even ready to propose it much less defend it we risk clogging up the pipeline of public opinion by putting technical remarks to half-baked proposals centre stage.

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