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Proposed Deed For Land

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In a previous thread under "General Discussion" ( ) I have indicated that a new Deed for Land form is needed, implementing a key part of our new land management system.

The proposed Deed Form is displayed below. Subject to any adjustments which may be proposed in this thread, I'll present this form for approval at the next meeting of the Representative Assembly.

Lines surrounded by asterisks, as such:

****** < Header > *******

simply serve as functional text dividers, and will not appear in the final form.

Comments and suggestions are heartedly welcome. Please read the above noted thread if you wish to make any.


*******< beginning of Header >*******

Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS)
Virtual World of Second Life

Land ownership is hereby recorded as follows:

*******< end of Header >**************

*******< beginning of hard-coded text with inserted filed data from the land database >*******

Owner: {group or individual owner name}
holding land in the {name of simulator} simulator,
by this Deed Number {deed number}, superceding Deed Number {previous deed number},
holds the following parcels:


Total holding for {owner}, in this simulator, is {total square meters} square meters in {total number of parcels} parcels.
Monthly fees as of the date of this deed are US${total monthly fees in US$}.

Deed prepared on {date of preparation}.

*******< end of hard-coded text with inserted filed data from the land database >*******

*******< beginning of End Piece >************

In light of the fact that possession of this deed conveys the priviledges and obligations of citizenship
upon the Owner or upon members of the Ownership Group
(up to the total number of members equal to or less than the Total Holding in square meters divided by 128),
such Owners or Group Members hereby acknowledge that they have read, understood, agreed to and complied with following:

The Constitution of the CDS
The Covenants for Land Usage
The Terms of Service
The Provisions of Legislation adopted by the Representative Assembly ... CDS%20Code
The Actions of the duly constituted Judiciary
The Actions of the duly constituted Scientific Council

Violations of provisions contained in these documents, and/or failure to pay monthly land use fees,
shall be grounds for the revocation of this Deed.

*******< end of End Piece >************

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