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Desmond Shang
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Passionate Protagonist
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Ah, seems I heard my name here. :) As constructively as possible:

1) Rates stuff:

I don't want to discuss actual values due to the "tacky factor" of talking about it in your forums. Besides, Caledon is full with a long waiting list, and 'advertising' when nothing is available would paint me not only as tacky, but foolish.

That said, my 'price drop' was actually to [i:lc0ggtue]maintain[/i:lc0ggtue] pricing, not lower it. Current LindeX rates are about $L 270/USD. My parcel meters were set at 275 $L/USD; I dropped rates to $L 260/USD simply because it takes me 4-6 [i:lc0ggtue]hours[/i:lc0ggtue] to change all of Caledon's parcel meters. Going 'slightly soft' saves me an adjustment or two (8-10 hours of work!). Incidentally, I don't trust 'networked' parcel meters due to hacking potential.

2) Venues:

It's very true, I own little more than the roads. Some exceptions: Chessboard Park, the Academy, two ships, a Victorian pier, a cemetary, and the Guvnah's Mansion. This is *all* I'll have, even when Caledon reaches its pre-ordered 900,000+ square meters in January.

Oddly enough, the Guvnah's Mansion was the purely incidental venue of Robin Linden's meeting RE: copybot while being finished. Beginning notes to the history of the place on par with Beethoven's first notes of his Toccata and Fugue in D minor! Scary and portentious...

3) Openspace sims:

Yes, I'm going to have one or two residents in each, but even so, it will take ages to recover the 1250 USD prepayment. Openspace sims are beautiful additions, but harsh mistresses financially. Say if completely full they only profit 100 USD/mo - if so, only after 1 year do openspaces finally 'break even'. At 75% occupancy: two years to pay off!

Openspace sims are a luxury item, to be backed by several profitable sims just 'in case', in my view. And at the new sim rates... hoo boy! I may wait until sim rates fall before getting the next four.

Mine are 99% likely to be class 5 openspace sims, due to when I ordered them. As would CDS openspace sims unless you buy used ones. So, some advantages for the both of us in terms of sim performance.

4) Differences:

It's *very* clear to all of us that Caledon and the CDS sims are radically different. However, for those who don't read forums, I wonder how we look at first blush? An open question, and I do not know the answer.

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Aliasi Stonebender
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I need a hobby
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[quote="Desmond Shang":abgf3ich]
2) Venues:

It's very true, I own little more than the roads. Some exceptions: Chessboard Park, the Academy, two ships, a Victorian pier, a cemetary, and the Guvnah's Mansion. This is *all* I'll have, even when Caledon reaches its pre-ordered 900,000+ square meters in January.

True, on my last visit to Caledon, I noticed there were more spaces of that nature, and very 'flavorful'! (Gerami Fizz, myself, and some of the other regular crowd in Suffugium invaded the graveyard couple evenings back. I was the zombie.)

4) Differences:

It's *very* clear to all of us that Caledon and the CDS sims are radically different. However, for those who don't read forums, I wonder how we look at first blush? An open question, and I do not know the answer.[/quote:abgf3ich]

I think the difference between the theme-as-life in Caledon and the theme-as-decoration in the CDS is fairly easy to see. It's also obvious that Caledon is larger, but could be viewed as both positive and negative, depending on who's looking.

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Clarence Calliope
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Re: Expansion

Post by Clarence Calliope »

[quote="michelmanen":igufkve1]I read all comments with great interest and I am excited to see such a diversity of views and opinions regarding our future development. I agee that that all our communities must be brought together by a vision that goes beyond our system of governance.

I believe that, fundamentally, ours must be a cohesive, transcendent vision of architecturally outstading spaces fostering the development of creative and innovative activities in the spheres of governance, commerce, the arts and spirituality, manifested practically through diverse communities in time and space which stand out as exemplary historical manifestations of this vision.

Both Neufreistadt and Colonia Nova conform to this vision and, therefore, have growth and development potential. A third sim that would fit perfectly into this vision and would be particularly timely and, I would even venture to say, path-breaking for future developments in RL, would be "al-Andalus": a sim based on the Caliphate of Cordoba of the IXth and Xth Centuries.

The Caliph of Córdoba ruled the Iberian peninsula (Al-Andalus) and North Africa from the city of Córdoba, from 929 to 1031. This period was characterized by remarkable success in trade and culture; many of the masterpieces of Islamic Spain were constructed in this period, including the famous Great Mosque of Córdoba. The title Caliph was claimed by Abd-ar-Rahman III on January 16, 929; he was previously known as the Emir of Córdoba. All Caliphs of Córdoba were members of the Umayyad dynasty; the same dynasty had held the title Emir of Córdoba and ruled over roughly the same territory since 756. The Caliph's rule is known as the splendor of Muslim presence in the Iberian peninsula, and marked a rare peroid of relatively peaceful and creative cohabitation of the same territory by Muslims, Christians and Jews.

The economy of the Caliph was based on a considerable economic capacity - grounded in an important trade -, highly developed craftsmanship, and the most modern agricultural techniques in Europe. It based its economy on its money, which had a fundamental role in its financial splendor. The gold cordobesa money became the most important one of these ages, which was probably imitated later by the Carolingian empire. Córdoba, the capital of the Caliphate, reached a 450,000 inhabitants, probably making it the most important human center of the World in these times.

The cultural aspects are also amazing, in particular following Al-Hakam II's control of power. This caliph founded a library which would have attained 400, 000 volumes. The Caliph of Córdoba thus became famous for its philosophy, translating to medieval Europe works from ancient Greece. Ibn Masarra, Abentofain, Averroes who returned platonism to Europe, and the Jew Maimónides (whom prepared the assemblage of the ancient Aristotelian philosophy with Christianism) were some of these famous thinkers, although the majority were known for their groundbreaking achievements in medicine, mathematics and astronomy.

An "al-Andalus" sim could illustrate these historical aspects of the caliphate in 2L whilst at the same time, contributing to a vital debate currently raging in political, legal and cultural studies: is Islam compatible with democracy and human rights? We could, for example, take such concepts as "umma" (the community), "shura" (consultation) and "sharia" (Islamic law) and integrate them in our CDS framework, thus illustrating the fact that active citizen participation in their own system of governance is a universal, transcendent concept applicable across space, time and cultural diversity.

Finally, the magnificent architecture of Cordoba, Granada and Seville of this period (Palace of Alhambra, Great Mosque of Cordoba etc) will provide us with brilliant sources of inspiration for "al-Andalus" archtecture and public spaces.

I therefore enthusiastically support Ashcroft's proposal of a medieval Arabian theme for our next sim, to be named "al-Andalus" and modelled on the Caliphate of Cordoba of IXth and Xth Century Spain.[/quote:igufkve1]

It is frightening how similiar our thought processes are on this subject. Not only did I find myself attracted to the prospect of a medieval Arabian sim upon reading the first page of this thread, but the very first thing that popped into my head afterwards was "Cordoba". It was a colorful bastion of civilization in an otherwise dark and gloomy continent still recovering from the power vacuum created by the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. So marvelous was Cordoba that Northern Europeans visiting there had nothing else to compare it to! Its architecture, particularly that of its Mosque, had a great influence on European architecture in the centuries that followed.

I wholeheartedly support the idea of a simulator based on Cordoba. Not only will it be attractive to residents - it serves as a reminder of an era that history has forgotten. So many focus on the problems with Islam today that they forget what it once was. By creating a sim that not only reflects the splendors of Islam when it was at its height, the CDS shows a responsible and fair attitude in its use of human history as a theme for its simulators.

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Post by Beathan »

I hear that CN has now broken even. I suggest we move forward on either planning a third residential sim or four rural or wilderness sims at this time. However, before we do, I also understand that there is unfinished work on both CN and NF, and we may want to focus on this along with or instead of an expansion.

My questions --

1. How much work remains to be on the sims?

2. Will construction on a sim prevent this work from occurring -- that is, does it take away our builders from our homeland projects?

3. If so, is this distraction the same for a residential sim and for rural or wilderness sims?

I think that the conception of the rural or wilderness sim that that the sims would mostly be the equivalent of "open space" with perhaps one or two houses in the entire sim. That is, it would be parkland, waterfall land, maybe farmland -- with perhaps a cottage or farmhouse or three as appropriate. My instinct is that this project would be less builder-intensive, allowing for the builders to concentrate on homeland projects. However, I am completely incompetent to express this opinion -- I just want to get the ball rolling again, so that we can move on to "productive" issues, rather than focussing on current division.


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