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[quote="Beathan":366pvqxk]Ashcroft's response merely indicates that there should be procedural rules in place from the outset of the case to guide the case, and these rules should not change during the progress of the case and should be clearly understood by all participants.

I agree. Indeed, I strongly agree.

However, it does not follow that we should have one set of over-arching rules, applied from above by legal fiat and force. My proposal gives us all the certainty we need and all the flexibility and freedom we want. Surely it is to be preferred for that reason.


Firstly, my response was about the Ulrika trial, not about your system. Secondly, your proposal is not to be preferred merely because it provides for flexibility, because flexibility needs to be balanced against predictability and stability. The code that I am drafting does that. The ultra-minimial and oversimplified proposal that you wrote elsewhere does not.

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