Special Report on CN Finances: November 2006

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Special Report on CN Finances: November 2006

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Colonia Nova opened for pre-opening sales on November 1, 2006. This report provides a summary of financial transactions relating to CN during its first month of history.

These numbers are extracted from the bookkeeping records of the community. I do not keep separate books for each sim. While there are certain sim-specific accounts within the books, this summary has been assembled manually. The form of future bookkeeping for the community will necessarily follow decisions made regarding the overall separateness of identity of the various sims in that community, and not the other way around.

Using the November currency exchange rate of 1US$=281L$, we have previously received loans of US$3383.23

Our outlays have been, to date:

Purchase of the sim $1156.58
October Tier 195.00
November Tier 195.00
Promotion expenses 19.64
Total Outlays $1556.22

Our cash sales for property in Colonia Nova during November were US$518.02

Overall, 32% of land that can be sold in Colonia Nova has been sold. That 32% currenly yields a committed monthly income of $110.34. Although imprecise, I would consider the monthly tier of US$195 as a rough point of reference against which to judge the "committed monthly income". With that understood, we are over halfway to break-even on Colonia Nova.

Please feel free to ask questions or insert comments in the post in General Discussion in which I announce this post.



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