Some ideas on how to proceed

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Diderot Mirabeau
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Some ideas on how to proceed

Post by Diderot Mirabeau »

As Beathan has pointed out in a previous thread RA elections are approaching fast and from my point of view there are still a few things we could beneficially do before that ime.

Beathan has already pointed out the necessity for us to be able to field candidates. We should definitely discuss this topic further.

I further suggest that we try to develop common positions on particular topics of interest to the electorate and of necessity to our society. If there is no great dissatisfaction with the documents put forward by Aliasi and myself perhaps we could try and develop draft positions on the basis of the ideology outlined herein?

I can think of a few topics off the top of my head that we could beneficially work on a common position with regard to:

- Territorial Expansion
- Re-vitalising the community
- Role and scope of our judiciary with respect to its diverse stakeholders
- Promoting democratic governance in SL
- Eliminating redundancy and opacity in CDS code
- Making the incorporation act actually work!

What do you say? If anyone would like to do some work on a common position in extension of one of the above subjects I suggest they post a new thread in this forum under that heading and let other people chime in.

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Post by Beathan »

Excellent start.

Let's have a series of meetings in world. We need to find out who we are. I know that we have significant support beyond the three current forum posters. Let get these people involved and excited.


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Aliasi Stonebender
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Post by Aliasi Stonebender »

I concur. Finding a mutally satisfactory time is the nub, one reason for the forum. I'll try to post some thoughts later.

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