New land management system - first steps

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New land management system - first steps

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The land records for Neufreistadt appearing on the website are now listed by individual or group, depending on your land ownership. These listings correspond exactly (I hope) to the "owner" names on the parcels to which they refer.

This was done for three reasons:

1) The soon to be implemented Land Management System will list all parcels this way, since it reads them directly from the land.

2) The Group Ownership Law permits those who so choose to achieve their citizenship through membership in a land-owning group (within certain limits).

3) The Citizen Information Law now requires the Estate Owner to provide and publish citizen lists. Determining which groups own which parcels is a first step in fulfilling that responsibility.

If you own land on Neufreistadt, please inspect the various land pages on the website:

Services/Land Fees

If you are deeded as a group and wish to be deeded as an individual, or, if you are deeded as an individual and wish to be deeded as a group, please let me know. Rudeen will then proceed to re-deed your land according to your wish.

If you have land on CN, please bear with us. For CN records we will jump straight into the new system, as soon as its on line.


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Post by Beathan »

Sudane --

Excellent structure. IM or email me if you think I can be of help.


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