LUC Transcript January 25, 2015

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LUC Transcript January 25, 2015

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Rosie Gray: let's see where everyone else is
Timo Gufler: I can use voice if needed, but I would prefer chat, because that way I won't misunderstand anything
Rosie Gray: hmmm
Rosie Gray: despite that everyone said they could be here now,
Rosie Gray: I only see Shep
Rosie Gray: I'll see if she's really there
Rosie Gray: hmmm
Rosie Gray: no answer from Shep and Abby and anti not online
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Too bad :(
Rosie Gray: we need one more to have a quorum
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): It is an early SUnday morning to them I think?
Rosie Gray: no, it's early for me
Rosie Gray: lol
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Good morning then :)
Rosie Gray: ?
Pat (patroklus.murakami): i don't think a quorum is essential. the main aim is to discuss LUC/exec working relations
Rosie Gray: thanks, and good afternoon or evening to you!
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): :)
Rosie Gray: the first thing though was to elect our chairperson
Rosie Gray: as that was Leslie
Rosie Gray: brb
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): whispers: HB
Rosie Gray: back
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Welcome back
Rosie Gray: well, what should we do?
Rosie Gray: we can discuss with Pat, anyway eh?
Pat (patroklus.murakami): i think so
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Absolutely
Rosie Gray: I would prefer text myself, but I can do voice if everyone wants to
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): I don't have voice in my viewer
Pat (patroklus.murakami): let me share an agenda i put together
Timo Gufler: I just checked out voice settings of this viewer, but probably it would require a restart before it started to work ... and even then I'm not sure
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Ty Pat
Pat (patroklus.murakami): ok, we can stick to chat if you prefer
Rosie Gray: I think we have to
Pat (patroklus.murakami): timo. in case you can't read the notecard, here is teh text:
Pat (patroklus.murakami): 1. What is the current role and remit of the LUC as we understand it? How does this interact with our current laws and Constitution?
2. What is the work programme of the LUC?
3. What does the Chancellor need from the LUC in the form of advice and assistance?
4. How should the LUC work with the Executive team (Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and PIOs)?
5. Any other business
Pat (patroklus.murakami): does that sound like a useful structure for our discussion?
Rosie Gray: sure
Timo Gufler: thank you, Pat ... this is earier
Timo Gufler: *easier
Rosie Gray: do oyo think we should announce this meeting in the CDS group?
Rosie Gray: usually we do
Pat (patroklus.murakami): so, is there a disagreement around current role and remit? the LUC was set up as an advisory body
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): I think it is a good idea
Pat (patroklus.murakami): i don't see why we need to announce it rosie
Pat (patroklus.murakami): i don't see this as a public meeting. tho i'm happy for the transcript to be posted and shared
Rosie Gray shrugs
Timo Gufler: even if we announced it, I don't think, there would be that many participants
Rosie Gray: okay never mind then
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Those we are waiting for don't seem to be online
Rosie Gray: indeed
Rosie Gray nods
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Our current role as I understand it is advisory to the Executive branch
Rosie Gray: Em, have you read the law that created the LUC?
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): No, I haven't
Rosie Gray: ... e-of-laws/
Rosie Gray: it's there... #CDSL 21-01
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Reading
Rosie Gray: sorry Pat... just wanted to try and bring Em up to speed
Pat (patroklus.murakami): that's okay. while she's reading, is there any disagreement that the law says the LUC is purely advisory?
Rosie Gray: it says advisory, yep
Rosie Gray: it doesn't say 'purely'
Pat (patroklus.murakami): so what in the law makes you think it has any additional role beyond being advisory?
Rosie Gray: it's certainly not to make law or fund projects
Timo Gufler: doesn't RA accept or reject all the decisions made by LUC?
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Advice the RA when it comes to laws that regulate land and economy?
Rosie Gray: it says the RA receives the commissions Master Plan
Pat (patroklus.murakami): you advise the RA on the General Master Plan
Pat (patroklus.murakami): and me on most other things such as new builds and covenants
Timo Gufler: what about covenant inspections?
Rosie Gray: covenant inspections is I think where we have some misunderstandings
Pat (patroklus.murakami): "The purpose of this commission is to form a group of experts to advise the RA in the mandate of the parent body to make laws and control finances, as well as to advise the Executive regarding land usage and management. "
The Land Use Commission shall:
Monitor, through its inspectors, the changes in the CDS environment and advise the Executive to work with landowners to resolve any differences between such changes or uses and the covenants and codes
Accept, in a prescribed format (including public input, if appropriate), and forward to the Executive for approval, petitions for variances from the existing covenants and codes, under the condition that: 1. The substance of such variance shall be considered in compliance with the intent, if not the letter, of the law, and; 2. The application of such variance might contribute to the overall aesthetics or usefulness of the CDS environment. Such approval shall be for the benefit of the petitioner only and shall not transfer to subsequent land owners.
Pat (patroklus.murakami): that's from the 'Powers' section. there's also material about access to assets of CDS. but that's all. so my fundamental point is that you are an advisory body. period.
Rosie Gray: I don't think anyone is arguing that Pat
Rosie Gray: what we need to decide is the process
Timo Gufler: I think so too, that LUC is (and should be) and advisory body
Rosie Gray: look at section VII as well
Rosie Gray: ... sp=sharing
Pat (patroklus.murakami): ok. and that process can only confer powers within the boundaries of the law the RA passed. you can't go any further than that
Rosie Gray: here is the draft procedures document that I made
anti Wirefly: is online.
Pat (patroklus.murakami): before we get into the draft procedures document. let's be clear on what the law says
Rosie Gray: oh there's anti
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Did I get it right- thw LUC can be arbitrary judges in case of conflict?
Rosie Gray: where are you looking, Em?
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): Section VII
Pat (patroklus.murakami): "monitor changes" "advise the executive" "forward to the exec for approval"
Pat (patroklus.murakami): can we stick to VI-E for now?
Em Warden (mothercard.warden): The decision of the Commission shall be binding on all parties, subject to appropriate appeals.
Pat (patroklus.murakami): VI-E is relevant to the procedures rosie has drafted
anti Wirefly: entered chat range (17.66 m).
Rosie Gray: hi anti
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): hi anti
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Hello anti
Chair: Hi anti Wirefly! Touch me to change pose. Say /1a to Adjust.
Rosie Gray: glad you can make it, now we have a quorum
anti Wirefly: hi all ???
anti Wirefly: sorry I got confused
Timo Gufler: hi anti
Rosie Gray: we are talking about how the LUC relates to the Chancellors office, anti
anti Wirefly: k cool
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i gave anti a copy of the agend
a copy of the agenda
Rosie Gray: we are looking at ... sp=sharing
Rosie Gray: and at the law ... e-of-laws/
Rosie Gray: CDSL 21-01
Rosie Gray: so Pat
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): here's my problem with the building procedures in a nutshell - they go beyond the law and I don't want people going around telling people what is wrong with their builds except through me. it has caused problems in the past
Timo Gufler: it must be a quite unthankful job anyway
Rosie Gray: indeed
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): hehe, too true timo!
Rosie Gray: okay, then we need to figure out how to make this work
Timo Gufler: I'm happy if someone else than LUC member is ready to do that ;)
Rosie Gray: I tried to make it work that way
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): actually, what we have been doing has been working :)
Rosie Gray: sort of
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i've been approached by people to approve their builds
Timo Gufler: that's great, Pat :)
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i've asked for advice from the LUC
Rosie Gray: yes, but we need to formalize the procedure
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i've passed it on to the relevant parties and they have taken action
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I am waiting for the LUC to advice the Chancellor as to my new home in CN..
Rosie Gray: but we have not been following any specific process
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): either by making changes or by deciding to leave (in one case!)
Rosie Gray: okay, but I have drafted this document, as was requested and as we need to have some procedures in place
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): who asked you to draft the document rosie?
Rosie Gray: Leslie did, as chair of the LUC
Rosie Gray: and it was passed by the LUC members, initially
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): okay. well, i've fed back on what i think needs to change in the procedures
Rosie Gray: we need to have some procedures in place as it will not always be the same LUC members
Rosie Gray: and I have amended the document
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): but you haven't taken into account what i've said rosie! here's an example "If there are issues with the build, Inspectors make suggestions to the owner on how to bring their building into compliance with the covenants."
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): that's out of order. the LUC has not power to do this
Rosie Gray: what I was trying to get at there was... let's say I'm looking at Em's building
Rosie Gray: and she is there too
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): WHo are these inspectors?
Rosie Gray: and she hasn't put down the 3 trees she is supposed to have... is it really so awful that I point that out?
Rosie Gray: the inspectors are us, Em
Rosie Gray: the members of this commission
Rosie Gray: look down at the bottom of the document
Rosie Gray: I don't see what decisions the commission has made then... whas is SEction VII for, if the commission doesn't make any decisions
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): you should not be pointing out any covenant violations to the landowner. that's not you job, it's mine! and this kind of action has been very harmful to CDS in the past. people have complained about over zealous and undiplomatic Estate Managers criticising their builds. I don't want that to happen
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): *your job
Rosie Gray: okay it's out
Rosie Gray: can you explain what Section VII is for then?
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): ask the people who drafted the law! i didn't
Rosie Gray: you are interpreting it though
Rosie Gray: I drew up this document according to my interpretation
Rosie Gray: you disagree with it, but you are ignoring this section
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): show me where it says you can tell landowners what is wrong with their builds. if you can find that in the law, fine. my point is that it isn't there
Rosie Gray: the way I interpreted it, and based on my experience with real life inspectors, was how I drafted the procedures
Rosie Gray: in real life, if you are building something, you go to the planning department and they issue permits, and they inspect it
Rosie Gray: you don't go to the mayor
Rosie Gray: so, that's how I saw it
Rosie Gray: shall we just ignore SEction VII then, and pretend it's not there?
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): well, this isn't RL. and that's not what our law says. we are a small virtual community so we are different from a town or city of 1000s or 100s of 1000s
Rosie Gray: yes, I agree... we are like a little village
Rosie Gray: and you are like the Mayor, and the RA is like the town council
Rosie Gray: and I thought we were like the planning department
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): you are what the law says you are. your powers (like mine) are bound by that. i guess the mayor can also perform marriages but i don't think i've been so empowered!
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): So- if a LUC member discovers that someone has violated the covenant; what will the procedure be? LUC has a meeting and composes a Notecard advising th Chancellor to act?
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i think we are on items 2 and 3 then now?
Rosie Gray: I don't think we need to have a meeting
Rosie Gray: that's why there are 2 inspectors for each building
Rosie Gray: if the 2 agree, there's no reason for another meeting
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): How are the 2 inspectors chose when a new building is rezzed?
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): chosen*
Rosie Gray: it says in the Inspectors section
Rosie Gray: Two LUC Commissioners shall make up an inspection team, with at least one of the two being also from the CDS Artisan Guild, Artisan level or higher. A list of commissioners interested in being on the inspection team will be maintained, and the teams convened on an ad hoc basis, as required.
Rosie Gray: for private builds
Rosie Gray: Public build inspectors: Three LUC Commissioners shall make up an inspection team, with at least one of them being also from the CDS Artisan Guild, Artisan level or higher, and one from the Chancellors office.
Rosie Gray: does that make sense?
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): where does the requirement that inspectors be from the Artisan Guild at Artisan level come from?
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I am beginning to wonder if there is necessary with more than one LUC member. Why a Commission at all?
Rosie Gray: from the LUC
Rosie Gray: because the main purpose of the LUC is to have people who are qualified participating
Rosie Gray: hello Monday
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): Greetings..
anti Wirefly: Hi Monday
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): Please pardon my intrusion.
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): Is this a community based group for these sims?
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam) smiles.
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): but the law does not require that! it just says that two members from the AG (or suitable NGO) are nominated to be on the commission
Rosie Gray: yes it is, and we are having a meeting right now
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam) nods.
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): Does anyone have infor on tiers you might be so kind as to share?
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): I'd like to purchase a parcel on e neighboring sim here.
Rosie Gray: oh you can click on the Hippo boxes attached to the parcels for sale, and it will tell you the tier
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): Thanks, but there was no box that I could see. Just the l;and set for sale.
Timo Gufler: in addition to tier there is also the initial price for the parcel
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): Yes, understood.
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): more info on CDS here monday:
Pat (Patroklus Murakami):
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): Thanks!
Rosie Gray: oh... I can show you, if you like
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): Mind if I stay? To listen in quietly?
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam) smiles.
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): Sweet of you, but I don;t want to pull you from this meeting!
Timo Gufler: that's ok :)
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): sure, we are in the middle of a discussion tho monday
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): If I become a resident, perhaps I could help with the busines saffairs.
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam):
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): I have been working in a legal capacity here since 2007.
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam) smiles.
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): Yes, Pat. Understood.
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): I shall depart.
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): Thanks guys!
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Welcome to CDS :)
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): back to where we were.....
Pat (patroklus.murakami): but the law does not require that! it just says that two members from the AG (or suitable NGO) are nominated to be on the commission
Rosie Gray: would you like me to quickly show you were the tier box is?
Monday Beam™ (Monday Beam): Thank you all, and thanks for your patience, Pat.
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): it seems to me the draft is going beyond the law again in requiring Artisan status for LUC inspectors
Rosie Gray: that is for the LUC to decide
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): why is that up to the LUC in your view?
Rosie Gray: because it is the LUC's mandate
Rosie Gray: why wouldn't it be up to the LUC?
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): if it's not within the boundaries set by the law passed by RA, it's not within your mandate
Rosie Gray: Pat
Rosie Gray: the entire purpose of this commission is to have some expertise attached to these inspections and drafts
Rosie Gray: what is your problem with it?
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i don't have a problem! i'm just pointing out where you are, in my view, going beyond the mandate set out in the law. i accept that this point is debateable. you could argue that you need someone at that level to carry out inspections. but that would be for the SC ultimately to rule on
Rosie Gray: nonsense
Rosie Gray: the commission can decide this, and in fact already did
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i think it's unnecessary to dismiss a viewpoint as 'nonsense'. i'm not doing that in response to your contributions
Rosie Gray: sorry
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): ty
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): apology accepted
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i am agreeing that you may have a point there after all :)
Rosie Gray: but really, why do you have a problem with this commission deciding on how its inspectors are set
Rosie Gray: thank you
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): as i said earlier, so far I'm happy that the LUC and Exec have been working well in practice
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i've asked for advice, got it, and it's been very helpful
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): that's what i would like to codify
Rosie Gray: but it hasn't been organized really
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): so what's missing from your point of view? 1
Rosie Gray: I think that the requests for private inspections should go to the chair of the LUC
Rosie Gray: and then the chair makes the requests to the various LUC members to do the inspections
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): request from who? the landowner or the chancellor?
Rosie Gray: although I can see it might get to be a bit unwieldy
Rosie Gray: either
anti Wirefly: or a citizen?
Rosie Gray: landowner = citizen
Rosie Gray: does it matter?
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i don't really see a problem with that. provided we can deal with requests that come direct to the LUC chair or to me.... fine
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): A neighbor who is displeased with a new building could perhaps complain to the chairman of LUC?
anti Wirefly: I think we need to be aware of any new construction, good or bad.
Rosie Gray nods
Rosie Gray: and we need to start a list to keep, of approved buildings
Rosie Gray: Pat, do you want to create a list or should the LUC do that?
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): are we on to item 2) work programme now?
Rosie Gray: well... this is still a part of the Procedures document
Rosie Gray: are we okay with that document now?
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i'll need to review it before i can say i'm happy with it
anti Wirefly: I move we table it for now.
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I am afraid that there are different interpretations of the text
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): brb
Rosie Gray: Em I will need to give you and Abby access to the doc so you can make comments
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I was thinking of your versus Pat's interpretation of VII, Rosie
Rosie Gray: right
Rosie Gray: hi Abby
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Abby! Welcome
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): back
anti Wirefly: Howdy Abby
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Welcome back Pat
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): FYI, will have to leave at 10
AbbyRose Abbot: TY.
anti Wirefly: I do have a motion on the floor
Rosie Gray: no motion
anti Wirefly: I move we table the Procedures document for now
Rosie Gray: what do you want to talk about now, Pat?
Rosie Gray: that's kind of vague as to what we do next though anti
anti Wirefly: gotcha
Rosie Gray: the document was already approved by the LUC, but now we've changed it
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i think you need to deal with anti's motion first. i'll wait
anti Wirefly: I withdraw the motion
Rosie Gray: maybe if we are leaving it, we should set a time limit to get back to it
Rosie Gray: or else it is limbo
Rosie Gray: so, how about 1 week for everyone to read it again, and then either approve it or not
Rosie Gray: does that make sense?
Timo Gufler: that's ok
Rosie Gray: Abby, I've sent you an email invitation to comment on the document in question
Pat (Patroklus Murakami) should be able to read it during the week
Rosie Gray: otherwise, we won't have any procedures in place
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I am sorry, but the procedure document is so complicated for me, tahtIwon't be able to foresee the consequences of implementing it
Rosie Gray: we can talk about it Em, if that would help
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Thank you, it would
Rosie Gray: ?
Rosie Gray: do you want a motion still, anti?
anti Wirefly: I move we take a look at the procedured document and open it again in a week
Rosie Gray: second
Rosie Gray: votes?
anti Wirefly: aye
Rosie Gray: aye
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Aye
Rosie Gray: Timo?
Rosie Gray: well anyway, it passes
Timo Gufler: aye
Timo Gufler: sorry
Rosie Gray: thanks ?
Rosie Gray: over to you, Pat
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): one final thing would be something for you to ponder
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): some people have pointed to current builds which they think breach our covenants
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): several of them were named in a recent forum thread
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i'd like you think about how we address these historical problems but do so in a fair way
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): so that people don't feel they are being singled out
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i confess i don't have an answer!
Rosie Gray: those mentions were made by people who aren't on the commission
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): but it would be helpful if we could address this
Rosie Gray nods
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): that's all really! thanks for meeting with me and, as I said, i'm happy for the transcript to be put on the forums
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): if you would like to continue your meeting without me please do! i need to head off in a minute or two anyway
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): The list Rosie mentioned would be great- it would mean a complete invention of the builds
Rosie Gray: okay, bye Pat
anti Wirefly: Thanks for evrything Pat
Pat (Patroklus Murakami): cheerio!
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Thank you Pat
AbbyRose Abbot: TC Pat
Timo Gufler: thanks Pat!
Rosie Gray: we need to elect a chairperson
AbbyRose Abbot: I suggest Rosie Gray as Chairperson
Rosie Gray: lol
Rosie Gray: I was going to suggest Timo
Timo Gufler: I would suggest Rosie ;)
Rosie Gray: we also need an alternate
Rosie Gray: hahah
Rosie Gray: okay, well I will then, if everyone agrees
AbbyRose Abbot: Timo as alternate
anti Wirefly: aye
Timo Gufler: sounds ok
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
Rosie Gray: you will be alternate, Timo?
Rosie Gray: someone should make a motion then
Timo Gufler: is alternate same as a "backup" chair
Timo Gufler: ?
Rosie Gray: yeah
Rosie Gray: pro tem
Timo Gufler: ok, that's fine
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I motion that we choose Rosie as chairperson of LUC, and Timo as an alternate
anti Wirefly: I second
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
anti Wirefly: aye
Timo Gufler: aye
Rosie Gray: aye
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): AYe
Rosie Gray: okay, jeez
Rosie Gray: then thank you for your confidence in me
Rosie Gray: and welcome Em and Abby as the new commissioners
Timo Gufler: thanks for the confidence in me as well
AbbyRose Abbot: thank you :-)
anti Wirefly: yes welcome
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Thank you both for taking on the responsibilty
Rosie Gray winks at Em
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Thanks for the welcomung :)
Rosie Gray: so right now we have the draft Procedures document to finalize... again
Rosie Gray: Abby... have you read the law that created the LUC?
Rosie Gray: it is here: ... e-of-laws/
AbbyRose Abbot: Thank you Rosie
Rosie Gray: CDSL 21-01
Rosie Gray: all commissioners need to familiarize themselves with it
Rosie Gray: and you already have the draft procedures
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I take it that it was approved by RA rather long ago?
Rosie Gray: the law?
Rosie Gray: yes it was
AbbyRose Abbot: May I have a link to the Proceedure Doc too?
Rosie Gray: October, 2014
Rosie Gray: I emailed it to you Abby
AbbyRose Abbot: I will check. Thank you
anti Wirefly: ... 8LHzM/edit#
Rosie Gray: so that you can make comments
Rosie Gray: there is another document, also in draft
Rosie Gray: that Leslie asked for
Rosie Gray: it is the draft General Master Plan
Rosie Gray: I will add Em and Abby to that one too
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Thank you Rosie
Rosie Gray: done
Rosie Gray: ... sp=sharing
Rosie Gray: this is also an important part of the LUC mandate
Rosie Gray: to update the GMP
Timo Gufler: I agree
Timo Gufler: even if I could live without the whole GMP too
Rosie Gray: so I have drafted up this as a way for us to review it and work on it
Rosie Gray: if you all can look and make comments
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): And I suppose that LUC can only have an advisory function in the updating of GMP too?
Rosie Gray: yes
Rosie Gray: so point 8 addresses that
Rosie Gray: I think we should give some time for the new commissioners to read this and think about it
Rosie Gray: and for our next meeting we could start the discussions
Rosie Gray: does that sound right?
AbbyRose Abbot: yes, thank you
Rosie Gray: you can make comments on the document
Rosie Gray: if you think of things
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I wish Pat would make his comments too
Rosie Gray: well it's not shared with him
Rosie Gray: it is up to this commission to create, update and maintain a master plan
Rosie Gray: and then it goes to the RA for approval
Rosie Gray: really, I included the Chancellor as a courtesy
The Commission shall create, update and maintain a CDS master plan, under which future expansions in land area and themes shall occur. This plan shall be submitted to and approved by the RA, as well as being resubmitted to the RA for approval whenever modifications are deemed necessary by either the Commission or the RA.
Rosie Gray: that's from the law
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): So the Chancellor can only accept the outcome of the LUC advices and the RA decisions
Rosie Gray: no, the Chancellor has power of veto
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): OK
Rosie Gray: make sense?
Rosie Gray: then... now we have one other really important item
Rosie Gray: and it is the RFP's received for the new sim
Rosie Gray: we need to keep to the timeline that Timo created
Timo Gufler agrees
Rosie Gray: or try to... we are already behind I think
Rosie Gray: we have two proposals
Rosie Gray: one from Timo
Rosie Gray: and one from Gaius
AbbyRose Abbot: Where can we see these?
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I have seen Timo's but not Gauis'
Rosie Gray: I've just asked Gaius to share his with you both
Rosie Gray: Timo, I believe already has
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Thanks
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Yes, Timo sent his plan in an e-mail
Rosie Gray:
Rosie Gray: there is Timo's
Catz Jewell Lane (Catz Jewell): hey guys
Catz Jewell Lane (Catz Jewell): sorry the bread and milk crowd was out in full force
anti Wirefly: howdy Catz
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Hello catz
Rosie Gray:
Rosie Gray: there is Gaius'
Rosie Gray: hi Catz
Rosie Gray: ... sp=sharing
Rosie Gray: there is part 2 of Gaius'
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): I am very sorry folks, but I have to leave
Rosie Gray: okay thanks Em
Em Warden (Mothercard Warden): Thank you all!
Rosie Gray: see you next time
AbbyRose Abbot: TC Em
Timo Gufler: see you Em!
Rosie Gray: I have to leave soon too, we have been here almost 2.5 hours
Timo Gufler: yes, a quite long meeting
anti Wirefly: did anyone capture the first part?
Rosie Gray: yes I can send it to you anti
anti Wirefly: ty
Rosie Gray: I move that the commissioners all review the sim proposals and be prepared to discuss them in 1 week
anti Wirefly: second
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
anti Wirefly: aye
Rosie Gray: aye
Rosie Gray: Timo?
Timo Gufler: aye
Rosie Gray: thank you
Rosie Gray: further, I move that the commissioners review the General Master Plan procedures, and make comments on it, within 1 week
anti Wirefly: second
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
Rosie Gray: aye
anti Wirefly: aye
Timo Gufler: aye
Rosie Gray: thak you
Rosie Gray: is there anything else, before we adjourn?
Rosie Gray: maybe we should pick a time
Rosie Gray: same time next Sunday?
anti Wirefly: that should work for me
Timo Gufler: I'm not sure about myself
Timo Gufler: not sure about my schedule
AbbyRose Abbot: 8slt on Sunday is fine for me
Rosie Gray: 8:30 slt okay Abby?
Timo Gufler: bit later would work more likely for me
AbbyRose Abbot: Sunday is a good day either way
Rosie Gray: is 8:30 pretty good for you, generally Timo?
Catz Jewell Lane (Catz Jewell): Im so sorry Guys, I was food shopping, lost track of time and thought My meeting started now. We are getting a blizzard tomorrow and grocery stores are a mess.
Rosie Gray: sorry Catz, this is an LUC meeting ?
Timo Gufler: generally 8:30 am SLT is good, but I'm not sure about my schedule on the next Sunday
Catz Jewell Lane (Catz Jewell): didnt mean to barge in
Catz Jewell Lane (Catz Jewell): im sorry
Rosie Gray: oh no problem
Rosie Gray: well, how about we set the meeting and hopefully you can attend?
Rosie Gray: also need to check with Em
Timo Gufler: that's fine by me
anti Wirefly: I so move
Rosie Gray: second
AbbyRose Abbot: aye
Rosie Gray: aye
Timo Gufler: aye
anti Wirefly: aye
Rosie Gray: ?
Rosie Gray: do we have a motion to adjourn?
Timo Gufler: so move
anti Wirefly: second
Rosie Gray: aye
Timo Gufler: aye
anti Wirefly: aye
Rosie Gray: ?
Rosie Gray: thanks everyone!
Rosie Gray: whew
Rosie Gray: bye for now
Timo Gufler: bye all :)
anti Wirefly: later
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