The Simplicity Party's "Kill Bill Effort"

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Diderot Mirabeau
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Master Word Wielder
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The Simplicity Party's "Kill Bill Effort"

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Can anyone help me here by giving their view on which legislative acts we have that are merely picking up dust?

Diderot Mirabeau
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Master Word Wielder
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Re: The Simplicity Party's "Kill Bill Effort"

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Okay I managed to get access to the Wiki and have singled out a few acts for eradication.

I have grouped the acts into three categories: (a) "historical" denotes that the RA was involved in some local planning and gave another body authority to execute a time-limited action, which has now been implemented lawfully; (b) "superceded" denotes that more recent acts or other legislative instruments have effectively taken over the domain of the act in question; (c) "ideological" means that for ideological reasons particular to the Simplicity Party this act is considered to be superfluous or not feasible.

For "historical acts" the RA should move to have these acts denoted with a parenthesised comment in red saying (historical). The RA acknowledges that any acts carried out in extension of the act were based on lawful premise and hereby acknowledges that the circumstances as brought out by these acts are legal and will continue to be so.

For "superceded acts" the RA should move to repeal the acts.

For "acts to which we are ideologically opposed" the RA should move to repeal the acts or take steps to implement their goals in ways, which are not in conflict with the ideology of the Simplicty Party.


NL 3-2 City Lag Reduction Act [i:1d9m8vpr](should be replaced by more flexible scripting rules in Covenant)[/i:1d9m8vpr]
NL 3-3 Tiny City Removal Act
NL 3-4 Casino Removal Act
NL 3-5 Holiday Chalet Rental Act [i:1d9m8vpr](rentals not alllowed by the covenants)[/i:1d9m8vpr]
NL 3-7 Rathaus Act
NL 4-1 Guildhall Act [i:1d9m8vpr](should be taken into account when dealing with the new guild)[/i:1d9m8vpr]
NL 4-7 Central Commercial District Land Allocation Act
NL 4-9 Expansion Planning Act
NL 4-17 Anzere Infohub Act [i:1d9m8vpr](should be reformulated incorporating recent proposals)[/i:1d9m8vpr]
NL 4-22 Housing Restitution Act
NL 4-27 Naming Procedures Act
NL 4-28 Rebuilding Funding Act
NL 5-3 Gwynethstrasse Relocation Act


NL 3-6 MoCA Act [i:1d9m8vpr](superceded by NL 4-12)[/i:1d9m8vpr]
NL 3-8 Texture Size Reduction Act [i:1d9m8vpr](should be entered into covenants)[/i:1d9m8vpr]
NL 3-11 Bond Act [i:1d9m8vpr](superceded by 5-2 and 5-14)[/i:1d9m8vpr]
NL 4-24 Defense of the Republic Act [i:1d9m8vpr](superceded by provisions in the judiciary act)[/i:1d9m8vpr]
NL 4-26 Public Information Act [i:1d9m8vpr](superceded by 5-7, should become an ordinary employment contract)[/i:1d9m8vpr]


NL 3-1 Fountain Act [i:1d9m8vpr](The city does not need petty cash)[/i:1d9m8vpr]
NL 3-9 US Dollar Account Act [i:1d9m8vpr](should be re-worded to be comprehensible)[/i:1d9m8vpr]
NL 4-13 MoCA Franchise Agreement [i:1d9m8vpr](lease agreement has not been renewed)[/i:1d9m8vpr]
NL 4-23 Public Property Protection Act[i:1d9m8vpr] (what is the purpose of this?)[/i:1d9m8vpr]
NL 5-4 Franchulate Act [i:1d9m8vpr](not used and with ramifications nobody understands - can be suitably replaced with the new measures advanced by the Simplicity Party in our "territorial expansion" proposal)[/i:1d9m8vpr]
NL 5-11 Judiciary Act [i:1d9m8vpr](should not be entrenched in the constitution but be re-passed as an ordinary act)[/i:1d9m8vpr]

That's 24 out of a total of 55 acts. Not a bad harvest for the Simplicity agenda, eh?

I'd like to hear your comments on the above observations.

One extra thought is that if we decide on this as our common position toward retrospective simplification of the legislation we submit it to the RA in a trilogy of three parts, where each category forms its own bill. That way even if we get deadlocked on the possibly more controversial third part we should still be able to take out a number of unneeded acts. Coincidentally, we also get to refer to our initiative with the cool sounding idiom "the Kill Bill trilogy". ;-)

Publius Crabgrass
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Passionate Protagonist
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This plank of the Simplicity Party could use this simple yet eloquent image:



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