Simplicity Party Meeting in Trotsky's, December 27th @ Noon

Announcements of activities and events in CDS.

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Ashcroft Burnham
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[quote="Beathan":13v6st4d]However, this is getting us far afield from the point of this discussion -- which is how the Simplicity Party, which, as Prok correctly points out, is dedicated to civil liberty through institutional simplicity, can redirect our state away from the catastrophic path the Judiciary Act (and other overly complicated institutional conceptions) has placed us.[/quote:13v6st4d]

Where, exactly, do you proclaim the Prokofy said this? His posts were nothing other than rants about shared ban lists and his usual paranoia that I am somehow receiving special treatment from Linden Lab.

Ashcroft Burnham

Where reason fails, all hope is lost.
Diderot Mirabeau
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This thread has been locked in accordance with article 5.5 of the Forum Moderation Guidelines:
[quote:3ry624dl]"5.5: A moderator may proactively decide to lock a thread if it has drifted from its original topic, contains posts that are bordering on being in violation with this document or are in other ways deemed to be detrimental to the purpose of the forums. The moderator will post a message in the thread giving justification for locking the thread. "[/quote:3ry624dl]
The thread has been locked because it contains discussions of Roman history and of the Judiciary Act: An exciting topic which may be discussed in a total of [i:3ry624dl]three[/i:3ry624dl] different forums on this site but not in the events forum, the description of which reads:
[quote:3ry624dl]"Announcements of activities and events in Neufreistadt"[/quote:3ry624dl]
I maintain that it is permitted to post in extension of an announcement in this forum but only in so far as it pertains to matters directly related to the event in question. Topics falling under this definition include but are not limited to:
[i:3ry624dl]Event transcripts, corrections of initial announcement, questions in relation to the event, related events, other kinds of follow-ups[/i:3ry624dl]

The following posters have posted in violation of these guidelines and are therefore [b:3ry624dl]warned[/b:3ry624dl] that repeated infringements may result in sanctioning:
- Ashcroft Burnham (6 times)
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- Gxeremio Dimsum (1 time)
- Beathan (8 times)
- Oni Jiutai (1 time)
- Fernando Book (1 time)

The following guidelines are considered to have been violated:
[quote:3ry624dl]3.2: Make sure that the topic of your post falls within the subject of the forum in question. Notice that some forums are intended for announcements or questions only and thus have certain restrictions on who may post there.

3.3: When responding to a post, consider if the topic has drifted away from that of the original post and if so, consider posting your reply as a separate thread. [/quote:3ry624dl]
This decision may be appealed to the Scientific Council by anyone who feels wrongly admonished or that the sanction is disproportionate in accordance with provision 7.1 of the Forum Moderation Guidelines:
[quote:3ry624dl]7.1: The decision of a moderator is subject to Neufreistadt jurisdiction and the citizen affected by the decision may therefore lodge an appeal by email or note card in world to the Dean of the Scientific Council of Neufreistadt or his/her archivist. [/quote:3ry624dl]


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