Transcript - CARE Inaugural Meeting - 4 Jan 2007 @ 11:00 hrs

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Transcript - CARE Inaugural Meeting - 4 Jan 2007 @ 11:00 hrs

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[11:02] You: thnk you for coming today
[11:02] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Pilotflame Ryder (17m)
[11:03] You: If you dont mind I will wait a few mor minutes in case other people are a bit late :)
[11:03] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: np
[11:03] Patroklus Murakami: sure
[11:03] TOPGenosse Brouwer: np
[11:03] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Gwyneth Llewelyn (8m)
[11:03] You: we'll start at 11:10 then
[11:03] RiverSong Garden: NP :)
[11:03] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hi hi
[11:03] You: Welcome Pilot
[11:03] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Mizou Vavoom (17m)
[11:03] You: Hi Gwyn
[11:03] Pilotflame Ryder: Hello Michel
[11:03] TOPGenosse Brouwer: hey Gwyn
[11:03] Patroklus Murakami: hi gwyn, where id u appear from?:)
[11:04] You: Gald to see you Mizou
[11:04] Mizou Vavoom: hi evrybody
[11:04] Gwyneth Llewelyn: By magic, Pat :)
[11:04] TOPGenosse Brouwer: Hi Mizou
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[11:04] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Adam Reuters (19m)
[11:05] Gwyneth Llewelyn envies Mizou's suit
[11:05] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I'm sure it's a long eternity in Hell for being jealous, lol
[11:05] Mizou Vavoom: suit?
[11:05] Gwyneth Llewelyn: outfit :)
[11:05] Mizou Vavoom: ripped jeans and working top lol
[11:05] Gwyneth Llewelyn: it looks so cool!
[11:05] Mizou Vavoom: merci
[11:06] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: ripped jeans are always the right choice
[11:06] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe Sijtse :)
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[11:06] Lizzie Scaggs is Online
[11:06] Pilotflame Ryder: All depends on where they are ripped, I suppose.
[11:06] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Michel, btw, just updated the website
[11:06] Gwyneth Llewelyn: pffft Pilot :)
[11:06] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: yes
[11:06] Mizou Vavoom: in the right places lol
[11:06] Pilotflame Ryder: [[Laughing Out Loud]]
[11:07] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: I envy Gwyn's sitting animation, she looks so cool...
[11:07] Mizou Vavoom: yes i second that!!
[11:07] Gwyneth Llewelyn: oh lol
[11:07] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: feel like a dork myself...
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[11:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn: do you want a copy of it, Sijtse??
[11:08] Pilotflame Ryder: Good posture. Your mother would be proud.
[11:08] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: sure!
[11:08] Mizou Vavoom: me too please :)
[11:08] Gwyneth Llewelyn: sure, lol
[11:08] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Leon Ash (18m)
[11:08] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: then we can all be cool
[11:08] Mizou Vavoom: yep
[11:08] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: might look a little sinister to others though...
[11:09] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe probably, yes :)
[11:09] Mizou Vavoom: bof...
[11:09] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: got it - thanks Gwyn!
[11:09] Pilotflame Ryder: A crosslegged cabal!
[11:10] Mizou Vavoom: i do that with my rl
[11:10] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: oh yeah, conformity!
[11:10] Gwyneth Llewelyn: haha
[11:10] Mizou Vavoom: already? lol
[11:10] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Kiwi Alfa (18m)
[11:10] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hi Leon :)
[11:10] Mizou Vavoom: hi leon welcome
[11:10] TOPGenosse Brouwer: hello mr. Ash
[11:10] Kiwi Alfa: Hi.
[11:10] You: Hi kiwi
[11:10] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hello Kiwi :)
[11:10] You: please haave a seat on the stage
[11:10] Mizou Vavoom: hi kiwi
[11:10] Leon Ash: Hi TOP!
[11:10] Leon Ash: Hi Everyone
[11:11] Oni Jiutai is Online
[11:11] Pilotflame Ryder: Hello Leon
[11:11] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: hey leon
[11:11] Mizou Vavoom: sit here leon?
[11:11] TOPGenosse Brouwer: Why don't you sit your hairy ass down? :-)
[11:12] Mizou Vavoom: have u go tiny sit anum?
[11:12] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Trent Davids (2m)
[11:12] Mizou Vavoom: anim
[11:12] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Floyd Lurra (18m)
[11:12] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I see there is a discrimination going on ...
[11:12] Gwyneth Llewelyn waggles her finger at discriminating tines
[11:12] Gwyneth Llewelyn: *tinies
[11:12] Leon Ash: Nope ... I have my own chair, but can't seem to find it in my invetory '=_
[11:12] You: Hello Everyone,
[11:13] TOPGenosse Brouwer: haha - Leon, I think your head is now *through* the seat
[11:13] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: yes, troubling
[11:13] You: Thank you so much for taking the time to attend our CARE’s inaugural meeting.
[11:13] Mizou Vavoom: good thinking ur royalness
[11:13] Leon Ash: Thanks Mizou :-)
[11:13] You: Today I’d like to talk to you about our dart Vision for the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, Our Mission, Our Principles, Our Policies, and Our Faction structure.
[11:13] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Oni Jiutai (17m)
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[11:14] You: We will then descide how best do discuss and finalise these.
[11:14] You: But before I start, a few notes:
[11:14] You: First, this meeting is open to all. But its purpose is not to engage in debate with members of other parties, but to inform and answer questions of CARE Members or persons interested in participating.
[11:15] You: After my remarks I will open the floor to anyone wishing to talk.
[11:15] You: Two more quick comments. CARE is doing something quite unique: we are producing the first election ad shot entirely in 2L by a 2L team of producers with a 2L cast and that will be shown in 2L. We will even try to take a shoot of this meeting, so please bear with us
[11:16] Hermina Nieminen is Online
[11:16] You: I would like to introduce to you Trent and Kiwi, my amazing producers. Take a bow guys :)
[11:16] Kiwi Alfa bows.
[11:16] Trent Davids waves to the crowd
[11:16] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Tormentor Nykvist (18m)
[11:16] Kiwi Alfa: Might help if I faced the right way. :)
[11:16] Gwyneth Llewelyn applauds
[11:16] Kiwi Alfa bows.
[11:16] Trent Davids smiles
[11:16] Mizou Vavoom: clap
[11:16] RiverSong Garden: /claps
[11:16] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Sudo Nakamura (17m)
[11:16] TOPGenosse Brouwer: /applause
[11:16] You: you can sit now with the rest in the auditorium please
[11:16] Leon Ash claps
[11:17] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Tormentor Nykvist (19m)
[11:17] You: I would also like to ask to comee up my Co-Chair in charge of policy, Oni
[11:17] You: please have a seat on stage Oni
[11:17] Lizzie Scaggs is Offline
[11:17] Oni Jiutai: Thank you.
[11:17] Oni Jiutai: Hello, Al.
[11:17] Oni Jiutai: All
[11:17] You: thank you for coming just in time :)
[11:17] Mizou Vavoom: hi oni
[11:17] TOPGenosse Brouwer: hello Oni!
[11:17] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :D
[11:18] Lizzie Scaggs is Online
[11:18] You: Finally, I would like to wecome Adam Reuters and thank him and his organization for kindly allowing us to use their facilities.
[11:18] Mizou Vavoom: clap
[11:18] You: This shows clearly the importance of 2L RL connections and links in all fields of endeavour
[11:18] Floyd Lurra: mstart
[11:18] Floyd Lurra: start
[11:19] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Floyd Lurra (17m)
[11:19] Floyd Lurra: start
[11:19] You: so as you hopefully know by now, CARE stands for Citizens’ Alliance for Rights and Equality - and nothing else! smiles
[11:19] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe
[11:19] Mizou Vavoom smiles
[11:19] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Floyd Lurra (19m)
[11:20] You: What is our Vision, you ask?
[11:20] You: It is simple, clear, compelling :
[11:20] You: The CDS will be a democratic, prosperous, diverse community based on principles of fairness and sustainability. The creativity, enthusiasm, participation and success of its growing number of citizens will transform it into a knowledge society at the leading edge of Second Life. The success and vitality of our innovation-driven community will lead to its establishing links with Real Life organizations on issues of economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability.
[11:21] You: Therefore, our motto is: The CDS will be a democratic, prosperous, diverse community based on principles of fairness and sustainability. The creativity, enthusiasm, participation and success of its growing number of citizens will transform it into a knowledge society at the leading edge of Second Life. The success and vitality of our innovation-driven community will lead to its establishing links with Real Life organizations on issues of economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability.
[11:21] Thai Racer is Online
[11:21] You: sorry about that repetion.. growing pains .. :)
[11:21] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Hermina Nieminen (17m)
[11:21] You: Therefore, our motto is: "Democracy, Prosperity, Diversity in a Fair and Sustainable CDS"
[11:21] Starlight Vandeverre is Offline
[11:22] You: Leadership is not doing what is popular with some – it is standing for what is right for all.
[11:22] You: We shall struggle for a democratic CDS – to give a voice to all our citizens; to ensure that our government is open and accountable; and to foster consensus and cooperation between public officials.
[11:22] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Christophe Hugo (18m)
[11:22] You: We shall build a prosperous community – supporting the creativity of our people; promoting the accomplishments of our citizens; and marketing our cities so they may become hubs of trade and tourism.
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[11:23] You: We shall celebrate the diversity of all our citizens; negotiate with the Lindens a gradual devolution of powers to local governments; and open two new exciting cities during 2007.
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[11:23] You: To accomplish this, we need to have the tools to do the job.
[11:23] You: We need a government where our judicial system is fair, stable, and professional; and where our media of information and debate are publicly-owned, up-to-date and accessible to all.
[11:23] You: We need to handle our finances proactively but prudently; and encourage links between Second Life and Real Life on environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability.
[11:24] Starlight Vandeverre is Online
[11:24] You: All we need to begin with, as a community, is a dream that we can do better than before.
[11:24] You: All wee need to have, as individuals, is faith in ourselves
[11:24] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Kiwi Alfa (16m)
[11:24] You: -and that dream will come true.
[11:24] You: All we need to do, as citizens, is act
[11:24] You: - and the time for action is NOW.
[11:25] You: in light of this, CARE's mission is as follows:
[11:25] You: CARE’s mission is to provide leadership and strive to implement its vision by becoming a grass-roots movement involving as many citizens as possible in its activities and having a real impact at the local (sim), community (CDS), in-world (Second Life) and out-world (Real Life) levels by means of six fundamental IDEALS:
[11:25] You: Innovation: we will develop new and innovative ideas and policies;
[11:25] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Bruno Echegaray (12m)
[11:25] You: Debate: we will engage in vigorous and creative exchanges of opinions;
[11:26] You: E-communication: we publish online a newspaper and magazine where our members will be not only readers but also authors and critics;
[11:26] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Kiwi Alfa (14m)
[11:26] You: Active participation: we will make our voices heard on those issues which affect us most and take an active part in the elaboration and implementation of solutions;
[11:26] You: Learning: we will offer courses, lectures, seminars, presentations;
[11:26] You: Soul force: we deeply believe in the existence of norms and values transcending purely materialistic principles as well as narrow considerations of local self-interest and strongly affirm the right of each and every human being and avatar to respect, dignity, personal and cultural recognition and development.
[11:27] You: Yestereday, I had a very enjoyable conversation with Pat. He asked me: What doees CARE stand for? I'm glad you're here' Pat. THis is my answer:
[11:27] You: We believe in four core principles which we shall strive to uphold in all our activities:
[11:27] You: Absolute inclusion: all individuals concerned and affected by a debate, proposal, decision must be included not only in the decision-making process itself, but also in the shaping and adoption of the rules which will set the parameters of such a process;
[11:28] You: Deep diversity: we will respect and celebrate the rich diversity of our citizens, recognizing the value of their unique identities, assisting them to develop it, and bringing them all together to create an architecture of trust and cooperation between them by assisting them to get to know each other and work together on common project
[11:28] You: The power of the best argument: we believe in principles of deliberative decision-making in a democratic context. Through open, inclusive, reasoned, and vigorous debate between individuals holding different ideas, new and more creative and innovative positions and arguments will develop which will be recognized asa such by the participants and adopted by all as their own. No one group or individual will be able at any time to impose its point of view or blueprint outside the deliberative decision-making process.
[11:28] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Patroklus Murakami (14m)
[11:28] You: Multi-level citizenship: our notion of citizenship mirrors that of our layered identities, with both territorial (place-based) and non-territorial (group-based) elements. Through it, we will be able to give voice to all communities, interests, and cultures and develop, in the process, a unique CDS citizenship identity that will be unique in both Second Life and the Real World.
[11:29] You: Before we go on to policy issues, let me give you some details about our Faction and its organization:
[11:29] You: Membership: Participation in CARE is open to all CDS citizens (CARE Activists) and non-citizens (CARE Observers). All CARE members are entitled to take part in all CARE debates and activities. Partcipatinon in decision-making procedures (such as voting) pertaining specifically to CDS-related policies is open only to CARE Activists.
[11:29] You: Organization: CARE activities shall be organized under six Taskforces:
[11:30] You: Media and Information Taskforce: deals with all community, in-world and out-world communication issues;
[11:30] You: Education Taskforce: deals with all our learning, knowledge, innovation and creativity-oriented activities;
[11:30] You: Activities and Events Taskforce: deals with the proposal, planning, budgeting, organizing, monitoring and feedback gathering of all our events;
[11:30] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Floyd Lurra (17m)
[11:30] You: Election Taskforce: deals with the planning, preparation, running and evaluation of all CDS-based elections CARE will field candidates in;
[11:30] You: Membership and Renewal Taskforce: deals with enlarging our membership base ad constantly reviewing and updating our goals, strategies and tactics;
[11:31] You: Policy Development Taskforce: deals with the innovative, creative, consensual and pragmatic development of our policies and proposals; it comprises five Study Groups:
[11:31] You: A Democracy Study Group; A Prosperity Study Group; A Diversity Study Group; A Fairness Study Group; A Sustainability Study Group.
[11:31] You: It is lead by the Policy Development Council, composed of the Chairs (Quaestors) of each study group.
[11:31] You: Officers: CARE shall be led by three Co-Chairs (Consuls).
[11:31] You: Executive Consul: in charge of CARE party issues; chairing the Membership and Renewal Taskforce and Election Taskforce.
[11:32] You: Communications Consul: in charge of all media, information and education issues and activities ; chairing the Media and Information Taskforce, Education Taskforce, and Activities and Events Taskforce.
[11:32] You: Policy Development Consul: in charge of all CARE policy development; chairs the Policy Development Taskforce as a whole and the Policy Development Council in particular.
[11:32] You: Selection: consuls running for specific consular positions shall be selected by a majority of CARE members at its yearly Convention (Senate) Meeting. All consuls must be CARE Activists (CDS Citizens). Consuls cannot hold more than two consecutive one-year mandates.
[11:32] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Kiwi Alfa (7m)
[11:32] You: Impeachment: any two consuls can vote to start impeachment proceedings against the third. Hearings shall be presided over by a CDS Judge and be conducted in accordance with the rules of the judiciary system in force in the CDS. All hearings shall be open, publicized, reported and its proceedings published. One week after the conclusion of the Hearing, a CARE Members vote shall be held, which will decide by a clear majority (60%) of the great majority of its members (75%) on the impeachment of the Consul. If the Consul is impeached, resignation will follow immediately and a new Consular election shall be held within two weeks of that resignation.
[11:33] You: Meetings: all Taskforces and Study Groups will organize their own meeting schedules. Once a year, a Convention (Senate) Meeting shall be held at which all CARE members will decide upon the future direction and activities of the party for the up-coming year. Such meetings shall not be held closer than two months before or after CDS elections.
[11:33] You: Elections: CARE shall field candidates for the positions of Chancellor of the CDS and Representative Assembly Members. Such candidates shall be selected by majority vote of all CDS Activists (CDS Citizens) at their yearly Senate Meetings and commit to run in two consecutive elections. Elected candidates cannot hold their CDS positions for longer than two consecutive terms of office.
[11:33] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Floyd Lurra (17m)
[11:34] You: We now arrive at our policy platform. We ddo not have a blue pri nt for your approval today. e do not believe in blue-prints where your only role is to vote yes or no.
[11:35] You: We need you all to get involved. to take part. to share with us your ideas, your experiences, your needs, your successes, your dreams.
[11:35] You: but we do have key policy issues that we intend to address
[11:35] You: we have grouped them as follows:
[11:35] Floyd Lurra: start
[11:35] You: Leadership issues:
[11:36] You: Leadership – forward not back
[11:36] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Floyd Lurra (19m)
[11:36] You: De mocracy issues
[11:36] You: Democracy –the many not the few
[11:36] You: Democracy –openness not secrecy
[11:37] You: Democracy –collaboration not conflict
[11:37] You: Prosperity issues:
[11:37] You: Prosperity – enabling a creative community
[11:37] You: Prosperity – promoting products and trade
[11:37] You: Prosperity – our sims as tourism hubs
[11:37] You: Diversity issues:
[11:37] You: Diversity – celebrating difference
[11:38] You: Diversity – working for 2L local governance
[11:38] You: Diversity –opening two new sims
[11:38] You: Fairness issues:
[11:38] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Chris06 Dean (16m)
[11:38] You: Fairness – a just, stable, professional judiciary
[11:38] You: Fairness – publicly-owned information meda
[11:38] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Floyd Lurra (19m)
[11:39] You: Sustainability issues:
[11:39] You: Sustainability –proactive but prudent finances
[11:39] You: Sustainabilty – working with RL organizations
[11:39] You: This is the CARE DRaft Agenda. To succeed, we need you all.
[11:40] You: Our success, the CDS success, depends on each and every citizen taking a proactive approach, and gitting involved in the governance and the future of their own community.
[11:40] You: As i said before - and it bears repeating:
[11:40] You: The CDS will be a democratic, prosperous, diverse community based on principles of fairness and sustainability. The creativity, enthusiasm, participation and success of its growing number of citizens will transform it into a knowledge society at the leading edge of Second Life. The success and vitality of our innovation-driven community will lead to its establishing links with Real Life organizations on issues of economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability.
[11:41] You: All we need to begin with, as a community, is a dream that we can do better than before.
[11:41] You: All wee need to have, as individuals, is faith in ourselves
[11:41] You: -and that dream will come true
[11:41] You: All we need to do, as citizens, is act
[11:41] You: and the time for action is NOW.
[11:41] You: THank you all for listening.
[11:42] You: I would like now to ask Oni to say a few owrds
[11:42] Trent Davids claps
[11:42] Mizou Vavoom: clap
[11:42] Oni Jiutai: Michel didn't tell me that he was going to ask me to speak.
[11:42] Oni Jiutai: So this will be a very few words.
[11:43] Hermina Nieminen is Offline
[11:43] Oni Jiutai: I think just that what we have at the moment is some principles and some ideas.
[11:43] Hermina Nieminen is Online
[11:44] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Hermina Nieminen (10m)
[11:44] Oni Jiutai: To put flesh on those, is sort of why we're here.
[11:45] Oni Jiutai: In any event, it's great to see so many people here and I'm sure we've all got a lot to learn from each other.
[11:45] Oni Jiutai: Michel?
[11:45] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Floyd Lurra (19m)
[11:45] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Tormentor Nykvist (19m)
[11:45] Trent Davids claps
[11:45] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: claps
[11:45] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Sudo Nakamura (17m)
[11:45] You: thank you oni for your unprepared but insighful comments
[11:46] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe
[11:46] You: I would l ike now to open the floor for questions. But before we start, all CARE members and interested participants who want to take part in our activities , please wait until the end so we can get orga nised and establish a working schedule.
[11:47] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Floyd Lurra (17m)
[11:47] Patroklus Murakami would like to ask a question, if I may?
[11:47] Thai Racer is Online
[11:47] You: Go ahead Pat. But please remember my open ing remarks on debate with other parties.
[11:47] Patroklus Murakami: I think almost anybody would be able to agree with some or all of your core principles.
[11:47] Patroklus Murakami: I would say that the CDS representative democracy already embodies these principles.
[11:48] Patroklus Murakami: For example, any citizen can put forward a bill to the Representative Assembly and participate in meetings. We have active discussion on our forums.
[11:48] Bruno Echegaray: michel, can i ask you who you are in rl, where from and what are your main rl interests?
[11:48] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Tormentor Nykvist (16m)
[11:48] Patroklus Murakami: What would your proposals mean in practice?
[11:48] Patroklus Murakami: What would you do differently? That's all :)
[11:48] You: One second Pat
[11:48] You: to first answer you Bruno
[11:49] You: This is 2L meeting for a 2L election. Should you wish to personally discuss RL issues with me, we'll get in touch afterwards :)
[11:49] You: Back to you Pat
[11:50] You: Well, i dont agree that the curren t practice of governance in CDS is quite as opne, democratic anad friendly as you imply
[11:50] You: All you have to do is read the forums
[11:50] You: over 70 pere cent are posted by 10 individuals
[11:50] You: The tone and quality of arguments is often poor.
[11:50] Patroklus Murakami: i didn't say it was 'friendly' - democracy rarely is :) even in Canada
[11:50] Mizou Vavoom: /May i suggest a possible difference?
[11:50] Bruno Echegaray: i don't believe tha t it could be possible to get so serious goal as you did explain before without knowing people beter
[11:51] You: That is not a professional way to run CDS
[11:51] You: We will bring an entirely new approach to the very naature and principles of governance for our community
[11:51] You: one which i have outlined in detail
[11:51] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Leandro Storaro (15m)
[11:51] You: and will dramatically change but the nature of discourse, the decisionmaking porcess
[11:52] You: and thee policies we adopt
[11:52] You: Above all
[11:52] You: we wil get involved as many as possible of th 50 or more citiznes
[11:52] You: whose voice is NOT heard on the forums
[11:52] You: whose intersts and experience are NOT taken into account
[11:52] You: whose buisnesses are NOT promoted
[11:52] Patroklus Murakami: How? Close the forums? Hold public meetings? How would you do this?
[11:52] Mizou Vavoom: We need faith in ourselves and act now in supportive ways with each other so knowing each other and support
[11:53] You: whose life expeiene is not put to use
[11:53] You: This si not happening today in CDS
[11:53] You: And it is a shame
[11:53] You: but we shall try to change it
[11:53] You: we shall try our bes
[11:53] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: I believe he has a point - as this meeting shows, having scheduled times probably does produce a better and more evenhanded turnout than the forums...
[11:53] You: because we CARE
[11:53] You: Indeeed
[11:54] Patroklus Murakami: So far you've said a lot about process but there's no substance. What do you actually want to do?
[11:54] You: I disagree
[11:54] Mizou Vavoom: knowing each other and support from each other are key point of new structure
[11:54] TOPGenosse Brouwer: Yes, some concrete examples please.
[11:54] You: I provided 14 specific policy heads and the direction we wish to take
[11:54] You: but Oni and I as co-chairs
[11:55] You: are not here to imopose our platform and policies on all of you.
[11:55] Starlight Vandeverre is Offline
[11:55] You: Yuo must help with your input to develop our platform and finalise it
[11:55] Patroklus Murakami: but your policy heads are not very specific. i'm sorry to press u michel. i know it's your meetig. but was does 'forward not back' mean?
[11:55] You: we shall do so in the next few days
[11:56] You: we shll discusss these issues at weeken meetings and come up with a final Policy platfrom
[11:56] You: You will have to wait until then Pat
[11:56] You: Now mizou, you were sayhing?
[11:56] TOPGenosse Brouwer: May I ask a question after Mizou?
[11:56] You: yes TOP
[11:57] Mizou Vavoom: i am saying that where it all starts for a new beginning is first to get to know each other in a day to day way and learn to act in supportive ways
[11:57] TOPGenosse Brouwer: CDS is already supportive (if not very supportive)
[11:57] Mizou Vavoom: so then we can learn to work together in political way stoo
[11:57] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Floyd Lurra (16m)
[11:57] Starlight Vandeverre is Online
[11:58] Mizou Vavoom: if it i ssupportive then it should work like a dream ?
[11:58] You: indeed - that is why one of our policy heads is :Democracy –collaboration not conflict
[11:58] TOPGenosse Brouwer: hm hm
[11:58] You: and that is why
[11:58] TOPGenosse Brouwer: *nods*
[11:58] You: we are developing task fornces
[11:58] You: forces
[11:58] You: fro us all to get involved
[11:58] You: a nd get to know each other
[11:58] You: all learn to work together
[11:59] You: rather than for me to stand here
[11:59] Mizou Vavoom: and overcme our differences
[11:59] You: and act like Moses
[11:59] You: and give you the Ten Commandments AND the entire TORSAH!!
[11:59] Bruno Echegaray: sorry if i'm sayng frankly my opinion, but seems to me that your approach is very teoretical, maybe you can start with an approach bottom up instead of top down theory
[11:59] Mizou Vavoom: we need both
[11:59] You: I totsally agree with yo Buno
[12:00] You: the problem is this
[12:00] You: for a bottom -up aprpoach
[12:00] You: we need a framwork for action and communication and debate and decision making
[12:00] You: that what CARE provides.
[12:00] You: what you all provide
[12:00] You: is the grass roots. :)
[12:00] You: your time
[12:00] You: your ideasa
[12:00] You: your participation.
[12:00] You: Its all up to you
[12:01] Mizou Vavoom: clap
[12:01] You: not me nor Oni, nor any other single individual, or 5 individuals
[12:01] Trent Davids claps
[12:01] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: Yes, a structure is needed - and Michel is providing a basic structure here that the grass roots can grow into - think of it as a trellis (sp?)...
[12:01] Lilian Fossil is Offline
[12:01] Delia Lake: if you start only bottom up, without a larger context, you run the risk of being narrowly focused on a few issues and never building the organization that carries beyond when those few issues are handled
[12:01] Mizou Vavoom: wel said delia
[12:01] You: exactly Delia
[12:01] You: and that is what CARE brings to the table
[12:01] You: that is unique and has never b een done before in the CDS
[12:02] Patroklus Murakami: thank you for the opportunity to ask questions. i must leave now. i hope we can all have a free exchange of views during the election campaign. on our forums and at inworld debate perhaps?
[12:02] Lilian Fossil is Online
[12:02] TOPGenosse Brouwer: yes please
[12:02] TOPGenosse Brouwer: debates!
[12:02] You: I lookforward to that Pat
[12:02] You: Top,, you had a question?
[12:02] Delia Lake: thanks, Pat
[12:02] TOPGenosse Brouwer: Yes
[12:02] Oni Jiutai: We should also say that Pat is absolutely right - there are a lot of holes in the ideas thus far - we're still at the beginning.
[12:02] Patroklus Murakami: bye :)
[12:02] Oni Jiutai: Bye, Pat.
[12:03] Bruno Echegaray: have to go bye for now
[12:03] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: yes, I have a 12:00 appt - please keep us advised with group notices, I'll be glad to contribute.
[12:03] Mizou Vavoom: am entirely supportive of CARE Michel!
[12:03] You: Well to paraphrase a famous american president
[12:03] You: our task will not be finished in 100 days
[12:03] Mizou Vavoom: well cone on providing this structural idea
[12:03] You: nor even in 6 months.
[12:03] You: nor even a yeat
[12:03] You: year
[12:03] You: But Let us Begfin!
[12:03] Gwyneth Llewelyn: "Rome was not build in a day" (and not even Colonia Nova :) )
[12:04] Mizou Vavoom: lol
[12:04] Sijtse Kuttelwascher: here here
[12:04] Trent Davids claps
[12:04] Mizou Vavoom: claps
[12:04] You: I would liketo ask all of you
[12:04] You: CARE mebmers
[12:04] You: and interested parties
[12:04] You: to contact me or Oni
[12:04] Taharka Talaj is Offline
[12:04] You: and to tell us what you can do for CDS
[12:04] TOPGenosse Brouwer: Michel, (1) How do you see the relation between CARE and your RL non-prof. org. Craedo? and question (2) : HOW MANY MORE people do you think you can involve?
[12:04] Mizou Vavoom: ok will do
[12:05] You: TOP
[12:05] You: there is no formal relation between CRAEDO and CARE, altough clearly my approach her is inspired from CRAEDO principles and adapted to 2L and CDS realities.
[12:05] You: in fact
[12:05] You: my alt Aemilius Cloetesnm who you all met
[12:06] You: is going to run CRAEDO
[12:06] You: i will be involved strictly
[12:06] You: in CARE and 2L matters
[12:06] You: as to how many people we can involvev
[12:06] TOPGenosse Brouwer: I'm asking since you mention "contacts with RL organisations"
[12:06] You: i think that gi ven CDS citizne number is 68
[12:07] You: we can involve you all
[12:07] You: Ye TOP
[12:07] You: representatives of RL organizations
[12:07] You: we ha ve here
[12:07] You: like Water conservation movments
[12:07] You: like consultancies
[12:07] You: Bruno comes to mind
[12:07] You: we want to draw on all our members special skills and experience
[12:07] You: to dvelop ideas and policies
[12:08] You: about what the best manner is
[12:08] You: to establish and foster 2L RL cooperation
[12:08] You: River do you have any comments?
[12:08] TOPGenosse Brouwer: Example?
[12:08] You: or Delia?
[12:09] You: River and Delia are v ery much involved
[12:09] You: with real life enviromental issues
[12:09] You: their input and experience will b greatly valued
[12:09] You: another specific example
[12:09] You: We haave in CDS
[12:09] You: a very sizable minority
[12:09] You: the Espatanto Speakers
[12:09] Delia Lake: one sl example i can think of is TechSoup
[12:09] You: i think this is a great asset for our community
[12:10] You: I have tslked to Stefan
[12:10] TOPGenosse Brouwer: *nods*
[12:10] You: and waht we as a coomunity in 2L can do
[12:10] Delia Lake: they are both sl and rl working to coordinate non pofit needs and relations
[12:10] You: to help them develop and celebarte their language and unique culture
[12:10] Stefan Fermi is Online
[12:10] You: in ways that is maybe mor difficult in RL
[12:10] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Phader Edelman (18m)
[12:10] You: thats is one specific example TOP
[12:10] Bruno Echegaray is Offline
[12:11] TOPGenosse Brouwer: OK :-)
[12:11] You: Thank you Dedlia
[12:11] You: Now on that note
[12:11] You: this is my personal opinion
[12:11] You: and not CARE policy
[12:11] You: but i really believe in it
[12:12] You: I personally think
[12:12] You: that 2L
[12:12] You: has an amazing pote ntial
[12:12] You: to become an entirely new medium of interaction and communication
[12:12] Leon Ash: Michel, may I ask a question next?
[12:12] You: as my prorducer Trent Davids said - and he knows what he is talking about -
[12:12] You: a 3 D web
[12:13] You: we are here to shape it
[12:13] You: to mold it
[12:13] You: to endure it is not just a commerical tool of profit genertion
[12:13] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Stefan Fermi (17m)
[12:13] You: althought that is imporant
[12:13] You: but also
[12:13] You: that in includes
[12:13] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Kit Larsen (17m)
[12:13] You: the values and principles CARE sgtands for
[12:13] Trent Davids claps
[12:13] You: therefore
[12:13] You: altough i enjouy doing this
[12:14] You: and i keep all proportions in mind
[12:14] You: i think that what wew are doing heere today
[12:14] You: id far more than just a game
[12:14] You: in a way,
[12:14] You: we are all "Present at th e Creation"
[12:14] Mizou Vavoom: claps
[12:14] You: let us all help shape the future!
[12:14] Mizou Vavoom: yes!!!
[12:14] Trent Davids claps
[12:14] Delia Lake: yes
[12:15] You: any more questions?
[12:15] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Can I ask just a short one on "expansion"?
[12:15] Leon Ash: Why do you care about CARE? What drives you to be standing on the stage right now?
[12:15] You: leon?
[12:15] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Phader Edelman (15m)
[12:15] You: Good question ash
[12:15] You: That will involve tellign you abit about my rl
[12:16] You: i promise to be brief
[12:16] You: i was born under a communist dictatorshp - under Ceausescu
[12:16] You: to do there what i do today would have signified my execution and that of my family
[12:17] You: as a child, i lived in Africa, europe North America
[12:17] You: I think that all of us
[12:17] You: who have this incredible freedom an d opportunity]
[12:17] You: to say what we mean and mean what we say
[12:17] You: in public and in front of our peers
[12:17] You: have aqa duty to do so
[12:18] You: not only to ourselves
[12:18] You: not only to our community
[12:18] You: but to all those who are silenced
[12:18] You: imprisi0oned
[12:18] You: torrtured
[12:18] You: killed
[12:18] Mizou Vavoom: clap
[12:18] You: because they belived in frreedom of speech
[12:18] Trent Davids claps
[12:18] You: and all those
[12:18] You: who are too worried
[12:18] You: about their daily survivail
[12:18] You: to think about politics in the first place
[12:19] You: we hold all our future in trust for thm
[12:19] You: we need to act.
[12:19] Mizou Vavoom: so here i sa medium where we can know, work and support each other
[12:19] You: indeed mizou
[12:19] Mizou Vavoom: so lets make the best of it
[12:19] You: thats is what CARE plans to do, with your help and support
[12:19] Trent Davids claps
[12:19] Mizou Vavoom: yes we are behinf u michel!
[12:19] Leon Ash: Thank you for answering. It has certainly helped my understanding.
[12:20] You: any other questions?
[12:20] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Definitely — thank you Michel!
[12:20] Mizou Vavoom: thkx for question ash
[12:20] Delia Lake: thank you
[12:20] You: well if not
[12:20] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I had one about "expansion"
[12:20] You: haha
[12:20] You: go ahead gwyn
[12:20] Gwyneth Llewelyn: ie. how to envolve more people beyond the ones who are citizens of the CDS ...
[12:20] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I've seen that there are CARE members who aren't citizens
[12:20] You: indeed.
[12:21] You: we are open to non CDS citizens
[12:21] You: for 2 reasons
[12:21] Gwyneth Llewelyn: so it's clear to me that CARE is beyond the CDS's "territory" so to speak 8which, I think is good)
[12:21] You: wisdon and experience and commitment is not restricted to CDS citzens
[12:21] You: smiles
[12:21] Mizou Vavoom: lol
[12:21] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Definitely :D
[12:21] You: we want to tap into that resource
[12:22] You: and use their insights and experince
[12:22] You: in addition
[12:22] You: 1. they may well become CDS citzens when they get involved and see what we are thrying to accomplish here
[12:22] Gwyneth Llewelyn *nods*
[12:22] You: and 2. they may take word of our activities to other sims
[12:22] You: and help us in out project of local governance
[12:23] You: so i think it is vital
[12:23] You: that we remain an open organization
[12:23] Gwyneth Llewelyn: So will there be a Caledonian CARE, a Ravenglass CARE, a Dreamland CARE...? :)
[12:23] You: does that answer your question gwyn?
[12:24] You: I dont even know yet whether there wil b a viable CDS care.... as the chinese proverb says.,,, a thousand mile trip starts with hte first step... let us take that first step together... and the future will take shape as we go.
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[12:24] Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe ok, ty Michel :)
[12:25] Mizou Vavoom: yes!!
[12:25] You: any other questions?
[12:25] You: Delia?
[12:25] Delia Lake: and then the next first step and the next...
[12:25] You: indeed.
[12:25] Mizou Vavoom: next meeting will be when and what direction?
[12:25] You: If you ask me personally
[12:25] You: what i wish to accomplish over htenext year
[12:25] You: iti s this
[12:26] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Jan Wiranata (18m)
[12:26] You: Build the foundations of a grass roots organization that i cvan hand over to my successors- dynamic, invloved, entusiastic, professional and fun for all its memvbers!
[12:26] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Tormentor Nykvist (12m)
[12:26] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Sounds... fun :)
[12:27] Mizou Vavoom: so creating a web of founders?
[12:27] You: well.... creating the istitutional structures
[12:27] You: and the pool of experience
[12:27] You: to allow us to carry forwards our vision, miision, golas and policies in CDS and beyond
[12:27] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Hope Toland (17m)
[12:28] You: more questions?
[12:28] Mizou Vavoom: yes what i meant just have not got th ewords for it
[12:28] You: hiihi
[12:28] You: Well thnak you all for attedning
[12:28] Moon Adamant is Offline
[12:28] Trent Davids claps
[12:28] You: i will post a transcript of this seesion on our CARE forum thread
[12:28] Gwyneth Llewelyn: thank you for doing the meeting :)
[12:29] You: for those of you who are interested
[12:29] Hermina Nieminen: thank you Michel
[12:29] Mizou Vavoom: thkx Michel and a big applause
[12:29] You: please get in touch with me or Oni as soon as possible
[12:29] TOPGenosse Brouwer: Thx Michel and Oni
[12:29] Mizou Vavoom: ok will do
[12:29] You: to decide on next steps.
[12:29] You: i like bowing :)
[12:29] You: hahahaha
[12:29] Leon Ash: Michel, do you have the 'manifesto' in distributable format?
[12:29] Mizou Vavoom: and thkx for choosing such a lovely setting
[12:30] You: yes i do
[12:30] Leon Ash: I'd reallu appreicate a copy so I can mull it over. Thanks
[12:30] Delia Lake: thank you Michel for pulling all this together :)
[12:30] Leon Ash accepted your inventory offer.
[12:30] You: i just gave you sa copy Leon
[12:30] Leon Ash: Thanks, go tit
[12:30] Leon Ash: got it!!! ;-)
[12:30] MystiTool HUD 1.0.11: Entering chat range: Floyd Lurra (17m)
[12:30] You: anyone else who wants a portable copy
[12:30] You: please just ask
[12:31] RiverSong Garden: I would like on please :)
[12:31] Stefan Fermi: I would also like a copy the manifesto.
[12:31] RiverSong Garden: one*
[12:31] Mizou Vavoom: me too
[12:31] You: lol ok
[12:31] You: i will give you al one now.. please be patient..
[12:31] Delia Lake: yes, please, Michel


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