How about a platform text a bit like this?

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How about a platform text a bit like this?

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Take a look at this and let me know what you think. Is it too long? Does it lack anything? Is anything in conflict with our values?

Thanks - see you in world in a minute!


The Simplicity Party has a vision of CDS as a prosperous, inclusive and democratic community of peers where people participate in shaping our collective future in accordance with their desire to do so.

As the community grows more thought needs to be devoted to how to keep our government open, transparent, inclusive and responsive to the needs of citizens.

We believe that a great contribution can be made toward that aim by prioritising a government that works in ways simple enough to be understood at a glance without needing to spend a lot of time wading through bureaucracy and checking to make sure that one is in compliance with our laws.

At the same time we wish for our government and laws to be effective in pursuing their aims.

It is not easy to design a government that is simple yet effective at the same time. It is much easier to sit down and write 100 page documents with elaborate procedures on how to address this and that problem.

However, the risk is that by designing a government mired in paperwork and complexity we will end up alienating our citizenry and spend more time reading and writing in notepad and in the forums than we will be in-world in the CDS interacting, building, socialising, debating, trading indeed creating a virtual community.

Our community is a virtual one: people are here on a voluntary basis. Voluntary does not go well with complexity.

We desire that our community be developed cautiously - one step at a time. Starting out with a simple design, which is discussed and evaluated in an open, inclusive and constructive manner. The last thing we need from our government officials and experts is that they get ownership feelings over their designs, defending them vigorously and try to hide or gloss over their deficiencies in piles of paperwork and sneaky rhetoric.

We are willing to work toward realising a prosperous, inclusive and democratic CDS with any political party that embrace our ideal of constructive dialogue focused on shared aims and how to improve on designs in accordance with clearly perceived, tangible needs.

Our government can play an important role in helping to realise this objective. Most importantly we believe our government should:
- Promote the CDS as a beacon of democracy in CDS
- Help establish an architecture of trust in the CDS to facilitate business and enterprise
- Keep the CDS as a cohesive community of individuals with diverse backgrounds

We have developed policies in a number of areas, where we think the government has a role to play. They are as follows:
- Territorial Expansion
- Promoting Democratic Governance in SL
- Revitalising our Community
- Making business in SL successful
- Establishing a simple yet effective Judiciary
- How to run the Representative Assembly
- Getting rid of unused or useless legislation
- Simplifying the Constitution to become more readable and better structured
- Ensuring that our Covenants are flexible and effective


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