Scientific Council ordinary meeting, Jan 7, 10AM SLT

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Scientific Council ordinary meeting, Jan 7, 10AM SLT

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The Scientific Council will meet at the Praetorium in Colonia Nova tomorrow, Sunday, January 7, 2007, at 10 AM SLT, with the following agenda:

  • [*:ej1pwsu1]Approval of the new procedures for the SC.[/*:m:ej1pwsu1]
    [*:ej1pwsu1]Review of many requests for forum moderation and appeals of moderation.[/*:m:ej1pwsu1]
    [*:ej1pwsu1]Reviewing the requirements for having a working Judiciary. This is a pending issue that was left from the previous meeting, when we decided to do wait some more time until new Judges were qualified and appointed to serve ([i:ej1pwsu1]note: due to point 9 in the agenda, this one might not get discussed[/i:ej1pwsu1])[/*:m:ej1pwsu1]
    [*:ej1pwsu1]Interpreting the constitutional requirement of "upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" for all public offices, and how it applies to members of the Judiciary as well ([i:ej1pwsu1]see also the above note[/i:ej1pwsu1]).[/*:m:ej1pwsu1]
    [*:ej1pwsu1]Reviewing several clarifications on the election procedures and alleged violations of those by some parties who allegedly failed to fully comply with the requirements.[/*:m:ej1pwsu1]
    [*:ej1pwsu1]SC Archivist vacancy only with one candidate, who will be absent during most of 2007[/*:m:ej1pwsu1]
    [*:ej1pwsu1]Discussion of representation of diversity in the forums. See [url= ... 4:ej1pwsu1]this forum post[/url:ej1pwsu1][/*:m:ej1pwsu1]
    [*:ej1pwsu1]Discussion and approval of the impeachment procedures.[/*:m:ej1pwsu1]
    [*:ej1pwsu1]Reviewing the RA's latest approved bill on [url= ... =:ej1pwsu1]PCA Judiciary Amendment + Judiciary Revision Bill[/url:ej1pwsu1] for constitutionality.[/*:m:ej1pwsu1][/list:o:ej1pwsu1]
    The order might very well be changed at the beginning of the meeting, since the last agenda point might render some of the others irrelevant.

    While the meeting is open for the public to attend, and a journal of the proceedings will be posted publicly afterwards, no transcripts will be allowed.

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