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I need a hobby
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Prosperity Study Group

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This thread will contain information, notices, discussions, transcripts and policy proposals of the CARE Prosperity Study Group.

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Hello CARE members,

I noticed that one of your 'opponents' ;-) made an ('in-party') proposal towards our Chancellor Aliasi to use the high traffic present at the Anzere infohub to increase the CDS' prosperity.

I would be very interested to hear from you:
- What you think about it
- What you would add/change
- If you would be willing to join a team of people so that we can put time and effort in it

Something that hasn't been brought forward in those discussion yet, is:
- How do we handle the bad behaviour that some newbies act out? Think of rezzing crazy amounts of plywood or (sexually) assaulting people. Getting more newbie-traffic could bring along this problem.

- - - - -
You can find the proposal here:
[url:31hz3enx] ... =5361#5361[/url:31hz3enx]
(The one posted at Mon Jan 15, 2007 1:20 am)

But most of the issue has been discussed outside of that political forum, here:

Some older discussion can be found here:

- - - -
For the people frowning at the word "Anzere" -->
Transport yourself to the region/sim of "Anzere" and you'll notice that this 'Infohub' is under CDS 'influence'.
Details on what 'influence' means can be found in the second thread mentioned above.


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