Guild Scripting Projects: Voting and Bonds

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Pelanor Eldrich
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Veteran debater
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Guild Scripting Projects: Voting and Bonds

Post by Pelanor Eldrich »

Just trying to gather some requirements here. What types of objects/functionality would you like to see for voting and bonds systems and how would you like each system to interface with the city website? Thanks!

Salzie Sachertorte
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Passionate Protagonist
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Post by Salzie Sachertorte »

KISS for voting - I believe the website has a survey function, maybe we could use that? I don't anything about bonding, so I can't comment.

Lee Dimsum
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Post by Lee Dimsum »

The complicated thing about bonds is reselling it before maturity.
If we forget about reselling, a simple ATM should do the trick, e.g:
1) Investor wants to purchase NBurg bonds for X L$.
He pays the ATM machine X L$. The ATM checks wheter there a still bonds offered for subscription, and saves the purchased bonds in a external database.
2) The ATM pays automatically interests on the 1st of each month.

However, bonds might be resold in the future trough a broker or a stock exchange...:)

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