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CARE Current Policies Board

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This thread wil contain the updating versions of CARE's policies.

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What *are* CARE's policies?

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The election campaign is in full swing now, all the factions have published their manifestos and voting begins on Saturday. I'm still at a loss to know what CARE's policies are though and I note that this thread is still empty. When I asked you about this at your inaugural meeting you said you were going to hold policy meetings over the weekend just past and then flesh out your proposals.
[list:3521qzbx][11:54] Patroklus Murakami: So far you've said a lot about process but there's no substance. What do you actually want to do?
[11:54] You: I disagree
[11:54] Mizou Vavoom: knowing each other and support from each other are key point of new structure
[11:54] TOPGenosse Brouwer: Yes, some concrete examples please.
[11:54] You: I provided 14 specific policy heads and the direction we wish to take
[11:54] You: but Oni and I as co-chairs
[11:55] You: are not here to imopose our platform and policies on all of you.
[11:55] Starlight Vandeverre is Offline
[11:55] You: Yuo must help with your input to develop our platform and finalise it
[11:55] Patroklus Murakami: but your policy heads are not very specific. i'm sorry to press u michel. i know it's your meetig. but was does 'forward not back' mean?
[11:55] You: we shall do so in the next few days
[11:56] You: we shll discusss these issues at weeken meetings and come up with a final Policy platfrom
[11:56] You: You will have to wait until then Pat [/list:u:3521qzbx]
When are we likely to see this?


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