Top 5 landowners/feepayers

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Gxeremio Dimsum
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Top 5 landowners/feepayers

Post by Gxeremio Dimsum »

The top 5 landowners in the CDS are (according to the info available on the CDS site):
1. Michel Manen (CARE)- 8768
2. Utarid and Springvale (presumbaly Jeremy Utarid and Rose Springvale - CARE) - 4560
3. Oni Jiutai (CARE) - 4064
4. Shining Brow (Seattle/Adamant/Padar - CSDF) - 3440
5. Ranma Tardis (DPU) - 2560

The top 5 feepayers in the CDS are (again according to available info on the site):
1. Michel Manen - USD$58.96
2. Utarid and Springvale - USD$38.31
3. Oni Jiutai - USD$31.99
4. Shining Brow - USD$21.39
5. Jon Seattle - USD$16.91

The top 5 landowners own about 18% of the land in the CDS (23,392m2 out of 131,072m2 in both regions). The top 5 feepayers pay about 32% of the tier fees collected in the CDS (USD$167.56 out of USD$525.18 in collected tier fees in December), or about 43% of the actual tier costs for the CDS.
These two groups comprise about 11% of the voting population of the CDS.

Just some more interesting number crunching.

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Aliasi Stonebender
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I need a hobby
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Post by Aliasi Stonebender »

Yes. Although not too long ago, I think I'd have been on that list.

That said, there was a deliberate decision to not tie landownership to votes; the reward for paying for more land is you have more land, in the CDS.

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Jon Seattle
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I need a hobby
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Post by Jon Seattle »

I moved to Neufrestadt just before the final break in the community's conflict with UZ and Kendra. I bought a tiny plot in the NW corner, which was then zoned for modern buildings, and built a house based on one designed by Mies van der Rohe. A glass box really! I remember, after I had added a few furnishings, Sudane appearing outside of the window and pointing out that I had only 17 prims left. Every morning I used to walk the length of the valley road, as I enjoyed the scenery very much.

Then one day I logged in to do my walk and found the city walls and the steel suspension bridge gone. They has been deleted. And a very tall woman with white hair and large black wings was building a new, more gothic, bridge. It was surreal and very disconcerting. I struck up a conversation with her on the philosophy of architecture. It was Moon Adamant.

At the time Kendra owned quite a lot of land in Neufrestadt and Sudane was worried with her gone that the community would not be able to meet the monthly payments to Lindon Labs. Because I could, I bought the two plots in the valley where Red House is now and Gwyn bought another just down the road. Together this helped Neufrestadt to break even. I sold the tiny NW plot to Rubaiat so he would have the prim allocation he needed to finish Trotsky's. Over time, I built two versions of the house from scratch. I learned quite a bit about building that way.

Now, more than six months later Moon and I share the plots I bought then. The group name “Shining Brow” is the english version of Taliesin. (Named that because I am an admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture.) Yogiswari Padar is on the list because she is working with us on a project.

I also bought a (pretty expensive) plot in Colonia Nova from Ranma when she decided she wanted to leave and I was concerned that we might set the wrong tone for the opening of the sim. I built a very pretty Roman villa there. I like the building a lot, but I am not sure I will keep that one.

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