DPU Campaign Statement and Platform - January 2007

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DPU Campaign Statement and Platform - January 2007

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Democratic Pragmatist Union (DPU)

Faction Leader & Contact Person: Claude Desmoulins
The Democratic Pragmatist Union


We of the DPU believe politics is first and foremost an exercise in collective problem solving. The DPU is committed to seeking compromise and finding common ground to solve CDS problems. The DPU supports:

* Freedom of speech and expression,
* Prudence in financial management and expansion,
* Persistence of the CDS,
* The city government having an important role in the provision of civic improvements and services,
* The growth of economic opportunity in the city


In its June 2006 platform, the DPU called for:

*Completion of the Colonia Nova Expansion

Colonia Nova has been designed, purchased, and is now populated to a financial breakeven point under a DPU majority government. The territory of the CDS has doubled and the population has grown by 33% over the last six months. It should be noted that the DPU worked together with CSDF to make this wonderful new simulator a reality. We must continue to attract immigrants to fully populate CN.

* Clarity, Role and Reform of the Artisanal Collective branch (Guild).

Creation of the Executive branch and appointment of a Chancellor was a key accomplishment last term. Passage of the Estate Owner and Treasurer Bills explicitly define key functions. A Guild vision paper was written by our long serving, trusted and experienced Guildmaster. Our DPU LRA created a commission to get citizen feedback concerning the role and reform of the guild.

* Mainland Subsidiaries

As a result of intense negotiations, the Franchulate Act was passed enabling local autonomy for mainland groups. Franchulate applications are currently being accepted and we expect at least one franchulate (Ars Virtua) to be created prior to Jan. 15th.

* Electoral Reform

The RA Seats Bill, Microplot Termination Act and Citizen Information Act were passed in order to provide for fair and well regulated elections. Fair and well regulated elections are a cornerstone of democracy.

*Changes to the constitution to transform our government into a federal system:

The Neualtenburg Projekt was renamed the Confederation of Democratic Simulators. Our first act was approval of the flag of our virtual nation. This term, we passed the Praetor bill which provided us with our first regional local administrator (Colonia Nova). The effort to enact a bicameral legislature and senate will wait until we have purchased our 4th sim.

Economic Expansion:

* Aggressive promotion of business by a reconstituted and staffed
Chamber of Commerce.

Nearly half of Chili Carson's SL CoC membership is made up of CDS citizens. Our local chamber of commerce has been replaced (thanks to Patroklus) with the CDS Traders Association, a non-governmental organization working to organize and meet the needs of local merchants.

* Energetic marketing to tourists, using the tourist office and
other avenues about the benefits of citizenship.

While citizenship has grown from 40-65 during the last six months, it is clear that renewed effort must be made to communicate the benefits of CDS citizenship to the wider SL grid. We look forward to working with the Chancellor and the Public Information Officer to make this a reality.

* Creation of bond issuing mechanism and marketing/issueance of bonds to help finance expansion.

Passage of the bond act and our loans program provided the CDS with over $3,500USD in funds. Implementing the Bond Act (3-11) is still a work in progress. We look forward to working with the Chancellor to implement 3-11.

* Regular meetings of the finance committee to help advise GM on enhancement of revenue growth.

We had a few offline chats with our GM this term. Unfortunately our finance committee bill was vetoed by the Scientific Council. We are looking into alternatives for making specific financial advice available to the GM.

* Eventual transition to a wage based economy with civil service jobs filled by competent citizens

Our civil service is growing and we have new jobs to fill. We still have a very long way to go before we enter a wage based economy. Creation of the Excecutive branch and passage of the Civil Service Act paved the way for a functioning civil service.

* Establishment of diplomatic relations with other resident run governments in order to foster trade/cooperation and goodwill towards player run government.

While we consulted with Port Neualtenburg on trade and named an ambassador to Caledon, clearly more needs to be done. DPU calls for the Executive to deal with foreign relations (see below).


The DPU calls for:

A Vision of the Future

Listening to the Public

In addition our openness and accessibility measures, we'd like to start polling and canvassing the population. This could be done in world or using the forum polling feature in the DPU forum. We want the views of *ALL* citizens heard, considered and respected.

The DPU will continue to make every conceivable attempt to accommodate the concerns and priorities of other faction when submitting proposals. We understand that democracy requires listening, flexibility and compromise. We strive to pass unanimous bills whenever possible.

Action through Effective Problem Solving
Finding a compromise isn't enough. Systems must be effective and work as advertised or be fixed. This includes simplification where possible. The DPU calls for standing workgroups, accountability and consistent evaluation to determine is legislation and institutions are meeting goals.

Openness and Accessibility

DPU Public Meetings
Membership is open to all and actively encouraged.
We have heard the people and have decided to hold a minimum of one public meeting per week prior to the RA meeting. DPU public meetings will have transcripts posted to the forums.

DPU Office Hours for RA members
DPU RA members will have defined in world office hours, they must also be available via email and have off-world office hours where they are available by chat and/or VOIP. Office hours will be a minimum of 2 hours per week for each member elected.

Standing Commissions and Workgroups
Certain areas require constant attention. These include Guild reform/commerce and the Judiciary. The DPU calls for standing commissions/workgroups for these important topics.

A Thriving CDS Community

Attracting productive new immigrants requires
A feeling of community
Affordable and Attractive Zoned Land
Education, Cultural, Employment and Business Opportunities
Attracting tourists through the tourist office

Event Support
The DPU will pass legislation for events for each of our sims/territories. We will work closely with the Chancellor to ensure that these events are both a reality and a success

Traffic management is important. The DPU calls for increased traffic in commercial zones to drive traffic to our retail and service businesses. Commercial traffic can be enhanced by working with the Chancellor and the CDS Trader's Association on events and event promotion (e.g.the Fleamarket). Excessive traffic causes lag, so event location and impact will be studied as part of the event planning process.

Tourist Office
The DPU calls for increased use of the Tourist Office through the use of HUD tours and a public transit build (rail in NFS, barge/chariot in CN). Public transit along with teleport points in the office (near the telehub) provide for fast access to any part of the sim while maintaining the community and commercial advantages of a town center (telehub). The goal of the tourist office is to bring in tourist $L and to convert tourists to citizens by promoting the advantages of CDS citizenship.

Judiciary Consensus and Implementation
The Special Commission on the Judiciary was an important step in building a judiciary which meets the needs of all citizens. The DPU is dedicated to the creation of a judiciary which allows self-representation and does not, by its structure, disadvantage those who chose not to retain counsel.

Controlled Territorial Expansion

New Sims
The DPU proposes a goal of purchase and development of two private islands over the next 6 months.

The DPU proposes a Mainland expansion goal of 5 franchulates with a combined area of one sim equivalent (64km2).

Treaty agreements would allow a Commonwealth of Democratic Nations to exist. Those democracies who own their own land, or who rent Island or Mainland from non-CDS estate owners may join a commonwealth and sign agreements with the CDS to promote trade, share ban lists and/or enforce laws.
Tools and expertise will be shared with communities who wish to form their own SL democratic governements.

United Virtual Nations (UVN)
The DPU recognizes that successful SL communities are not always democratic. Membership to the UVN should be made available identifiable SL communities. We favor the creation of a United Virtual Nations based on early work done by the Local Government Study Group (LGSG). The DPU hopes to recruit Caledon, Port Neualtenburg, The Furries and Goreans (and others) as members of the UVN.

Optional Local Autonomy

Local Administrators
We have already passed legislation for Moon Adamant to be the Praetor of Colonia Nova
The DPU calls for a local administrator for Neufreistadt and each future territory acquired by the CDS.

Chartered Regions
The DPU franchulate bill allows mainland subsidiaries control over immigration, taxation, covenant/zone, electing representation and the creation and enforcement of local bylaws. This is a substantial amount of independence offered with the CDS. Those who require democratic full independence are welcomed in joining a Commonwealth of Democratic Nations.

Commercial Expansion
Implementation of Incorporation Act
The DPU will work with the AC licensing authority to fully implement and regulate the incorporation act.
Banking and Financial Services Roadmap
The DPU fully supports the Mirabeau Banking Roadmap and will implement it as part a strategy to turn the CDS into the Financial Services Switzerland of SL

Active retail in the Marketplaces
Entrepreneur need steady income and good shopping attracts tourists. The DPU will lobby the Executive to improve retail infrastructure in the CDS.

External Advice
We have not made enough use of external advice in financial and governmental matters. The DPU would like to solicit opinion on critical matters from sources inside as well as outside the CDS and SL.

CDS Trader's Association Events
The DPU proposes chartering the CDSTA and lobbying the Chancellor to support CDSTA events.

Attracting corporate HQs
SLJobfinder, Midas Bank, Reuters and other business headquarters would make excellent corporate citizens. The DPU proposes attractive outside investment and promoting corporate relocation to within our borders.

Increasing CDS Revenue
In addition to land tier, the DPU would like to study alternate ways to increase government revenue without resorting to burdensome taxes. Issuing of CDS and sim/project bonds would be a way to attract outside investment similar to our successful loan program funding for Colonia Nova.

Promotion of Democratic Self-Government in Virtual Worlds
Town Hall in a Box
Academic Events
Blogs/Press/Forum postings

Promotion of Education and The Arts
Revitalization of the MoCA
Use of the School and Design Institute for Training and Accreditation
Establishment of Galleries as Franchulates

Reform and Revitalization of the AC/Guild with Clarity of Role and Purpose
Chartering of a Design Institute
Attracting Skilled Labor
Published policies and procedures

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We would love questions and/or feedback.

Post by Pelanor Eldrich »

I apologize for the typos in the platform. We're working on fixing them. Part of a typo concerns Chancellor as Head of State who officially runs foreign policy.

We feel that the track record and experience of the DPU is one of our greatest strengths. We also feel that we have a very complete, ambitious and specific platform proposal and welcome any questions or concerns about our policy initiatives.

We will try to answer the faction FAQ (questionnaire) as quickly as possible. Please feel free to IM or email me: [email protected].

The DPU is interested in meeting the individual concerns of citizens. Emailing gives us an opportunity to explain exactly how the DPU can serve you.

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Pelanor Eldrich
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Veteran debater
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Debate Questions...

Post by Pelanor Eldrich »

Justice very ably answered the debate questions in the short amount of time given. I'd like to expand a bit.

Last term's proposal to establish a senate and bicameral legislature required 5 sims. We have only two. Furthermore we did not substantivly debate the republic vs. federation question either as a community or in the RA. Most of the term focussed on the judiciary.

Franchulates offer local autonomy to a person or group while still maintaining CDS citizenship and upholding the constitution and code on the franchulate mainland parcel(s). The land is owned by the CDS estate owner. An optional amount of local autonomy may be granted including freedom to regulate taxation, immigration, election/choosing of the local admin, and zoning/covenant to name examples of local bylaws enforceable by the local administrator. This law is already on the books.

The Commonwealth of Democratic Nations is meant as a way to share banlists, trade, and legal enforcement with other democratic self-gov'ts in SL. There aren't any yet, *however*, the Esperantists, and groups like them want a close association with the CDS, but full land-ownership and independence from us. A Commonwealth proposal enables that. We'll try to lay the foundation for such.

The United Virtual Nations would be a body similar to the LGSG that sits and votes on resolutions and provides a body for the Lindens to consult on matters of self-government in SL. It includes groups which are not democracies. There are at least 5-7 I can think of: Caledon, Port Neualtenburg, Furries, Goreans, Elves and the Waterfall Collective.

What I think Pat is driving at is why waste time creating a commonwealth and united virtual nations when there is no need? It's important to present a vision, to think ahead, to plan for possibilites so one can be ready. It takes very little in the way of energy to pass the legislation. The effort would take place if/when the institutions recruit members. As Justice said, it's important to lay the groundwork for outreach now.

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Pelanor Eldrich
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Veteran debater
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Our campaign is not flashy, we're too busy working for you.

Post by Pelanor Eldrich »

The DPU has not put up websites and has not spent thousands on Machinima movies. We don't have ads in the media. Here's what we do have:

-A record of accomplishment, growth, problem solving and negotiation
-A platform with plenty of substance[/b:nd3au4zw]

You may not like every DPU proposal, but one knows exactly what we stand for. We welcome new members and look forward to hearing from you.

If you find yourself asking "Yes I support [b:nd3au4zw]*World Peace*[/b:nd3au4zw], but [b:nd3au4zw][i:nd3au4zw]*Where's the Beef*[/i:nd3au4zw][/b:nd3au4zw]?"

[b:nd3au4zw]Vote DPU, as either #1 or #2.[/b:nd3au4zw]

Pelanor Eldrich
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