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Forum for Moderation Appeals created

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As per unanimous decision a new process for handling forum moderation appeals has been instituted as of this day.

In the future any citizen may appeal the decision of a moderator in carrying out a sanction against him/her by written notice to any member of the SC.

The SC member in question is then obliged to create a thread in the "Forum Moderation Appeals" subforum where the moderators justification and the affected citizen's argument why the decision should be lifted will be posted following a poll with the options of "Repeal / Uphold."

All members of the SC will then have the option of voting in the poll within the next 7 days. At the lapse of this period the original poster will move to bring the majority outcome into force following which he/she will post a notice at the end of the thread to this effect and close the thread. In the event of a tie the outcome not favouring a sanction will be upheld.

Any irregularities observed in carrying out this procedure may be brought before the SC for consideration during one of its ordinary meetings by any citizen giving written notice to the Dean.

This is an innovative way of conducting the SC's business, which has been invented as a consequence of the increasing burden on the SC's function and duties. It wil be assessed on an ongoing basis and if successful it is not impossible that more SC functions will be carried out like this in the future. For the purpose of discussion on this issue and others an accompanying "SC Discussion"-subforum has been created.

P. S.: A journal of the other decisions taken at yesterday's extraordinary SC meeting can be expected at some point in the near future.

P. P. S.: This announcement was posted under a mandate from the Dean.

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